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Video: Brandon Knight dunks on Pau Gasol

As Dan pointed out, the Pistons had great moments offensively yesterday against the Lakers, and this was one of the best. Brandon Knight hasn’t dunked often as a Piston, but this one was pretty nasty. And how about Andre Drummond leading that break? Sometimes it feels like Detroit’s bigs are better passers than their guards.


  • Feb 4, 20139:23 am
    by Derek


    Nice!  You should post the video of Knight dunking on KG too.  Dude dunks way more than what I thought. 

  • Feb 4, 201310:11 am
    by danny



    • Feb 4, 201310:58 am
      by lisa


      Yes, an one. Not called! The calls definitely went the Lakers way. Especially the one called on Kyle that gave Kobe an one. That was the point that won them the game. No calls for us at the end of the game, the shove and hold.

  • Feb 4, 201310:55 am


    Knight needs to play Explosive more often….He is a solid 6’3…around 190+ …he has long arms..and a good frame…combine had him at 37.5 Vertical…so he is not Westbrook or a Health D-Rose…

    But he can finish and be explosive…I think his problem is he just dont know how explosive he can be…High school Knight was playing around 150-160 lbs…very light so it was speed, and eluding contact…At Kentucky I think they had him at 170-175…still very light…Fist year in Detroit i think he was maybe 185??? … but now he has more mass..broader shoulders… I think he just has to make the decision to play explosive, draw contact and when trying to finish at the rim…

    Physically there no reason he can not

  • Feb 4, 201311:04 am
    by vic


    Yeah Knight will be just fine at SG. Dudes an attacker, I like how he’s dunking more now…

    How about Drummond with the behind the knee dribble full speed on the fast break?
    If it wasn’t behind the knee it was in front… change of direction at 6’10 285 – splitting the d at full speed on a fast break. 

  • Feb 4, 20133:41 pm
    by gmehl


    You can just imagine the dinner conversation that Gasol and Calderon had later that night. Apparently the 2 caught up as they always do when the other is in town to play. I’m sure the topic of Knight came up. I’m sure Gasol would of countered with a conversation about world peace though :-)

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