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Talking NBA trade deadline on 1130 AM

I spoke with Matt Shepard of WDFN 1130 AM this morning about the NBA trade deadline. Have a listen:

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  • Feb 21, 20131:33 pm
    by Haan


    Good stuff, Dan.  When do you become part of a radio gig?  Sirius could use you; I’m amazed at how little targeted NBA coverage they have.

    btw, I notice you played it cool on the fallout of the Gordon trade.  Even what with Gordon’s “humble” yourself rant, that trade’s looking pretty horrible for the Pistons as our realistic spending options for the summer come into view (I like Calderon, but the Gordon trade wasn’t needed to be able to extend him an offer).  Not worth giving up a 1st rounder; and if Gordon was a bad apple, why not amnesty him?

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