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Will Bynum on Tyler Hansbrough: ‘There’s some love going on. That’s all’

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Bynum on Tyler Hansbrough: "There’s nothing but love between me and Tyler Hansbrough. There’s some love going on. That’s all."

Will Bynum: a man who can punch another man in the stomach and then say “There’s some love going on. That’s all.” Never change, Will. Never change.


  • Feb 25, 20135:35 pm
    by Steve


    I love seeing a little fight from the guys.
    The NBA has gotten too soft recently, there aren’t enough rough-n-tumble guys like there used to be.

    Like a few weeks ago when Singler called Hansburough a “bitch”. I like it. 

  • Feb 25, 20137:04 pm
    by Ryank


    Well, I wonder what he does to the guys he hates?

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