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Pistons stand pat at NBA trade deadline

The NBA trade deadline has passed, and the Pistons didn’t make a deal, according to Keith Langlois of Pistons.com.


  • Feb 21, 20133:16 pm


    Maxiel and Bynum better not be re-signed….

    i can deal with holding on to 8.5 mill

    • Feb 22, 20139:10 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      BEST CASE SCENARIO FOR THE FUTURE OF THE PISTONS: 2014 (all depends on how we spend in 2013)

      Stuckey,Charlie and Slava have expiring contracts…. = over 18 mil

      We could move them for a player like Eric Gordon, Kevin Love, whatever disgruntle NBA star player that no longer wants to be in their city any longer….

      in a straight up trades situation Stuckey probably has more value than Charlie because he’s be only 27 years old, and can still provide instant offense and he’s a little more versatile…during the season players Stuckey could land would be Evan Turner , John Wall , Affalo…..

      Maybe Charlie could land a player like Gallinari…….

      Players we could pursue in Free-Agency…. Paul George, Eric Bledsoe, Rudy Gay….

      • Feb 22, 20139:15 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        in a straight up trades situation Stuckey probably has more value than Charlie because he’s be only 27 years old, and can still provide instant offense and he’s a little more versatile…during the season players Stuckey could land would be Evan Turner , John Wall , Affalo, or Derozan

      • Feb 22, 201312:51 pm
        by Huddy


        Stuckey could land John Wall?  Charlie could bring us Gallinari?  even in a post titled best case scenario you have to be high to think that is a real possibility.

  • Feb 21, 20133:21 pm
    by Oracle


    It would have been interesting to pick up an end of the bench guy with their last roster spot, but oh well.

    • Feb 21, 20133:29 pm
      by G


      You can pick up an end of the bench guy off waivers, you don’t need to trade for one.

      • Feb 21, 20133:45 pm
        by Oracle


        There are players already in the league who deserve a spot, but their teams were looking to cut salary.  That’s who I was thinking about auditioning, not a d-leaguer who any one could have but nobody wants.

        • Feb 22, 20138:36 am
          by G


          We can’t afford to take on salary, we’re over the cap and JUST under the luxury tax line.

        • Feb 22, 20138:40 am
          by G


          Pistons have no room under the luxury tax to ta

  • Feb 21, 20133:25 pm
    by Ryank


    I wish we would have seen something in return for Max, Bynum, and Maggette.  Or even have seen someone change our CV filled diaper.  It’s better than watching them walk away for nothing this summer.  A 2nd round pick would have been a victory.

    • Feb 21, 20133:32 pm
      by G


      Most/all of Max, Maggette & Bynum’s value is that they are expiring contracts. The reason the Pistons traded for Maggette in the first place was his expiring deal, not because we wanted to play him. The only reason to trade those guys would be to acquire an asset, and I’d rather have the cap space than a 2nd round pick.

      • Feb 21, 20134:25 pm
        by Ryank


        Correct, but if you read the rumors, there was interest in Bynum has an off the bench spark plug.  OKC was linked to the rumors.  If we could get an expiring deal back and a 2nd round pick, it would be a no brainer.
        Max and Maggette, that’s a lot of cap space falling off.  Other teams would like to have it.  Maybe a contributing veteran player could have been acquired?  I know Joe D wants cap space this summer, but what’s the harm in starting the bonanza early if the right value comes along?

        • Feb 22, 20138:47 am
          by G


          Right, except none of those deals were happening. I think if the Pistons were to try and trade expiring contracts for talent, they’d end up with worse players than if they just tried the free agent market. Worst case scenario in free agency – they end up with the type of player they could’ve gotten in trade for Maggette & Maxiell’s expiring deals. 

          In short, the cap space is worth more. 

        • Feb 22, 20139:00 am
          by G


          The rumor I heard about Bynum was for Eric Maynor & a pick. If they could’ve gotten Toronto’s 1st rounder from OKC, I’d say go for it. Unfortunately that was probably the sticking point, and Joe D let it slide. There’s not much point in acquiring 2nd round picks on this team, what they need is TALENT, not another Jerbko/Singler/English etc., which is about the most you can hope for in the 2nd round.

  • Feb 21, 20133:32 pm
    by Bryan


    This is Joe putting all his eggs in the basket for this summer.  I don’t love that strategy, but we’ll see what happens…

    • Feb 21, 20133:52 pm
      by Shawn


          I am thankful that he didn’t take a bad deal just to make a deal.  Sometimes the best deals are the ones that aren’t made.  Now, he goes into the summer with a lot of leverage.  I admit that his plan is not obvious to me but regardless of that he has flexibility and should be able to make the team better.

      I would be happy if he is somehow able to flip Stuckey and Kyle or Jerebko for people on the wing who can hit open shots and are athletic enough to play some lock down D. But honestly, that is probably asking a lot.  We might get lucky with one of those requirements in the draft but I doubt any of the available free agents, that are willing to come to Detroit, would be all that stellar, so this might take more than one off season to fix.  But, I am confident that we are on our way.

      • Feb 21, 20134:24 pm
        by tarsier


        Sometimes the best deals are the ones that aren’t made.

        Such a tired cliche. No, deals not made have precisely zero value. It is better not to make a deal than to make a bad one with negative value. But the best deals create positive value.

        • Feb 21, 20136:37 pm
          by ShawnJ


          A succint cliche is more useful than the drivel you just peddled.  As if Joe could make a deal without a willing participant. I’m sure no one wants a deal that makes the team worse and I’m sure other teams were not offering any thing of interest other than a 2nd round draft pick, which judging from your responce, you expect to be a hall of famer.  This is not realistic thinking.  It is not how the world works.  You do not generally get something for nothing.  The only team that had anything of value that might have interested Joe was Oklahoma and they must not have been offering Jeremy Lamb or Percy Jones III or I am sure Joe would have jumped all over that.

          It doesn’t sound like you want a general manager who makes decisions that take the present and the future into mind; it sounds like you want a magical genie.  

          • Feb 21, 20139:59 pm
            by tarsier

            Hmmm, the cliche was succinct. But it was also wrong, rendering it not even slightly useful.

            You’re right on a couple counts. I wouldn’t mind a magical genie for a GM. But, of course, I am realistic and know that won’t happen. Also, yes, I don’t want Dumars to currently keep the present and future in mind. Because the present is irrelevant. The Pistons will not make the playoffs this season, so any effect on this year does not matter.

             Yes, the expected payout of dealing players like Bynum or Max would be second round draft picks (or better assets plus bad contracts). But since they will be UFAs this offseason anyway, that would be superior to not trading them at all.

            Do I know what Joe could have gotten for them? No. Neither do you. And it is something of a stretch to assume that he would have taken any smart deal he was offered (this has not prove to be the case in the past).

            More importantly, the point isn’t just what offers came across his desk.What’s the point of paying a GM huge money just to not screw up? If Dumars was good at his job, he would have very actively peddled his guys and taken any amount of loss for this season for even just the slightest future gain. Because, once again, this season is already irrelevant.

            Could he have done that and just been unsuccessful? Yes. Could even an excellent GM be unsuccessful at that? Yes. But all indications from the media are that Dumars was not being active at the deadline at all. And that is unacceptable. If that is how valuable the GM will be, Gores may as well replace him with someone making $50K/yr. The only reason to pay someone in the millions is because they do a much better job than some random idiot (who would have been just as good at sitting on his hands).

    • Feb 21, 20134:20 pm
      by frankie d


      “This is Joe putting all his eggs in the basket for this summer.  I don’t love that strategy, but we’ll see what happens…”
      famous last words.
      be afraid, be very afraid, if you are a pistons’ fan.
      joe d just seems to not understand the league’s direction, financially.
      since the middle of the last decade, he just seems to be a couple of steps behind the curve.
      loading up on cap space and looking to sign big name free agents is the wrong way to go.
      his BG/magette trade, and then the prince/calderone trade, along with his inactivity at this trade deadline, showed me how little he understands  how the league is moving. 
      draft picks, cheap players, and subtle moves that allow you to use those assets you acquire – as houston and okc and memphis have been doing lately –  is how you move forward and build.  not loading up on cap space and signing an iffy “superstar” free agent to max money, which seems to be where joe d is headed this summer.
      if pistons fans thought the summer of BG and CV was a nightmare, they haven’t seen anything yet.

      • Feb 21, 20134:30 pm
        by Mark


        Actually Joe completely understands where the league is moving financially. What you are talking about is old news. The future financially is all about teams over the cap being force to dump good players for nothing because of the new tax rules about to take effect. Teams with cap space are the ones in position to get these good players for nothing.

        Joe already did the young player through the draft thing. He’s got Drummond, Monroe, Knight, and Singler locked up on cheap rookie deals. Now he’s preparing for the next trend in the league – clearing cap space to be in position to acquire good veterans to add around them without having to give up anything in return.

        Great young players on cheap deals, surrounded by good veterans given to you for free? Sounds like a damn good plan to me?

        • Feb 21, 20134:51 pm
          by frankie d


          sorry, but i just don’t see the pistons as being well-stocked with good young players.
          monroe and drummond, yes.  singler is a solid player, at least a guy would probably be a solid rotation guy on a title contending team.  unfortunately, i think knight is probably in the same category.  and that is it, as far as young prospects are concerned.  so the idea that joe d has already “did the young player through the draft thing…” is absolutely laughable.   a team needs more than two good/great players and one other solid one to claim that they have a sufficient and solid core of young players.
          and since when has joe d ever done what you claim he is preparing to do?  please identify the move where joe d has done that type of thing…  other teams have been using that tactic for years now.  (joe d gave afflalo and amir up when other teams exploited detroit in that fashion.) 
          trading a first rounder in the BG trade was monumentally stupid and i’ve been amazed that so many fans have given him a pass on that move.  first rounders are probably the most valuable asset in the GMs bag these days.
          trading both tay and daye without getting back some ability to acquire a younger player – draft pick, salary exception, maybe even a prospect – was also another old school move that showed how he is still living in the past. 
          the great thing about sports is that we ultimately get a chance to see if our guesswork is right or wrong.  
          maybe joe has finally seen the light and has entered the modern nba.  i’ve seen no evidence of it so far.
          this trade deadline would have been a perfect chance to unload some of his dead weight and add draft choices.
          to this fan, it looks like he is simply setting up his summer for another, hopefully more successful version of the summer of BG.
          but we shall see… 

      • Feb 22, 20131:12 pm
        by Huddy


        Houston is are not great examples for your point Frankie.  Houston cleared cap space to over pay Jeremy Lin and to sign a big name free agent (what you are saying Joe shoudln’t be trying to do) in Harden, nothing subtle about those moves.  They also traded Lamb who was a valuable young player another think you claim isn’t a trend.  In addition Houston has done all kind of cap hoarding in an effort to be a player for Howard.  We have been out of the 1-5 draft range for a while, which makes our situation a little more difficult than an OKC securing Durrant, Harden, Westbrook all within the top 5 (althought our Darko draft could be sighted it is only one year not 3 like OKC).  We also don’t have a Kyrie Irving or Derrick Rose or Blake Griffin even as a single pick to build around.  Basically I just think it is a little bit of a stretch to compare teams situations in this way.  Being on the bubble of being very bad doesn’t give a team like the pistons many options to build on.  I agree that we should be cautious this summer, but I’m hopeful that we will make some quality moves. 

        • Feb 22, 20136:27 pm
          by frankie d


          sorry, but houston has done exactly what i’ve described and they’ve done it pretty well.  in fact they are still doing it pretty well, as witnessed by the fact that they just stole thomas robinson from sactown for a bunch of young guys they accumulated over the last few years, patterson, aldrich and toney.  that is exactly the kind of transaction i’m talking about.  will robinson be a much better player than patterson?  i’d bet that he will, that he just needs the right situation.  and even if he doesn’t, some team will gladly take a chance on a guy with his obvious upside.  he’ll probably still keep his trade appeal for another year or so, regardless of what he does in houston.
          was lin overpaid?  maybe, but maybe not.  he basically signed for the same money that stuckey signed for, but houston structured the contract beautifully.  he’s going to get paid almost 15 million that last year, so if he’s great, he will only be slightly overpaid.  no matter what he does, however, he’ll have lots of trade appeal because he will provide huge cap relief for a team that may want to take him on.
          lamb? exactly what i’ve advocated.  get young guys, package them and get the players – young one’s like harden – that you target.   the reason that houston was able to do that harden trade was because of all of the young talent and assets they’d accumulated.  
          it seems to be something that joe d just doesn’t understand.
          houston clearly has a plan and they are implementing it.  i doubt that joe d has a real plan.  if he has one, it isn’t clear and hasn’t been clear for years.   the only folks who haven’t acknowledged that are sports media suck ups who are still in love with the joe dumars from 2003.

  • Feb 21, 20133:45 pm
    by antoine


    Noone was willing to give up anyone we were interested, not for our expiring contracts that is. I’d rather have as much cap space as possible, there are a lot of teams that will have to dump salary this summer, and we’ll be a major player to take this on.  I still want our big wing player, mayo!   

  • Feb 21, 20134:03 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    I wouldn’t mind bringing back Bynum.  For his price tag, I don’t think we could replace him with anyone better.

    If Max played like he did earlier in the year, he wouldn’t be bad to bring back at a greatly reduced price as long as he went back to being a bench player getting 20 minutes max per game.

    Looks like we will all have to rely on draft choices and free agency.  If they can stay in the bottom 10, hopefully they can get another player worthy of starting.

    Good luck Joe.

    • Feb 21, 20134:27 pm
      by tarsier


      That may be true. But unless at least one of Stuckey, Calderon, and Knight is gone (and no new PG comes in), there is no reason to re-sign Bynum. $3M may not seem like much, but I’d way rather have a guy worth $11M/yr than a guy worth $8M/yr. And Bynum is not filling a need.

      • Feb 21, 20134:49 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        That’s a good point, but Jose is still a question mark and I would still like to have Stuckey shown the door.

        • Feb 21, 201310:01 pm
          by tarsier


          Only way Stuckey leaves is via trade. Or if Dumars really needs that extra $4M of cap space.

    • Feb 21, 20134:42 pm
      by KevinGG777


      Relying on draft choices and free agency…works so well for the Lions, doesn’t it?

      • Feb 21, 20134:51 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        Joe has done better than the Lions, with a lot less picks.

        • Feb 21, 201310:02 pm
          by tarsier


          It’s true, there are a lot fewer rounds in the NBA draft than the NFL draft. It’s almost like team sizes are smaller and career averages are longer.

  • Feb 21, 20134:09 pm
    by Victor


    Hope we’re signing Big Ben.

  • Feb 21, 20135:10 pm
    by mixmasta


    JJ Redick just got traded to the Bucks?

  • Feb 21, 20135:12 pm
    by Domnick


    what the hell… joe d cant strike a deal.. RRRGHHHH we kept the inconsistent guard-stuckey and we had nothing!!?!!
    bad gM!

  • Feb 21, 20135:24 pm
    by picknroll


    Some one said “a lot of teams will be dumping salary this summer” and I would like to see a list of players who might be dumped for ‘salary cap’ purposes when this summer comes!  I’m a long time Dumars fan but very concerned about his GM ability the past few years! 

    • Feb 22, 20135:39 am
      by gmehl


      It looks like slim pickings but here is that FA list you were after. Note that this is only a list of FA that don’t have any player or team options.
      Point Guards
      Chris Paul
      Chauncey Billups
      Jose Calderon
      Jarrett Jack
      Devin Harris
      D.J. Augustin
      Nate Robinson
      Beno Udrih
      Will Bynum
      Jamaal Tinsley
      Shooting Guards
      Manu Ginobili
      Kevin Martin
      Tony Allen
      JJ Redick
      Nick Young
      Ronnie Brewer
      Kyle Korver
      Marquis Daniels
      Anthony Morrow
      Wesley Johnson
      Marco Belinelli
      Martell Webster
      Mike Dunleavy
      Raja Bell
      Small Forwards
      Stephen Jackson
      Dorell Wright
      Corey Brewer
      Chase Budinger
      Josh Howard
      Matt Barnes
      DeMarre Carroll
      Josh Childress
      Luke Babbitt
      Power Forwards
      Josh Smith
      David West
      Paul Millsap
      Elton Brand
      Antawn Jamison
      Lamar Odom
      J.J. Hickson
      Rasheed Wallace
      Andray Blatche
      Brandan Wright
      Lou Amundson
      Vladimir Radmanovic
      Jason Maxiell
      Troy Murphy
      Earl Clark
      Dwight Howard
      Andrew Bynum
      Al Jefferson
      Chris Kaman
      Samuel Dalembert
      Zaza Pachulia
      DeJuan Blair
      Nazr Mohammed
      Joel Przybilla
      Jermaine O’Neal
      Darko Milicic
      Ryan Hollins
      Ronny Turiaf
      DeSagana Diop
      Jason Collins
      Johan Petro
      Cole Aldrich 

      • Feb 22, 20138:22 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        I was a little upset, that we didnt do any at all, but this FREE-Agent Market and even the 2014 free-agent is pretty average….

        So im not so upset…

        As long as we dont force the issue this summer we are in a great situation….

        Because both Stuckey and Charlie become VERY,VERY VALUE next season… they both will have expiring contracts worth 8.5 mil each…

        The Luxury tax is going to force team to come running to teams like the Pistons….

        so either we’ll be in position swing a trade to land a star player or to collect some assets like 1st rd picks for average guys….

        I like our situation for the next 2 seasons

        • Feb 22, 20139:31 am
          by tarsier


          Why does everyone seem to think that expiring contracts have such great value? They don’t. An overpaid player on an expiring deal is just less bad than an overpaid player on a non-expiring deal.

          And if Dumars will give up a first rounder to get out of one year of a $12M/yr deal, why do you think he would take back even a slightly bad contract to get an asset attached to it?

          Do not count on the Pistons getting anything out of expiring contracts. They’re not that big a deal. And Joe doesn’t know how to use them. 

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