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Pistons, Thunder reportedly never talked Will Bynum trade

David Mayo of MLive:

Contrary to widespread rumors that the Pistons had talks with Oklahoma City regarding Will Bynum, the source said conversations with the Thunder never happened.

For what it’s worth, this runs contrary to a report by Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News. I have no information about whether Mayo or Goodwill is correct, but on face value, it makes sense that the Thunder would have at least been interested in Will Bynum.


  • Feb 23, 20133:23 pm
    by tarsier


    I can see why the Thunder would want a backup PG. And I can see that Bynum seems like one of the best available for the price he should have required. But why was he particularly linked to the Thunder? Those statements are true of most any contender. And Bynum really plays almost exactly like a homeless man’s Westbrook. I think I would rather have my backup PG be stylistically different than my starter.

  • Feb 23, 20133:33 pm
    by Ryank


    On face value, anyone who thinks Will Bynum is an asset is a fool.  It makes no sense that a championship team would have an interest in bringing a sideshow to take the ball out of real NBA player’s hands.  Him chucking up shots late in the game does not produce wins…obviously.  Our record during his time here reflects his value at the NBA levl.
    I can’t wait for the Will Bynum era to end.  It’s been one of the worst in Piston history. 

    • Feb 23, 20133:50 pm
      by tarsier


      wow, grumpy much?

      what part of that argument could not be applied to monroe or drummond or any other good player on a bad team?

      now bynum is no special player, but he is definitely an above average backup pg. 

    • Feb 23, 20134:53 pm
      by LT


      ryan is right. Bynum if horribly in-efficient and his risk/reward evaluation needs vast improvements before he can be considered an above average backup

      • Feb 23, 20137:41 pm
        by tarsier


        There are things to be complained about in Bynum’s game. But inefficiency has hardly been one of them. Try actually looking at a guy’s production before making such ridiculous comments.

        This season, Bynum is shooting 46%, which is excellent for a PG. On his career, he’s at 44%, which is certainly still above average for a PG.

        This season, he is getting 0.25 FTA/FGA, about league average. On his career, he gets 0.31 FTA/FGA, significantly above average.

    • Feb 23, 201310:44 pm
      by duke


      I was going to come back at you with some stupid remark in response to your stupid one but I have to stop responding 
      to people with no basketball IQ and by your statements not a true Pistons fan anyway. 

  • Feb 23, 20135:33 pm
    by archie dailey


    ryank lt yall some strait busters who don’t know anything about basketball how could you know when you are surubs!

  • Feb 23, 20136:46 pm
    by Big Rick


    Where is all the hate coming from? Can’t we all just get along? LOL

    Losing brings out worst! 

  • Feb 23, 20139:16 pm
    by Jacob


    It’s hard to beleive that we couldn’t get something for him. I really wonder is Joe D has a plan for this summer?

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