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Pistons’ playoff hopes slipping further

Before the Jose Calderon era has really gotten underway, the Pistons have drifted further out of playoff contention.

The Pistons are seven games back from the No. 8, and I’ve already explained how rare it is to make up fewer games in more time.

Here’s another way to view it:

ESPN projects the Celtics will claim the eighth seed with a 40-42 record. The formula doesn’t account for Rajon Rondo being out for the season (other than factoring in the games he’s already missed), but it also realize Andrew Bynum will return soon for the 76ers and that the Raptors just got Rudy Gay (again, other than factoring the games Gay has already played). So, a 40-42 record sounds about right.

For the Pistons to finish 40-42, they’d have to close the season on a 22-11 run. This group hasn’t shown they’re capable of doing that.

The last time the Pistons completed a 33-game run with 22 game wins? Jan. 4, 2009. For perspective, here are the players who suited up for Detroit during the stretch:


  • Feb 6, 201311:17 am
    by Tom Y.


    This is actually encouraging, since I’d really like another trip to the lottery before we give up our pick. Also, it doesn’t feel like there’s much coherence with this unit anyway, so squeeking into the lottery would be more of a fluke than a stepping stone. I hope we get in next year with Trey Burke on board and Andre starting from game 1.

  • Feb 6, 201311:30 am
    by Keith


    Well, we always should have known the playoffs were unlikely. We still have time to get significantly better, but I kind of prefer to keep the pick anyway. 
    Although having watched the NY game, I’m actually a little shocked at how bad we are capable of being. In the first quarter alone, Jose should have had 5 or more assists, but his teammates failed to convert wide open shots and even layups. We all wanted to see what this team could be with a true PG, and the answer thus far is, “not very good.” I expect our guys to hit more shots going forward, but just wow. We brought in Jose as a rental, as an attempt to give perspective, but the perspective thus far is that a 31 year old non-star is the best player on our team.

  • Feb 6, 201311:44 am
    by Jacob


    Trey Burke could be a good fit. We definately aren’t making the playoffs. I wouldn’t mind seeing us trade calderon bynum or anyone else we could get assets for to put around drummond. Knight and Monroe are ok pros who could be good if they improve their shooting and D. Singler would be a good bench player, but most of the guys we run out there every night might not even play on some teams.

    • Feb 6, 20131:19 pm
      by Keith


      Lack of talent is a huge factor in the NBA. Outside of Monroe and Drummond (and now Calderon), you could make an argument that we don’t have a single NBA-caliber starter on the team.
      That said, I would like Burke as a second player. I don’t think he alone gives us enough to turn things around (let’s be honest, he’s not even going to be as good as Calderon off the bat). If we could find a way to swindle another 10-20 pick out of some team, I’d love to get Burke and someone else (maybe Poythress or Goodwin, capable scorers with athleticism).

  • Feb 6, 201312:51 pm
    by piston moribund


    It would probably be a good idea to have a veteran point on the team for the mentoring role.  Jose is someone that the team hasnt had since Billups.  Now that the playoffs are out of reach, its probably time for Frank to start building chemistry between the younger player.  The rotation should be set from 3 to 5.  If we get Jose to resign, then 1,3-5 will be set and the only one left will be a SG.  If only we can get a defensive stopper, then everything will be set.

  • Feb 6, 20131:05 pm
    by lisa


    The Pistons are like a rollercoster ride you never know what kind of game or who is going to show up to play. They all seem to have a disappearing act or a great game on any given night. It’s like they have multiple personalities. But, on most nights they can be fun to watch. I’ve given up on making the playoffs but would like to see our team start to gel and move ahead. I miss my Pistons! I want to see defense and great plays and happy guys. I want to see some trades and a much improved team. If Joe can’t produce than he needs to be gone. He has made far too many mistakes and kept his job. It’s time!

  • Feb 6, 20131:25 pm
    by Matt


    I wonder whether or how the injury to Sullinger affects this calculation.

    • Feb 6, 20132:07 pm
      by Keith


      On one hand, any hit to the Celts is good for us. On the other, the Celts are still considerably more talented than us and better coached. Pierce and Garnett alone are better than anyone we currently have, and that team plays to its identity every night. Our coach still doesn’t even play out best players consistently.

  • Feb 6, 20132:11 pm
    by Otis


    I’d like to see a show of hands of people who ever thought this team had a realistic shot at the playoffs. What have they ever done to indicate that they’d ever do anything more than lose two games for every one they win. There’s a tremendous sample size dating back multiple seasons to indicate that this was to be expected, and nowhere near the roster turnover to indicate a sharp turn in either direction.

    I know it’s depressing to start the season with an understanding that your team has no chance of making the playoffs in a weak conference where .500 could get you there, but isn’t it more depressing to be deluded into thinking that things might suddenly be different and be disappointed season after season when this team is who we thought it was?

  • Feb 6, 20133:13 pm
    by Corey


    It would have taken a minor miracle for this team to make the playoffs – at least for Monroe, BK, and Stuckey to all be far better than they have been. But I like the look of the future. I hope they can resign Calderon for something reasonable (3 years just above the mid-level?). Draft Burke or a good shooting guard or SF prospect, then sign another good wing in free agency.  And this team could be looking pretty solid and playoff-ready next year.

    The #1 goal (and a bonus reason for resigning Calderon) should be to put 3 good 3pt shooters on the floor at the 1-3 positions as much as possible, especially as starters. That would make playing Monroe and Drummond together much more effective – 3 shooters on the floor at all times to space the floor.  Calderon, BK, and Singler can all do that. Oddly enough, that means we could start Monroe and Drummond together with those 3. Maybe sometime this year to try it out?

    Then have Stuckey off the bench playing with CV so there are STILL 3 guys who can shoot the 3 on the floor at a time (I’m not counting Stuckey).

  • Feb 7, 20135:35 pm
    by Zach


    Burke, Burke, Burke! Yes, we all see lots of him with the Wolverines, and yes, he has the look of a true NBA PG. But ask yourself these two questions, in order. 1) Is Brandon Knight going to be a starter for the Pistons next year? and 2) Which guard in the latter part of the lottery complements Knight best?
    If you answer the first question “No,” then skip to this question: 3) Which free agent guard will both fit Detroit and conceivably want to come here?
    My answers are: 1) Probably, 2) Marcus Smart, and 3) OJ Mayo. Hang Rodney Stuckey out to dry and go into next season with Knight & Mayo starting and Smart getting heavy minutes as the creating guard off the bench (he’s being compared to D-Wade and James Harden). Add a larger, experienced 2-guard in the mix and you finally have a backcourt that might enhance, rather than hinder, the blossoming frontcourt.

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