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Pistons – especially Will Bynum and Rodney Stuckey – want to play faster

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Pistons have been begging to play faster, especially Bynum, Stuckey.

The Pistons play at the NBA’s 22nd-fastest pace, but when Will Bynum is on the court, Detroit plays at the equivalent of the league’s 12th-fastest pace. Unfortunately for Rodney Stuckey, the Pistons drop to the equivalent of the 24th-fastest pace when he plays.

These are the types of small issues that can boil over when teams struggle and are masked when teams win. The Pistons, obviously, have been losing more than they’re winning, so it’s imperative Lawrence Frank doesn’t allow this to fester.

This also speaks to how much trust Frank has shown in Bynum this season.


  • Feb 18, 201310:10 am
    by steve


    Drummond looks for the outlet after a rebound

  • Feb 18, 20135:36 pm
    by Mark


    The fact we have been one of the highest TO teams, despite being also one of the slowest pace teams is kind of alarming. 

    Usually high TO teams are those that play helter skelter, fast paced, full court bball and live with the extra TOs as a tradeoff to getting extra easy baskets in transistion.

    The Pistons have figured out a way to play helter skelter halfcourt bball, and still accumulate the high TOs, while not getting any of the easy baskets, lol.

    Calderon solves so many issues now, its mandatory we resign him. We can’t go back to that helter skelter halfcourt mess we were playing the last 2 years before him.


    • Feb 19, 20138:55 am
      by vic


      true. having a pass first pg is so refreshing.
      don’t know how they survived 

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