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Andre Drummond does team-related activities, needs more tests before return

Perry A. Farrell of the Detroit Free Press:

Injured Pistons Andre Drummond (stress fracture lower back) and Brandon Knight (sprained left ankle) worked out after the morning shoot-around Monday, but no timetable has been set for either’s return.

“For the first time he was able to do some team-related activities today,” Frank said [of Drummond]. “He got up and down the court a little bit, went through shoot-around. I think anytime you start to reintegrate a guy, that’s always a positive thing. I think he’s definitely on the right track.

“Obviously, we’ve been very conservative with this for very intelligent reasons. I think we’ll just continue to up his work level every day. Eventually what we’ll have to do is … getting another CT scan or final confirmation to see if the stress fracture is healed before we take it to another level.”

Obviously, Lawrence Frank is treating Andre Drummond conservatively. This time, though, I don’t mind.


  • Mar 19, 201312:41 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    I bet there is nothing wrong with Andre Drummond and Brandon Knight. The Pistons are just TANKING!

    • Mar 19, 20131:28 pm
      by G


      Do you WATCH the games or just read this blog? Drummond & Knight were both injured IN THE GAME. Someone else pointed out in the last 13 games the Pistons have only played 2 teams with a winning % lower than .470. They beat one and lost the other. 

      The Pistons may be tanking, they may not, but this losing streak is full of tough opponents, and Drummond & Knight sure looked injured to me.  

      • Mar 19, 20134:23 pm
        by Brandon Knight


        True both were injured, but c’mon they’ve been out for too long.

        • Mar 19, 20134:36 pm
          by G


          Really? Knight was dealing with his 3rd leg injury in a month & Drummond has a stress fracture in his spine. Knight’s sprain looked pretty bad too. Are you a qualified physical therapist? I’m guessing “no” and you’re being dumb. C’mon. 

    • Mar 19, 20131:54 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      Before this stretch the media was talking about the Pistons making a run for the 8th playoff spot.  When I looked at the road trip and the teams that they were scheduled to play, I was guessing that even without any injuries, they wouldn’t win more than a couple games.

      Even if they had all their players healthy and Franks coaching, I don’t think their record would be any different, if so only a game or two better at best.

  • Mar 19, 20132:00 pm
    by hoophabit


    It looked to me like the injuries were real.  I suppose with Drummond you could argue he might be malingering at the team’s request as there was no clear incident where he was obviously injured.  He sure looked hobbled the game they finally pulled him off the floor.  It was after that and the CT scan was done and the stress fracture was announced.  Knight clearly rolled an ankle and would deserve an academy award if he was faking the agony afterwards.
    It’s possible the Pistons are just this thin and limited as a team.  As noted, this losing streak coincides with meeting up with a lot of quality teams. 

  • Mar 19, 20133:43 pm
    by DG


    The Pistons have not historically demonstrated inclination toward tanking.  If anything they’ve won games at the end of the year that cost them draft positions the last couple of years.  We were very fortunate that Drummond fell to us.  Lets not rush him back and place his future at risk. As Pistons fans we can look forward to a decade of his dominance!

  • Mar 19, 20133:58 pm
    by Brigs


    I don’t understand why it’s considered a risk to bring drummond back for the remaining games if he’s 100%. I don’t think he’s injury prone we have all seen him take some pretty hard falls this year and get right up, to me this stress fracture was kind of a freak thing and if its healed properly then there should be no worry of it getting reinjured. Drummond needs to come back and play a significant amount of mins with  the guys that are going to be here next year so they can form some type of chemistry going into next year

  • Mar 19, 20134:21 pm
    by Clyde


    I would gladly trade all future Pistons victories if it meant getting rid of this AWFUL Las Vegas ad that takes over my whole browser whenever I visit pistonpowered!

    • Mar 19, 20134:37 pm
      by G


      Feldman can tell you how to get rid of that.

  • Mar 21, 201312:07 am
    by jamesjones_det


    Stay out big fella, don’t rush it and hurt yourself more.  Besides the longer you’re away the more balls we get in the lotto!

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