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Will the Pistons retain any of their pending free agents?

In today’s column for the Detroit Free Press, I discussed which, if any, of Detroit’s four pending free agents and possible amnesty candidate Charlie Villanueva the might consider retaining. Not surprisingly, Jose Calderon was at the top of my list. One surprising thing that I didn’t fully realize until glancing at the split stats — Jason Maxiell has been really awful since December:

3. Jason Maxiell: If Lawrence Frank returns as coach, I’d be leery to bring Maxiell back simply out of fear that Frank will continue starting him. Maxiell can be a useful rotation big man who doesn’t belong in the starting lineup of any team with playoff aspirations. Unlike Bynum, Maxiell isn’t having a good season headed into free agency. After a strong start to the year, he shot just 40 percent in December, 43 percent in January and he’s shooting 36 percent in February. Unless it’s at a bargain price, the Pistons can find a better value to fill out their frontcourt rotation next season.


  • Feb 15, 20134:31 pm
    by Frankie d


    hopefully joe will ship maxiell out of town.  he should have made his move while max was playing well at the beginning of the year and while his value was probably much higher. 

  • Feb 15, 20134:35 pm
    by Crispus


    Maxiell has been really awful in the hearts and minds of Pistons fans since Drummond played his first minute. Truly awful after that Marreese Speights donation (calling it a trade is too innaccurate) and will look even worse if Slava starts getting some confidence or JJ Hickson is available for cheap in the offseason.

    Max is a hard worker, but represents a stumbling block to progress and a stable big man rotation. To re-sign him would be folly.

  • Feb 15, 20134:37 pm
    by Crispus


    Oh and the Frrep made a small flub in the contact info paragraph. They put Dan’s name in there instead of yours Patrick, but still have your email and twitter addresses.

  • Feb 15, 20135:28 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Maxiell is useless without his athleticism. He’s old now. He’s only athletic in his contract year. This is the best he’ll ever play for the rest of his career. If he is re-signed for more than a short term veteran’s minimum salary, I… I… I may just preemptively set a filter on my computer for all news related to “Maxiell” and “contract”. 

  • Feb 15, 20136:12 pm
    by baines


    I think the overwhelming sentiment of knowledgeable Piston fans is to let Maxiell walk or at least bring him back for a much smaller contract and much less rotation time.  But, Patrick, as you said, if he comes back will LF automatically write his name in the starting lineup!!  We’ve seen Joe before with his penchant for over valuing his players and I’m very concerned but hopeful it doesn’t happen with Max!

  • Feb 15, 20137:03 pm
    by Edgar


    I’d be interested to know if there’s actually any market for Maxiell and what he could fetch on that market. I don’t know if there is. He really isn’t that good of a player. I’d take pretty much anything for him at this point. A conditional second rounder would probably be worth it.

    • Feb 15, 201311:58 pm
      by MrHappyMushroom


      Oh, I think there is.  The main knock against Jason Maxiell is that he’s not starter quality and that any team giving him 30 minutes a game will probably win….oh, I don’t know…maybe 28-33 games a year?
      He’s had some good outings this year and in the right position can be very effective.  One of the half-dozen teams with a real shot at going all the way could be well-served having a tough-minded, energetic veteran available for 10-15 minutes a night with the option to ride him if he’s feeling it.  And he’s a 30 game rental.  I could see someone offering up a decent pick for him, or possibly a once  high-profile youngster who hasn’t quite panned out.

  • Feb 16, 20137:10 am
    by sop


    the point to having expiring contracts is cap space which requires you not to resign your free agents. If Joe D was excited about Maxiell and Bynum he wouldn’t have traded Gordon and Prince for more cap space.

  • Feb 16, 201311:10 am
    by Revken


    I think Maxiell is one of those guys whose full value isn’t reflected in the box score, like Rick Mahorn was for the Bad Boys.  That doesn’t mean keeping him should be a high priority, because clearly the future is Monroe at PF, and CV will probably be the first PF off the bench next season.  But that doesn’t mean Maxiell can’t contribute to a team – either now or next year.  I don’t think he’s worth $5 million a year, but he wouldn’t be a bad backup for a guy like Ibaka in OKC.

  • Feb 18, 201312:15 pm
    by Otis


    1) Will anyone dig this far back into the archives to see my slightly late comment? I wonder…

    2) I think Bynum is the most likely by a mile to be brought back. Calderon is the other likeliest candidate, but I could see him getting heavily courted, and Bynum has already demonstrated a lot of loyalty to Joe D, so I do think Bynum is coming back. I wouldn’t mind seeing both of these guys back, but if Calderon moves on, there are some young PGs we could throw money at. If Knight is our starting PG next season, I almost don’t care what else Joe does, I don’t think this team will make the playoffs.

    3) Other than that, the less next year’s roster looks like this year’s, the better. Pretty much. I just don’t see how you bring back all the same players and expect things to get different. Maybe Monroe and Drummond come out and display some chemistry, but I won’t hold my breath. The team didn’t bother playing them together for the first 50 games this season anyways. SMH

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