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Andre Drummond gets A- for rookie year

Ben Golliver of The Point Forward graded the 2012 first-round picks so far, and he gave just three players As. Of course, Andre Drummond (along with Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard) received one of those As:

9. Andre Drummond, Pistons: A-
7.3 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 1.7 BPG in 50 games

Drummond is pure intrigue, addicting intrigue. He might very well have been the league leader in causing observers to scream for him to get more playing time, more touches, more media attention, more, more, more. Before going down with a back injury in February (an injury from which he’s yet to return), Drummond posted a rookie-best PER of 22.4 and compiled per-36 minute averages of 13.3 points, 13.7 rebounds, 3.1 blocks and 1.7 steals. Those are eye-popping numbers that signal All-Star potential, given that he’s still 19.

A big-bodied center with excellent athleticism, Drummond knows what he does best. More than 95 percent of his field-goal attempts have come in the basket area and he finishes nearly two-thirds of them, often with emphatic dunks. It must be noted that his offense is predicated on someone setting him up, but he knows exactly what to do with a dump pass and a second-chance opportunity. Those high-percentage looks helped drive his PER, and his presence on the court significantly improved the offensive efficiency of coach Lawrence Frank’s team. And, yes, the lowly Pistons were better defensively with him on the court, too, as he effectively clogs the paint simply by being out there.

We might never know why Drummond had his playing time crimped in what was clearly a rebuilding year, and it’s not clear whether management and the current coaching staff will be retained next season. But whoever runs the show in 2013-14 will have to realize that Drummond’s potential is far and away the best thing this franchise has going for it.

With Drummond out injured for so long, I forgot how fun it was to read the national media gush about him. Hopefully Drummond will return soon, and we can get back to hearing about his greatness.


  • Mar 28, 20133:37 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    When Andre does come back, it will be a build-up of the minutes,” Frank said.  “When you’re out the amount of time he’s been out, it’s going to take a while to get your legs back. … So we’ll build it up and read it, and just kind of take it game by game and see where he’s at.”

    ladies and gentlemen it looks like we will never see Andre Drummond play big minutes.

    • Mar 28, 20134:32 pm
      by Tom Y.


      Maybe not this season anyway. We’ll see plenty of it next year. Though if I were Frank, I’d give him big minutes in the last few games, just to make everybody feel good as they head into the off-season. 

    • Mar 28, 20134:48 pm
      by oats


      I’m actually more concerned who plays his minutes with. They better be almost entirely with Monroe on the court so we can get some evaluation of that pairing, as well as begin the process of building a rapport between the two.

      • Mar 28, 20135:00 pm
        by G


        ^Agree. I wonder if he starts but only gets 20 min or less his first couple games. That gives him reps with Monroe but also helps him get his legs back.

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