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Pistons say Andre Drummond won’t return early from injury

Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

It was reported he might return early, but a team spokesman said there has been no change in his timetable to return.

Team officials said during the first week of February he might come back in 4-6 weeks. That would put his return in mid-March to early April.

Take your optimism, and shove it.

The Pistons should obviously wait until Drummond is fully healthy before he returns, so patience should be praised. I was just hoping that previous report meant Drummond would be fully healthy sooner than expected.


  • Feb 27, 20139:20 am
    by Domnick


    we are out of playoff picture.. i believe its time for patience and start thinking about the offseason…
    we have solid cornerstones… drummond and monroe, bk, single (role player) and calderon (if resigned)..
    how about the coach? thats one big question mark? will pistons fire frank? i feel sad but if there’s a candidate better out there then go get him!

  • Feb 27, 20139:26 am
    by G


    Tanking alert. If March flies by & Drummond is still wearing a suit on the bench, it’ll be official.

  • Feb 27, 20139:37 am
    by Bryan


    After trying the “make the best out of what we have and try to win as many meaningless games a possible” method and being very unsuccessful, it looks like the Pistons are finally thinking about the long-term health of the franchise. About time.

  • Feb 27, 20139:48 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    As you should always do in life, is to look for a positve in a bad situation.  The last several games the Pistons have been playing all of the bench players that we have been wanting to see all year.

    Since the team isn’t going anywhere this year, let’s hope they keep getting minutes, so they know who to keep and who to get rid of.  Getting blown out the last couple of games probably played a role in this also.

  • Feb 27, 201310:32 am
    by Bob


    I always interpreted “hit the court” to mean starting non-contact drills.

  • Feb 27, 201311:04 am
    by Tom Y.


    Very different situation of course but it kinda reminds me of the season the Spurs sat David Robinson because of back problems and then got Duncan in the draft. I don’t think we’ll end up with the #1 pick but maybe this will improve our draft position.

    Regradless I’m happy they’re not rushing him. 

  • Feb 27, 20131:42 pm


    we are destine for that 10th pick

    • Feb 27, 20132:09 pm
      by pistonsPoland


      5-6 pick at worst. We got now 8th worst record in NBA and a terrible 11 game streak ( we can loose 11 games in a row right now )

    • Feb 27, 20132:13 pm
      by pistonsPoland


      Cavs, Wizards and Hornets will be above us. THat gives us 5 pick and maybe SHABAZZZZZ

  • Feb 27, 20132:01 pm
    by George


    Drummond better be back by March 31, I’m going to game vs Bulls.

  • Feb 27, 20132:12 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    Hopefully with the new luxury tax it will level the playing field more like the NFL.  Right now the league is split between the really good teams and the really bad ones.  There are only a few teams in the middle ground.  It use to be that getting a superstar player can turn your team around, but now it takes 2 or 3 on a team to succeed.

    Even with as bad as the Pistons are, they are right there at the bottom with about half the teams.  With a little bit of a winning or losing streak from an of the bottem dweller, they could move up to as high as 3 (no way they could drop below Charlotte or Orlando) or as high as 14.

  • Feb 27, 20132:25 pm
    by frankie d


    smartest move the franchise has made in quite a while.
    unless he is certified 100% they should shut him down, probably for the remainder of the season.
    only negative is that he doesn’t get a chance to play with monroe, but then, that really wasn’t happening before his injury.
    hopefully, this is a sign that the team is starting to look more long term, instead of looking at winning the next quarter or half or game.
    btw, shabazz is probably the most overrated player in college today.  i’d bet that by the time of the draft, he’ll slide down the list dramatically, to late lottery or maybe even out of the lottery.  i watch this guy play, not frequently, but enough to see that his skills do not transfer well to the nba.  at best, he’ll be a 6th or 7th guy on the roster, a scorer who comes in when a certain matchup presents itself.
    i doubt that he’ll ever be a full time starter.
    someone compared him to jack “goose” givens, the old kentucky g/f and that is the best comparison i’ve seen.
    no thank you on givens. 

    • Feb 27, 20132:32 pm
      by frankie d


      should have read:
      no thank you on shabazz… 

      • Feb 27, 20133:48 pm
        by G


        What don’t you like about Shabazz? He could probably start for the Pistons right now and they’d be instantly better. He’s probably a better perimeter defender than anyone currently on the team. Don’t get me wrong, I like Otto Porter, but wouldn’t be mad at Shabazz.

      • Feb 27, 20134:49 pm
        by sebastian


        Hey there, Frankie D, I don’t mean to take credit for a simple player comparison, but it was I who said that Shabazz was very similar to Jack “Goose” Givens.
        Shabazz post-up game from the SG position want have a chance in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks of working, successfully, in today’s NBA.
        All of his offense seems to begin from near the low block on the left-hand side of the court. His game will be easily sniffed-out by opposing teams.
        The kid that I like for OUR Pistons is Otto Porter, a stronger, younger, and more erect version of Tay.

        • Feb 27, 20138:24 pm
          by frankie d



          yep, i recall, you were the one who caught the similarity.
          extremely good comparison.  he reminds me so much of givens, since you mentioned it, that it is eerie.
          what don’t i like about him?
          …like sebastian said, his offense is really very basic and predictable and though he gets away with it in college, he won’t be able to do what he does in the pros, consistently.
          he is not a super elite athlete, with the explosiveness of a wade or lebron.
          he is athletic, yes, but i think his awkward, off-kilter game is what gets him over in college.  and he is simply more advanced than most of his peers.  he is stronger, with a more mature game.  once he starts going against pros, that advantage would be gone.
          i just don’t think his game is anything special.  
          if i could pick him up in the late first, i might grab him, but i just do not see lottery pick, special player in him.  
          and i’ve watched him several times out here on the coast, and he just never jumps off the screen at me.  
          oh, yes, he will make a play that looks very nice and might rate another peek, but he just doesn’t dominate games – at least the ones i’ve seen – the way a guy with his supposed talent should.
          the guy i like on ucla, the guy who is most impressive, is kyle anderson.  whenever i’ve watched ucla play, he’s been the best player on their team.
          and, yes, porter is the real deal.  watched that syracuse/gtown game last weekend, and i am a believer.  i think he is the perfect player to put next to drummond/monroe.  unlike shabazz, he doesn’t dominate the ball, he’s not a black hole, and he has lots of potential for growth.  i think we are basically seeing exactly what any team will get with shabazz.  a volume shooter who will score points and not do much else.
          what else don’t i like about him: on the season, 23 assist, 42 turnovers. horrible, horrible numbers.  no thank you.

          • Feb 28, 20138:21 am
            by G

            See, I see Shabazz as at least a 3 & D type player, which you might not want to take with a top 10 pick, but still useful. I think calling him a volume shooter is less than just, since volume shooters tend to average less than .430 FG%. I’ll admit, Shabazz possesses an underwhelming array of offensive moves, but the Pistons need to draft a perimeter defender. I like McLemore, Oladipo, Porter, Muhammad, and Michael Carter-Williams.

  • Feb 27, 20135:23 pm
    by Scott Carter


    Let the ping-pong ball chase begin!

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