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Pistons recruiting Jose Calderon as his free agency nears

Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

Pistons coach Lawrence Frank admits the recruiting process has already begun.

"That’s every day," Frank said. "There is not a lot of window dressing. … We are going to do things the right way. It’s a great opportunity both ways. It is an opportunity for us to show him what we can offer and it is a chance for him to show what he can offer. It is a great opportunity for both sides."

The Pistons shouldn’t necessarily re-sign Jose Calderon, who will turn 32 before next season, but it would be nice to have the option. He’s a good starter-level player, one of only three the Pistons have. With the right offseason, Detroit could become a threat to win playoff series as soon as next season, and Calderon would definitely help achieve that goal.

But if the Pistons choose to get younger for another year or can’t use their cap room to add more talent or take any other route that delays success beyond 2013-14, re-signing Calderon could become a poor option. He’s getting older and won’t remain at this level forever. I really only want him beyond this season if the Pistons immediately improve around him.

In the meantime, it sounds like the Pistons are taking the best approach. Hopefully, the Pistons making clear that they had coveted him long before acquiring will help sway Calderon. But I’d think one of the biggest selling points during the season would be playing with Andre Drummond. Unfortunately, that can’t happen for a while.


  • Feb 13, 201312:02 pm
    by MrCarter


    The only thing against Calderon is that he’ll be 32 in October. But I still would love him back. I’d give him a 3yr/$24million contract with a team option for a 4th year. Whatever happens, Dumars has to be very careful considering what happened the LAST time he had a big bankroll to spend.

  • Feb 13, 201312:25 pm
    by Otis


    One thing you’ve touched on here, that I haven’t seen other people talking about, is that there’s no reason this team can’t be winning playoff series next season. Theoretically, there’s no reason they couldn’t win a championship, if Joe has the magic powers people seem to give him credit for.

    This concept of building slowly and painfully around our young players doesn’t make sense when you have as much freedom as Joe has now. Nothing about this roster is set in stone. There are no more untradeable contracts, so there’s no reason to hang unreasonable hope on guys like Brandon Knight while we wait an eternity for him to develop. No need anymore.

    Selling this ”young core” to people made sense when there was nothing else worth being hopeful for, but the sky is officially the limit. It’s on Joe to make it happen. And I think any shade of point guard would be a good place to start. 

    • Feb 13, 20131:11 pm
      by Vic


      Wow, somebody else sees. Thank yOu. I’ve been talking about This for weeks. Let me repost what I put at realgm this morning: An upgrade at sf is all that is needed for a contender.

       Before they got Jose I was all about Burke. If they lose Jose, getting Burke is mandatory. Not MCW, not Smart, Burke.
      But keeping Calderon means they need an upgrade at SF. Singler would be an adequate backup but you need a stronger defender on the wing to challenge all the dominant wings on contending teams. Otto Porter or Victor Oladipo would be best. The best part is that the most important pieces are already here. Drummond, Monroe, Calderon to dominate the paint and run the offense. The next necessary piece is a dominant defender at 3 or backup 4 to compete with small ball rotations and Carmelo/Lebron/Durant when they play 4. To be honest there are a lot of viable options for competitive 3 and backup 4 to fill out a contender. Otto Porter – starting 3Victor Oladipo – starting 2/ backup 3Tyreke Evans – 2/3Tony Mitchell (this years Drummond) – backup 4B Wright – backup 4Absolute Dream Scenario is to trade Bynum while hes hot for an extra 1st rounder:Calderon/StuckeyTyreke/KnightPorter/Singler Monroe/MitchellDrummond/kravtsov Lesser situations are more likely, but they are still in good shape overall if they keep Calderon. If they adds defensively dominant 3 and or backup 4, they could be an immediate contender.

      • Feb 13, 20131:21 pm
        by Vic


        Yeah so I think the best way to keep Jose is to show that you are serious enough to build around him, and that you are willing to use your draft picks and cap space to build around your 3 starter quality players and win now.
        And if he leaves anyway or tries to overcharge, just go for Tyreke and transfer him the point guard spot. He was rookie of the year as pg.

  • Feb 13, 201312:25 pm
    by bball4224


    Usually players like Calderon age pretty well. It’s not like he’s relying on athleticism or anything. He’s a passer and a shooter.

  • Feb 13, 201312:26 pm
    by Paul


    Pistons should re-sign him, at 32, he’s still one of the best PG in the game.  Any team would be happy to have him.  And being a mature, experienced PG is always a positive, just look at Steve Nash. He’s almost 40 and still a great PG.  He’s worth the money even though he’s 32.
    Of course you want youth and athleticism, but that won’t win you a lot games.  There needs to be a good mix of veterans as well.  And a veteran PG is the best kind.

  • Feb 13, 201312:48 pm
    by Desolation Row


    If nothing else, signing Calderon would help fill a void as Knight figures out the PG position and helps avoid the Pistons from trading Knight prematurely. I’m for this signing.

    I hope Joe sets his sights on Denver. They have a lot of redundancy at a position the Pistons need — solid wing player who can play serviceable D. This is the most hopeful I’ve been about this team since AI flamed out.  

  • Feb 13, 201312:58 pm
    by Scott Free


    Point guards tend to have more longevity on their side — Im just worried about the perimeter defense between Calderone/Knight/Stuckey.

    • Feb 13, 20131:35 pm
      by Vic


      That’s why you draft Porter/Oladipo 

      • Feb 13, 20131:49 pm
        by jinzzy


        I would rather get James McAdoo. 

  • Feb 13, 20131:49 pm
    by Ryank


    I think they have to resign Calderon regardless.  With a young team, you absolutely need to have a veteran ballhandler.  Calderon will not been the same player in 3-4 years, but that needs to be part of the plan…he must have a succession plan…whether that’s Knight or someone else, it must be part of the plan.  a 3-4 year deal around $8 million per season with the team’s option for the final year will workout well for us.  It’ll be tradeable at the end of 2-3 years when it has a team option for the final year.  At minimum, the last year needs to have high performance standards to get full payout.
    It’s time to get serious about results.  I’m sure Gores is giving them another season to show results.  Joe’s going to be wearing a fresh diaper…he made a mess out of the one he’s been wearing since 2009 and we’ve all been dealing with the smell. 

  • Feb 13, 20131:58 pm
    by Crispus


    Resign the man! He can be instrumental in getting the whole team to move the ball better, and he seems like the kind of player who will age well.

    The Combo guard fever that has been wracking Joe D seems to have finally broken and now we can focus on building a complete starting lineup. Take a hard look at getting rid of Maxiell, Stuckey and Bynum – and JJ too – and doing what it takes to get good again.

    • Feb 13, 20132:25 pm
      by Vic


      Yes indeed, the BW3s era or the Combis & Wings era is over hopefully. Keep Jose

    • Feb 13, 20133:41 pm
      by frankie d


      ageed.  the best thing about calderone’s presence is that it is an admission that joe’s wacky idea about not needing a point guard has gone out the window.
      by acquiring calderone, even if he never publicly admits it, joe is acknowledging that he was just dead wrong, philosophically, in his approach to building a team over the last few years. 
      the dramatic difference in the team’s simple offensive competence is the surest indication that the team has been in desperate need of a player with calderone’s talents.  with calderone, the team simply looks like it has a real plan and that it is not a bunch of guys haphazardly stumbling upon buckets.
      i’ve been a fierce dumars critic but this move alone provides hope that he is capable of building another  great squad.  
      maybe it just takes a long time and a lot of hard knocks for him to move in the right direction. 

  • Feb 13, 20134:19 pm
    by Tom Y.


    I think he’s good for at least 3 more full seasons, quite possibly 4-5. His game is based on smarts, timing, shooting. Mostly similar guys like Nash, Billups, Andre Miller, Stockton have aged well. I’d take him on a short contract just to teach the team how to play a good offense and mentor a younger PG, but I’d actually also feel pretty comfortable giving him a longer contract and not rushing about finding a replacement.

  • Feb 13, 20135:37 pm
    by Ron


    James McAdoo is pure ass look at what he’s done this season, nothing he came back his sophomore season and was supposed to be the man but he got exposed. He doesnt have a set position because he lacks the requisite ball handling to play the 3 or skill and ideal size to play in the post. He may improve later on but at this point he’s a raw prospect that the Pistons need to avoid. Otto Porter on the other hand looks like Tayshaun 2.0 (Not Austin Daye) and is steadily improving considering he’s a late blooming prospect.

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  • Oct 14, 20133:24 pm
    by dave zitting


    These are Countrywide, they’re one dave zitting of the major risks that NLY and other agency mREITs face: prepayments.

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