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Will Bynum a ‘prime trade target’

Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops named Will Bynum as a prime trade target:

There’s a lot of teams out there that see him as a guy on an expiring contract who the Pistons will probably lose as a free agent over the summer, but the kind of guy who can be a boost of instant offense off the bench when needed in the playoffs. That’s a name that not a lot of people are talking about, but a name to keep an eye on. Will Bynum, Detroit Pistons.

Sheridan also lists the Thunder as a potential trade partner:

Oklahoma City owns one of the league’s most valuable non-player trade assets — the rights to Toronto’s No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft (Top 3 protected), which the Thunder obtained from Houston in the Harden trade.

Don’t get too carried away. The Pistons aren’t getting that draft pick for Bynum alone, but the Thunder have seven intriguing young players who could be exchangeable for Bynum:

  • Hasheem Thabeet
  • Eric Maynor
  • Reggie Jackson
  • DeAndre Liggins
  • Perry Jones
  • Daniel Orton
  • Jeremy Lamb

It’s tough to pick out exactly which of those player(s) the Thunder would be willing to trade, because only Oklahoma City sees them practice, and at this point, much of their value is determined in practice. But if Oklahoma City were willing to trade one or two of them for Bynum, I’d certainly be interested.

Bynum is likely gone after this season, and while he’s helping the Pistons right now, they’re probably better off getting a young player who can help the team next season and beyond.


  • Feb 6, 20139:04 am
    by Domnick


    i wanna trade stuckey first…. bynum can stay and go after this season…

    • Feb 6, 20139:19 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      Stuckey Contract is not inticing…

  • Feb 6, 20139:11 am
    by Tyrone


    Willie B is the spark plug for this motor.  Remove the spark plug and then see how far this motor will travel…

    I understand that Will the thrill will be a free agent at the end of the season and can land with another team and I understand the logic of trading and getting something in return.  Now if OKC is willing to give up Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones or De Andre Liggins for Willie B.  Then I say do the deal…


    • Feb 6, 201310:31 am
      by Georgio


      People forget that before Stuckey went down for 3 games with that ankle sprain that he and Drummond were the 2nd unit catalyst, when Stuckey came back, Will had played well so he stayed in the rotation and that took the ball out of Stuckey’s hands and that reduced his effectiveness. Move Will then Stuckey and the 2nd unit will be just fine with English, Drummond, CV and Jonas.

  • Feb 6, 20139:12 am
    by Crispus


    Add Perry Jones III to the open auditions for SF! Maybe if Frank is feeling bold he could play Jones at SG and have Stuckey run point for the bench unit.

  • Feb 6, 20139:17 am


    YO! if we could get Jeremy Lamb or Perry Jones!


  • Feb 6, 20139:20 am
    by Brian S


    Would like to be optimistic, but unless multiple teams ended up “competing” for Bynum, his value is questionable.  Most realistic scenario with OKC – for Maynor and OKC’s own (late 20s) first round pick (if they own it)…  Still not a bad haul.  Get a free inside look at Maynor who showed Calderon like potential first couple years but hasn’t responded well to ACL tear and is a RFA himself after the season – could be a nice buy-low candidate.
    Would I do a Bynum-English for Lamb-Maynor deal? — every day of the week (I might even throw in this years #1, top 3 protected – as I think he’s better than any wing we could expect to get at tail end of lottery this year – thought Olodipo is an intriguing fit).  I can’t see OKC giving up on him as he was viewed as Harden’s long term replacement with Kevin Martin also being a FA.  Also, if they did give up on Lamb for 1/2 season of Bynum, I’d wonder why and have pause, though the 1st rounder to balance it out might make it more plausible.

    • Feb 6, 20139:37 am
      by I HATE FRANK



      Perry Jones!….. He is better than any SF that will come out in this upcoming draft…

      OKC.. has no use for PJ3 because of Durant… it just makes sense ..ASSUMING the trade happens…maybe they’d want another scrappy player like Jonas … who can defend, rebound and scoring in the half court…

      But if I was dumars…It just makes sense….Then in the off-season you allow Jones and Singler to battle it out for that starting SF spot….

      Potential future Front-Court

      Perry Jones

      • Feb 6, 201311:01 am
        by tarsier


        I would love Perry Jones for Bynum. Even throw in a second rounder or Jason Maxiell.

      • Feb 6, 201311:05 am
        by tarsier


        Although, I don’t see why OKC would want Bynum. He is basically a homeless man’s Russel Westbrook. Also, it’s really hard for OKC to trade because all their players owed any significant money are not available. They’ve done a great job of keeping their role players’ salaries insanely low (as they should be).

        • Feb 6, 201312:58 pm
          by I HATE FRANK


          it depends on if they really want bynum,

          Basically unless theres a 3 team invovled (ASSUMING any of this has legs)

          It would be Perry Jones and Maynor for Bynum and a 2nd rd….

          Maynor is a free-agent after the season …Bynum is a free-agent after the season

          Jones…makes a little over 1 million ..for the next 4 years….

          overall… it doesnt hurt our cap space…. and we get a potential SF of the future…who was not gonna find minutes behind Durant, Jones has been trade bait since they drafted him

        • Feb 6, 20131:01 pm
          by I HATE FRANK


          Bynum playing in OKC up and down offense…and he also would allow Westbrook to move to the SG in certain situations.

          GOOD times making a championship run always want a solid back PG in place…

        • Feb 6, 20133:35 pm
          by G


          How is Bynum a homeless man’s Westbrook? Please don’t just say stuff to say stuff. Other than the fact that they both play PG, they’re nothing alike. That’s like saying, well, Austin Daye is a homeless man’s LeBron or Brandon Knight is a homeless man’s Derrick Rose… C’mon.

          Seriously though, I’d only do it if we got Perry Jones in the deal, and even then I’d hesitate. Jones hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire, and the Bynum-to-Drummond lob has been lights out for us.

  • Feb 6, 20139:35 am
    by Ryan


    Joe is a baller if he can get PJ3 for Will!

  • Feb 6, 20139:41 am
    by vic


    Reggie Jackson & their 2nd 1st round pick for Willie Bynum
    PJ3 for Will + 2nd rounder

  • Feb 6, 201310:50 am
    by Corey


    Any significant future asset for Will B is a trade that must be done, even if it is (e.g.) a late first round pick. If they could The team currently has 4 guys whose best position is PG. Trading the guy who will NOT be with the team next year just makes sense. 

    Now imagine if they could package Maxiel with him and get two of the listed young bench guys.  Heck, for the Toronto pick… do they have any bad contracts they want to dump in the process?

    • Feb 6, 201311:06 am
      by tarsier


      Even if it is a second round pick. Bynum has no future in Detroit, as much as I have enjoyed him. If Dumars really wanted him, he could still sign him as a FA. Cut the cord, Joe. Get whatever you can.

  • Feb 6, 201311:02 am
    by Lorenzo


    Perry Jones would obviously be the most attractive target of the lot…but I don’t think Maynor should be overlooked, the kid really had it going in limited minutes prior to his ACL injury. And that’s the key, limited minutes, he has always played behind all-star point guards in Williams and Westbrook….so his exposure has been limited, but none the less I think he has excellent tools to do well in the league. It would be a nice under the radar pick up.

    All in all OKC seems to have a lot of intriguing talent riding the pine there, a move for any number of those guys could prove fruitful. 

  • Feb 6, 201311:20 am
    by Domnick


    i think lets rather target a star player.. than a rookie.. we need a star player that can help our team… or else we wasted another expiring contract and got rookie in return… a PROJECT? yikes… big risk!

    • Feb 6, 201312:46 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      Perry Jones a rookie project????

      HUH? He only slipped that far in the draft due to injury scare…

      If they stayed in college and came out this year he’s go 5-10 …

      So basically we are getting lottery talent for will Bynum, and it skill-set we do not all ready have…His athletism at SF.. is something we have had since Grant hill…

      and what Star player do you think you can get with Bynum?

      • Feb 6, 20134:03 pm
        by G


        Know what Jones has done this year? Next to nothing. Kim English has been more productive. There were a lot of concerns about Jones’ motor, and at this point they seem justified. His PER is 2.71, and while I don’t think it’s the end-all-be-all of NBA stats, it should tell you that YES, Perry Jones is a project.

        • Feb 6, 20134:36 pm
          by D_S_V


          It could also say that Jones is a rookie on a western conference powerhouse, who has played in only 20 games while averaging 7 minutes. Now if he were on a team like the Pistons, perhaps he’d match the high production that English has given the team…

          • Feb 6, 20134:58 pm
            by G

            Except he’s done WORSE than Kim English despite having about the same # of games and minutes.

            Neither have high production, but English has been better in the same amount of time. All I’m saying is don’t expect this guy to come here & solve the SF problem. If Kim English is his closest comparison, then Jones is a project.

  • Feb 6, 201311:22 am
    by jay


    jerey lamb or bust, can score off the ball, great length and athleticism, lots of potential, low risk high reward, exactly the type of play we and knight need at the 2 guard

  • Feb 6, 201311:54 am
    by Alan


    Atlanta Hawks will be Will Bynum’s destination, I predict. Will torched them earlier in the season plus he played his college ball at GT.  The Hawks need a bench scoring guard because they lost Lou Williams for the season.  As Dan points out, the Pistons will lose Bynum for nothing at the end of the season so Detroit will get a low-level prospect or Atlanta’s 2nd round pick in return.

    • Feb 6, 20132:27 pm
      by duke


      Agreed, he’ll lead them to the conference finals and we’ll be here throwing stones at each other on why we let him go.

      • Feb 6, 20132:31 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        if we dont get nuffin in return…low-level prospects and 2nd rd picks…

        this a time when you look to make a steal…

        One thing I never ever question joe about is his trades! …he might be the best at it….he always gets alot of good pieces or value in return….

        Now what he does with it is another story

  • Feb 6, 201312:45 pm
    by Jinzzy


    I hope we can get lamb in this deal ,because he’s got range plus can get his own shot . besides it better not a OKC pick 


  • Feb 6, 201312:48 pm
    by Perry Jones III


    If we got Perry Jones III I would be so happy

  • Feb 6, 20131:47 pm
    by Dre Drum


    In terms of salary, it does make sense, but i don’t think OKC would be willing to trade one of their young guys, since they have a great environment that’s crucial to their development. It’s like they’re expecting these guys to be the replacement of pieces like Sefolosha, Kevin Martin and Serge Ibaka. Of course, they won’t have room for too many young athletes, but i think they won’t risk envolving one of them in a trade that simply brings back Will Bynum. It would make more sense if they were pieces that complement bigger trades. But it’s obvious that whatever trade for one of these guys would be a win, especially Jones and Lamb.

    • Feb 6, 20132:26 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      “”In terms of salary, it does make sense, but i don’t think OKC would be willing to trade one of their young guys, since they have a great environment that’s crucial to their development.”"

      1. If they are thinking down the road YES, but if they are think final pieces for a title this season ..they you can move of them, because its not likely either will be on their play-off roster

      “”It’s like they’re expecting these guys to be the replacement of pieces like Sefolosha, Kevin Martin and Serge Ibaka. Of course, they won’t have room for too many young athletes, but i think they won’t risk envolving one of them in a trade that simply brings back Will Bynum.”"

      2. Ibaka isnt going anywhere…he’ll signed making 12 mil per year for the next 5 years….Martin and Sefolosha are in their 30′s ….but championship team dont look at age they look at production…plus their big 3 will still be 25 or younger at the start of next season….So what are they Risking? durant will continue to get 36-40 minutes a game, and Westbrook in the Pg/SG roll will still get heavy minutes, and if they can re-sign martin for 5 mil per-year for next 2-3 years its a done deal…and have toronto lottery pick
      It would make more sense if they were pieces that complement bigger trades. But it’s obvious that whatever trade for one of these guys would be a win, especially Jones and Lamb.

      3. I agree… Jones is a super talent fell because teams feared injuries…

  • Feb 6, 20131:53 pm
    by Ryank


    Bynum has to go.  If this team needs a 5-10 guy to chuck up all the shots at the end of the game, then we need to look at moving all the players.  Bynum is not a guy who is going to win games for you very often.  He’s a sideshow.  He’s more than willing to dominate the ball and act like he’s MJ.  The problem is the other team wants him to do that because we will almost aways lose.
    Look at the Will Bynum era…it hasn’t been pretty.  One of the worst in Piston History.  Nothing positive came of it except we landed a few good players in the lottery draft.

    • Feb 6, 20132:25 pm
      by duke


      So in your eyes all that was Bynum’s fault? I could explain the many problems the Pistons have had over the last decade but it wouldn’t matter as you seem to have it figured out. He’ll do just fine as a piston or anywehere else. Like many before him during his era, he’ll be in the playoffs this summer with another team.

      • Feb 6, 20132:28 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        i think he is saying let not over value will, because of the last 20 games or so, verse his body of work

        • Feb 6, 20132:36 pm
          by sloppy joe


          His body of work?  He has always been a high energy spark off the bench.  Serious teams need players like this.

        • Feb 6, 20134:09 pm
          by G


          If you look at his stats, this isn’t even his best season. Put a guy who averages 9 & 4 with the Pistons on OKC, I bet he does better if he gets the same minutes.

      • Feb 6, 20132:57 pm
        by Keith


        I think the point he’s making is that Bynum hasn’t made us any better, and we have had bigger holes to fill. It IS difficult to see how a guy that couldn’t consistently get minutes for a terrible Piston team would suddenly be the missing piece for a contender.
        I think the Thunder speculation is way off base. The Thunder ARE in need of a backup PG, but not one of Bynum’s ilk. What they’ve always wanted (since Maynor got hurt) is a steady PG that can manage the game while Westbrook sits. They want a guy that won’t turn the ball over, will pass, and will generally not implode before the superstars check back in. That’s not really Bynum’s deal. Bynum is a scoring guard that turns the ball over and eats up possessions. OKC is too good for their backup PG to be wasting possessions like that. They don’t want Westbrook-lite, they want Calderon-lite.
        I think any team trading for Bynum is a team that can’t score and needs someone to come in and eat up possessions. The more likely destination is Boston. Boston has essentially no PGs, and their offense is pretty bad. Bynum does exactly what they need by being a threat to score. This lightens the load a bit on their depleted bench. I’m not sure what the deal would be, though. The Celts probably don’t want to part with their pick (may be lottery at this point), while Sullinger and Bradley are better players than Bynum. I would take any of those, even with Sullinger out for the season.

  • Feb 6, 20132:34 pm
    by sloppy joe


    We must resign Will Bynum.  He is a spark off the bench that can carry our offense for long stretches.  He has shown the ability to penetrate and smartly distribute the ball whether it be to singler behind the stripe, or an alley-oop to Drummond.  If we get rid of him we will just have to try to find a guy similar to him.  It’s pointless and silly.
    Keep Will in the D. 

    • Feb 6, 20132:40 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      could not tell if you were serious or kidding…i just hope kidding

      • Feb 6, 20138:38 pm
        by sloppy joe


        id rather have bynum than both knight and stuckey

    • Feb 6, 20133:02 pm
      by Corey


      Next year we will have: Calderon (hopefully), Knight, and Stuckey, unless they trade him. That’s 3 guys who can play PG (to varying levels of quality). Stuck’s best role would be backup PG, and Knight should play some PG if they want him to ever learn the position. Calderon will play it every minute he’s on the floor (30+). So when would Bynum ever play? They need to move either Stuckey or Bynum, and Bynum is a free agent after the season.  If he’s worth an asset to someone, they should definitely move him.

      • Feb 6, 20133:06 pm
        by Keith


        They should move whatever player brings back something of value in return. If Bynum can net us a first round pick (even a later one), it’s worth it. If Stuckey can get a better pick, we should do it. Neither is an ideal fit for our future roster (built around Monroe-Drummond), and the Magic have shown how far you can go with just one great big man and a bunch of shooters.

      • Feb 6, 20134:10 pm
        by G


        I’d rather have Bynum than Stuckey, and it’s not even close.

  • Feb 6, 20133:17 pm
    by picknroll


    The one thing that has not been mentioned in these comments is Bynum’s total lack of defense! He can score and distribute at times and can be exciting doing it but you need to be able to guard people as well!  I know he has an expiring deal but I don’t think he has much value around the league!  Now, I hope I’m wrong and Joe can get something for him soon.  In my opinion he is NOT a player you need when building a young, fundamentally sound team.

  • Feb 6, 20135:11 pm
    by james searcy


    If Joe can obtain any asset for a player who is basically gone after the season then you do the deal. Blow it up. The Pistons will not make the playoffs. The Pistons need talent. If any deal can be made for Maxiell Stuckey or anyone else not named Monroe or Drummond, Do it. bynum is not the savoir.

  • Feb 6, 20136:53 pm
    by ryan


    I’m way, way, way more interested in Jeremy Lamb than Perry Jones but getting either of them for Will Bynum would be an excellent move. I think Lamb could be our starter at shooting guard as soon as the middle of next season. A Calderon, Lamb and Knight back court would be very attractive. It would also make Rodney Stuckey 100% tradeable.

  • Feb 7, 20134:00 am
    by Ryan P


    Liggins can play ball too.

  • Feb 7, 20132:56 pm
    by MrCarter


    I still think this is the best way to go:
    -Will Bynum
    -Eric Maynor
    -2013 1st round pick(from Thunder, probably between 25-30)
    -2013 2nd round pick(from Bobcats/probably between 31-38)
    I would at least give this a shot. Thunder get their sparkplug Bynum, and Pistons get an expiring contract AND two extra draft picks to play with in this years draft(which would potentially give them 5 in all. Remember, if the Clippers 2nd round pick is 56-60, we get that too). Just an idea.

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