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Pistons trade-value rankings No. 4: Jose Calderon

For your reference, salaries are available here and ages here.

Why Jose Calderon ranks No. 4

Jose Calderon is a very good player. He passes well, doesn’t turn the ball over and shoots well from the perimeter. He seems to know his limitations and plays within them.

But he’s only about an average starting point guard.

This is the golden age of NBA point guards, and that hurts Calderon’s value. I can count on one hand the number of teams that don’t start a quality point guard, and the league’s other 25 or so teams won’t give up a ton for Calderon.

Plus, Calderon is 31. Though he seems to have the type of game that will hold up well, it’s foolish to bet heavily on a player defying age. At minimum, he’s not getting any better.

Calderon’s expiring contract, in theory, could facilitate plenty of trades. Quality players with ending contracts are extremely valuable this time of year, but the Pistons seem content to let Calderon’s contract expire and then try to re-sign him this summer.


  • Feb 21, 20136:00 pm
    by Big Rick


    I totally agree that this is a point guard driven league, but to say that Calderon is only ‘about average’ is selling him short. This is a guy who has been in the league leaders in assists and assist to turnover ratio the last few years. I know the age is a concern but I think you would be hard pressed to find 15 starting point guards better than Calderon currently.

    1. CP3
    2. Deron Williams
    3. Kyrie Irving
    4. Jrue Holiday
    5. Russell Westbrook
    6. Stephen Curry
    7. Kyle Lowry???
    8. Brandon Jennings???
    9. Steve Nash???
    10. Tony Parker
    11. Mike Conley
    12. Goran Dragic
    13. Jeremy Lin???
    14. Luke Ridnour/Ricky Rubio???
    15. Ty Lawson

    I left Rose & Rondo off the list but if they were currently playing of course they would both be in the top 5. The list is in no particular order, but it’s pretty subjective anyway. If you base it off the body of work then Calderon is in the top 10 easily but if you base it off potential then he drops down about 10 spots.

    I will say that doing this excercise it is easier to see that there are quite a few good to great starting PGs in this league, pluse I only did about 1/2 the teams.

    Where would you guys rank Calderon?

    • Feb 24, 20133:38 am
      by billytorbay


      I know 15 is a median and not an average, but on your list (which should have Tony Parker 2 or 3) Calderon might only be better Ridnour, Lowry, Dragic and Lin. Throw in John Wall, Eric Bledsoe,Damian Lillard, and Jeff Teague, and describing Calderon as about average is pretty accurate.

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