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Adrian Wojnarowski sticks up for getting dunked on

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

For Brandon Knight, who had the guts to stand in there, there were prominent people writing that he had been raped and assaulted and killed on Sunday night in Los Angeles. Eight inches shorter and 80 pounds lighter, Knight understood the right thing is seldom ever the most popular. Brandon Knight didn’t run and hide, didn’t spare himself the humiliation.

The culture of this sport has never been so backward, never so twisted. Hell of a dunk out of DeAndre Jordan, but maybe the wrong player gets the ovation.

OK, Woj is being a tad dramatic here. Yes, there were plenty of jokes at Knight’s expense all over the internet, including here, last night. But, especially from Pistons fans, there has also been plenty of respect for Knight’s willingness to look foolish contesting a shot he had no business contesting. And, judging by many of the comments I’ve read today, I think many Pistons fans also correctly understand that it was actually Greg Monroe losing track of his man that caused that play to happen.

So no, I don’t think the ‘culture of this sport’ is backward. You can be in awe of an amazing athletic play, you can laugh at how unfortunate Knight looked being on the receiving end of it and you can also praise Knight for being tough and sacrificing his body on a play he had little, if any, chance of disrupting. You can do all of those things at the same time. The only thing ‘backward’ is assuming that everyone who — gasp — laughed at something that was funny was simultaneously contributing to the degradation of the game. Even Knight was laughing at it. Lighten up.


  • Mar 11, 20133:04 pm
    by danny


    Yes BK got mashed on hard as can be, so what.  Everyone gets dunked on the fact that he went up without even second guessing it give me faith in who he is as a person.  He has drive to play hard every play.  Now if he can infect others on the team we will be fine. 

  • Mar 11, 20133:49 pm
    by Jay


    This year is Brandon Knight’s year to be Timofey Mozgov. First Kyrie, and now this…

  • Mar 11, 20134:03 pm
    by Tiko


    BK’s got heart no one else has

  • Mar 11, 20134:09 pm
    by dvs


    i think that’s a little dramatic, but he’s got a point.
    Admittedly, i laughed at knight, but Knight showed some balls on that play. So instead of people killing knight on twitter etc, they should be applauding Jordan.
    He’s been inconsistent production wise this year, but knight always shows heart. I like it.

  • Mar 11, 20134:43 pm
    by Derek


    Knight has heart.  He put it on the line and showed the grit this team sorely lacks.  The sports culture lauds the exciting plays.  They make the highlight reels and the youtube mixtapes.  Still there is a place to remember the player that puts himself in harm’s way for his team.  Rodman used to do it all the time.  Zeke used to do it.  Shoot it was a way of life for the Bad Boys.

    Another thing, if the Bad Boys or the Goin’ to Work team got one of its players laid out they were going to return the favor by dishing out punishment.   This team has one guy right now who cares enough to match intensity and physicality: Brandon Knight.  I hope the guys rally behind him and play with something that resembles self respect.

    I concur with Adrian.  The intent is filled with the funniest gifs I’ve ever seen with Brandon getting blown up and helped up by the Lion King cub.  The real embarassment is not in BK7 getting crushed, it’s in the bums that watch dudes bang on them and do nothing.

  • Mar 11, 20135:33 pm


    Knight gettin of love for even challenging that Dunk… 

  • Mar 11, 20135:36 pm
    by nik


    in football no one ever remembers the defender that got run over or stiff armed on the way to a great TD run.  big deal…

  • Mar 11, 20135:41 pm
    by Brandon Knight


    Nobody should question Knight’s defense from now on.

    • Mar 11, 20136:40 pm
      by tarsier


      Why not? Defense is not all effort. Defense actually requires stopping people. And, in most cases, fouling is the worst thing you can do on D.

      Besides, this is one play. If Drummond knocks down a pair of huge free throws in a game, should nobody ever question his ability to hit free throws anymore? 

  • Mar 11, 20135:42 pm


    Actually everyone is saying Great Dunk! Nasty Dunk… Then they follow it by saying Knight had soo much heart to challenge that dunk, he is getting a rip for being a guy that plays hard every play…. Maybe that dunk will be the best thing to happen to his career

  • Mar 11, 20135:46 pm
    by Big Rick


    Yeah, Knight is a warrior. One thing that turned me off last night besides Moose loosing his man, did anyone notice how long it took for anyone to help Knight up? Honestly when I firstt saw the replay my initial reaction was “Damn, looks like Knight got seriously hurt.” he fell hard, and noone rushed in to help him out. It was a sad display by our team last night, especially on that particular play by everyone else on the court other than BK7.

    • Mar 11, 20139:03 pm
      by Derek


      yeah I was disgusted when I saw the lack of assistance from his teammates

  • Mar 11, 20136:16 pm
    by BillupsFromCro


    dunk of the year
    Brandon Knight Dunk on Kevin Garnett

    • Mar 11, 20136:33 pm
      by Anthony


      Notice how even 6’11 KG backed away from contesting the dunk from 6’3 Brandon Knight. just shows the heart that Brandon plays with. And I like the warrior comparisonpole people are using. that was the biggest thing on BK when he came for the draft Was that he has alot of heart. And I’m glad to have him wearing piston red white and blue. We need more guys like him that will always work hard no matter what. Guys like that find a way to succeed. They may not be the besttheir they’ll always find a way to be great. 

    • Mar 12, 20139:01 am
      by G


      Not even Knight’s best dunk.

  • Mar 11, 20138:08 pm
    by Hoophead


    I don’t get what the reaction of people on twitter (or, as Woj mentioned,  the widely followed parody account of comedian Kevin Hart) has to do with the culture of the game being backward or whatever that means. So people on twitter have the power to determine how the culture of the game is now?
    I’m fairly sure that if twitter existed 20 years ago when Ewing got dunked on by Jordan the twitter reaction would’ve been the same so Woj sounds like an old guy pining for the so-called good ol’ days.
    At the end of the day this is just sports and it should be about having fun and trying to get away for a couple of hours from everydays’ life. So what’s wrong with this whole DeAndre Jordan thing? Everybody had fun with it, even Knight himself. If Woj and those ones who agree with him can’t deal with it and feel threatened by this “backward culture” thing then they should stop watching sports and start doing something else. 
    If the reaction of people on twitter was enough to lead Woj to post an “article” like that then maybe he is the problem, not the culture of the game. Besides, those things have always happened since forever so I strongly disagree with his take that it has never been so backward.
    It’s just sports and people should stop taking themselves so seriously. Over-dramatic article from an over-dramatic columnist. He’s not new to articles like this one.

  • Mar 12, 201311:36 am
    by The Rake


    Monroe can call out his teammates but needs to check himself in the mirror. I saw that game being out here in LA and Monroe gave up dunk after dunk also through lack of effort. Literally “ole’ing” guys with matador defense. BK plays hard and has the right frame of mind, give him that. As for Woj, I agree in large part. This dunk, while sick, has been taken too far. 6’11 guy on 6’3 guy. That’s all that needs to be said. I was in awe when I saw it live, but still, big, athletic center throwing down on PG/SG shouldn’t be paraded around like its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Move on. And BTW, can we stop with the Clowney hit on Vinny already? Seen it. Smith was fine, let’s move the page.

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