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Pistons trade-value rankings No. 1: Andre Drummond

For your reference, salaries are available here and ages here.

Why Andre Drummond ranks No. 1

Andre Drummond has the greatest potential among all Pistons – maybe even the greatest potential among all NBA players – and he’s already Detroit’s second-best player.

The biggest reason Drummond claims the top spot ahead of Greg Monroe, though, is his contract. Unlike Monroe, who’s eligible for an extension this summer, Drummond will be on rookie-scale contract for the next three years. Drummond making $3,272,091 in 2015-16? Yes, please.

Drummond’s back injury gave me some pause about giving him the top spot, but a single injury isn’t enough to downgrade Drummond. It’s definitely a red flag, though. Hopefully, injuries won’t derail what seems like a very promising career.


  • Feb 21, 20133:47 pm
    by Keith


    This ranking makes perfect sense. You can argue Monroe is the better player, but Drummond just as too much potential and has been too good as a rookie. Pick any team not already employing Dwight Howard, Marc Gasol, or maybe Tyson Chandler and you have the list of teams that want Drummond (and even those team would be interested based on salary). Put him on the market today, injured and all, and Joe’s phone would never stop ringing.
    In the case of Monroe teams would at least have to question his defense and his worthiness for a max contract. With Drummond, there’s no doubt what he can be.

  • Feb 21, 20134:06 pm
    by Shawn


    I don’t think there is any other player in the NBA that is like Drummond.  He is a unique talent.  I doubt Joe would entertain any offers for him.

  • Feb 21, 20134:22 pm
    by tarsier


    I think Monroe has more trade value just because he has been around a little longer and has been noticed more.

    I’d rather have Drummond, but if I didn’t specifically follow the Pistons, would I know that his unspectacular numbers are the result of getting way too few minutes? 

    • Feb 22, 20139:35 am
      by Keith


      I think you underestimate the resources teams have at their disposal. If it doesn’t take a regular fan like us more than 5 minutes to find advanced and per-minute stats online, you can bet every team in the league has a private database with even more information. This isn’t Rodney Stuckey where it’s difficult to separate how good he is from how bad the team is. Drummond has been GREAT on a bad team, with no PGs, as one of the youngest players in his year. Even GMs that don’t follow the Pistons at all are aware that we have an all-star caliber young center poised to blow up the league.

  • Feb 21, 20138:11 pm
    by Kamal


    I love Drummond. But let’s keep it real. The man has no offensive game outside of dunking. He shoots like 30% from the free throw line. Monroe is proven and has a nice half court game. Most of his points come unassisted. That’s saying a lot. You put some players around him and watch him take off. Drummond has to be taught how to play first. Who’s to say he ever learns? I hope he does. But a bird in the hand…

    • Feb 22, 20139:44 am
      by Keith


      A) “Just dunking” is significantly more complicated than you make it out to be. Ben Wallace could dunk too, and he never had any positive offensive impact. Being able to get in position to dunk is a skill, a big one because dunking is THE BEST SHOT IN THE GAME.
      B) Working on his free throws is definitely a need, but arguably one of the most fixable. Nobody guards free throws, and the conditions never change. Moreover, he doesn’t need to become a 90% shooter for the free throw to be effective. About 60% is where the benefit of a foul is less than letting the player shoot.
      C) Whose to say he ever learn? Well, given that he was one of the most productive players in the league, I would say that’s a moot point. He’ll apparently be really really good whether he learns or not. Learning to be better is gravy at this point. It’s not the difference between being bad and good, it’s the difference between really good and all-time great.

  • Mar 6, 20136:44 pm
    by Kevin


    As a Sixer fan who wanted Drummond last year I wonder what type of haul would it take to get him from you guys?  Looks like he is blocked by Monroe at C and don’t see you playing both at the same time. 

    Would Drummond for Evan Turner get it done? 

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