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Pistons balked at trading first-round pick for J.J. Redick

David Mayo of MLive:

The Pistons had conversations with Orlando regarding J.J. Redick before Thursday’s trade deadline but the Magic were looking for a first-round pick, which ended the talks, according to a team source.

Just as the Pistons were wise to reject trading a first-round pick for J.J. Hickson, they were wise to do the same for Redick. I like Redick as a player, but if the Pistons want him, they can just sign him this summer without giving up a pick.


  • Feb 23, 20132:50 pm
    by frankie d


    weird…orlando ended up trading reddick without getting a first round pick.
    would not have made a trade anyway, without getting an extension in place, but the fact is that the first rounder seems like a convenient excuse. 

  • Feb 23, 20135:04 pm
    by RussellC


    I don’t get it. Who are the Pistons hoping for? Could have had Hickson who has proven that he can play consistently. Draft picks may or may not work out (Daye or any of the others beside Monroe, Drummond, and Knight). Could have had both of these guys signed long-term along with Calderon and still had the flexibility to go out and sign that missing wing player. Or maybe Singler, Middleton, or English could show  they can play.

    • Feb 23, 20136:39 pm
      by Blocks By Dre


      Wouldn’t make any sense to trade a first round pick for a back up PF in Hickson since we already have Monore/Drummond and Reddick is not a first round pick since he’s a free agent after the season anyways. Pistons did the RIGHT thing by rejecting both offers.

      • Feb 25, 201311:42 am
        by Huddy


        Hickson is also a free agent.  I would much rather wait until the off season to see who teams are moving.  We have cap space and could get a back up big man and wing player together for all we know and both of the JJs will be free agents anyway.

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