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Pistons are worse than last season

With tonight’s loss to the Hawks, the Pistons drop to 22-37.

Why is that significant?

The Pistons’ winning percentage is now lower than last season, when they finished 25-41.

Earlier in the year, Lawrence Frank argued this season’s 7-20 Pistons were better than last season’s 7-20 Pistons, and he was right in that narrow view. But as I said at the time, that didn’t matter.

But who cares whether the Pistons are better through 27 games than they were last year? Progress should not reset during the offseason. We were told repeatedly the Pistons had turned a corner last season, starting 4-20 and finishing 21-21.

Apparently, Frank wants to be judged as if last year’s progress never occurred.

As Patrick wrote, Frank’s teams tend to improve throughout the season, and these Pistons could still to do that, but with just 23 games remaining, time is running out.


  • Feb 25, 201310:09 pm
    by picknroll


    Wow!!  The ‘Stones are struggling big time!!  I just looked at their remaining schedule and it doesn’t appear that there are very many winnable games!  I’m hoping they can begin to play better but right now it is not looking good!!

  • Feb 25, 201310:28 pm
    by Vince


    I predicted a 33 win season. Haven’t seen the rest of the schedule from here but I mean, the Pistons should win 11 out of their next 23…. I mean they can… right? They’re not that crappy… or are they? At this point I’ll be happy with 30 wins… thats 8 games… they can pull that off… yeah?

    But on another note doesn’t that mean we’re worse this year? Sooo Frank actually is a very mediocre coach? Who would’ve known! If only we’d taken Woodson… I honestly wouldn’t put money on Frank starting the season next year. 

    I’m actually disappointed by this. I had some relatively tame expectations for this season and they couldn’t even live up to them.  

    • Feb 25, 201310:34 pm
      by tarsier


      No, no, no. Hope for like 26 wins. That’s how to get a top pick.

  • Feb 25, 201310:30 pm
    by Mark


    Frank hasn’t had a winning season as a coach since 2006. Nuff said.


    • Feb 25, 201310:42 pm
      by Mark


      Think about how long ago that 64 win season was in 2006. That was the last time Frank had a winning season as a coach. Its mind boggling that  this guy is even still in the league after 7 straight years of not winning. 

  • Feb 25, 201310:30 pm
    by Desolation Row


    It’ll pick back up once Drummond is back in the lineup. Pistons are a better team this year. 

  • Feb 25, 201310:41 pm
    by David


    Yes I do agree that:
    “The Pistons without Drummond, Knight, and Bynum are worse than last year’s Pistons” 

    I don’t agree that:
    One team’s W-L record from one season to the next equates with being better or worse. Maybe they are exactly as good/bad as they were but their opponents are just better or worse on average. Maybe they’re schedule is harder/easier. Maybe they’re dealing with more player turnover, injuries, pressure. 

    It’s probably true that Lawrence Frank has not been a good to great coach. Especially for this team and where it is.

    But its silly to equate W-L numbers. Personally, I’d rather the Pistons have a worse record from here on out. Let’s get some lottery balls.

    I think most Pistons fans would rather have Jose Calderon (and his expiring contract) + Andre Drummond (and his awesome future)  than Tayshaun Prince (and his isolayshaun) + Austin Daye (and his tantalizing disappointments). It’s a better team to be a fan of, with a seemingly better future.

    The present of the team is not pleasant from night to night. But Drummond will get healthy, and hopefully get starters minutes to get comfortable next to Monroe.

    And the Pistons will amass lottery balls (pulled even with Washington’s number of losses tonight). And we will cross our fingers on lottery night and hopefully get a top 3 pick.

    • Feb 26, 201311:44 am
      by Huddy


      In reality it is rather pointless to focus on comparing two bad seasons regardless.  We have known for some time that we wouldn’t be able to make major changes until this summer do to our contract obligations, so this is not really news.  Next season is a much different story for comparing growth since we should apparently see a relatively new team.

  • Feb 25, 201311:38 pm
    by PistonFanSinceDay1


    I hope we fire Mr. Frank!

  • Feb 25, 201311:53 pm
    by Passion not energy


    The teams slide begain with Drummond going down with the injury, however there have been several games where this team dosent seem intrested in being on the court.  The worst thing is how they dont like to play defense, when your supposedly best player (monroe) dosent like to D it up, this infects the whole team. Dumars fire Frank and trade Monroe.

  • Feb 25, 201311:57 pm
    by Passion not energy


    oh yea Ive been saying this for awhile now, this team has definetly quit on Frank.

  • Feb 26, 201310:37 am
    by Jeremy


    Does anyone have any idea when Frank’s contract is up with the team?
    We all know Joe (and most importantly previous ownership) is known for getting rid of very good (Carlisle), if not great (LB anyone?), coaching – just as he is with getting rid of guys who should have never been there to begin with (Keuster, Curry). Just curious as to whether he changed his tune and will ride Frank’s deal out or will cut losses and get rid of the guy.
    I do feel as though Frank was the right hire at the situation the organization was in. The guy had experience as a head coach and was tutored by some of the very best. Now that there seems to be a foundation for the franchise to build on (Monroe, Drummond, Knight, Singler, 2013 Lottery Pick, and cap space), it appears as though this is the off season that a coach that can take the guys to that next level needs to be brought in. I’m not sure what the list of former head coaches/potential head coaches looks like, but assuming all current NBA and Collegiate head coaches retain their position for next year, my list of contacts would include: Rudy Tomjanovich (local guy and 2 time champ as head coach),
    Both Van Gundy brothers (Stan has the better winning percentage but Jeff coached more games overall), 
    Laimbeer (Seriously, the guy deserves a chance and you can’t discount what he did with the Shock. Women’s basketball is a far more fundamentally sound game. At the very least you know he would bring a toughness to the team that it has been lacking. I understand that this isn’t the 1980s version of the NBA but establishing a defensive post presence involves a small amount of physicality.) 
    Isiah Thomas (Yes, Zeke. The detractors will say what they can about what he did as an executive with the Knicks, but in 3 years with the Pacers he never posted a sub .500 season as a coach. The 2 seasons he coached with the Knicks he had a joke of a team that he put together himself. Say what you will, but I don’t think it could be any worse than with Frank).
    Larry Legend (If I remember correctly, Larry stepped down as GM to take some time off before pursuing a coaching career again. Once again in 3 years with the Pacers never posted a sub .660 season as a coach and has 1 EC Championship to his credit. Yes, both he and Zeke had guys like Reggie, Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, Jermaine O’Neal, Jalen Rose, etc. but with the base we have now and the cap space this team could be there sooner than later).
    Avery Johnson (Never a sub .622 season with Dallas and WC champ, in 2 seasons with the Nets the team got better from the mess that Frank left, and Brooklyn as .500 when he was fired. When rumors were flying around about him and Detroit a few seasons ago the major claim was that he wanted power in making personnel decisions. While I don’t think that this is a bad thing – coaches should have some input with personnel decisions – the power ultimately needs to lie in the GM’s hands. If he could be willing to accept that, I wouldn’t be angry with this option).  
    Nate McMillen (Wasn’t a bad coach with Seattle and Portland. Just isn’t too much to boast about either. There are better options, but there are also worse ones).
    Brian Hill (Yes, promoting the man is an option. The guy has to be frustrated watching what Keuster and Frank has done. He coached 3 years of the Shaq and Penny show in Orlando starting in Shaq’s 2nd season. Shaq’s 3rd season and Hill’s 2nd as coach they were EC Champs. Yes, this was in a Jordan barren NBA but in Shaq’s 4th season and Hill’s 3rd as a coach, they were back in the EC finals before losing to a Sir Air Jordan. Didn’t really do a whole lot in Vancouver but I think that it can be safely argued that Bryant Reeves was no Shaq. In his return tour to Orlando, Dwight Howard was in his 2nd NBA season and Stevie Franchise was on his way out of town – team posted a .439 season. In Howard’s 3rd season and Hill’s 2nd year coaching on this tour, the team posted a .488 season and made the playoffs – getting swept by Detroit in the first round. We’ve all heard the comparisons to Shaq and D.Howard for Drummond and the potential that he could be that good. You can’t discount what this guy did in fairly limited time with both guys. Yes there was a supporting cast surrounding them, but once again that can be built and obtained with the lottery pick and the cap space this off season. I’m not saying Hill can lead this team to an NBA championship, but I would be willing to put money on him getting us to the playoffs.)
    We have to remember that Frank inherited a very, very good Nets team – one that actually was in the NBA finals the previous 2 years before he took over. He had a number of seasons with a team that was made up of Kidd, Vinsanity, Richard Jefferson, Alonzo Mourning, and Kristic. That honestly is not a team to be scoffed at. Its no wonder that he had a great start to his head coaching career. He basically got handed to him what Spolestra got down in Miami – a NBA finals ready made team. His first season he ran into us in the 2nd round and remember that series was a fairly tight one. I had visions of Billups hurting his ankle the year before against them in the playoffs floating through my head. That was not a team that I looked forward to watching them go up against because they were very, very good. However, once that team got blown up, Frank’s coaching regime really didn’t do a whole lot. Devin Harris peaked in his first season as a Net and the argument for bringing in Frank and taking Knight was that Knight was similar to Harris (mainly a quick run and gun PG). If we want to see more out of Knight and the rest of this team, Frank needs to go. 

    • Feb 26, 201312:23 pm
      by T Casey


      When the options available for head coach are Bill Laimbeer, Mike Woodson, and Lawrence Frank. Hiring Lawrence Frank is a horrible choice no matter how you look at it. It always was. To answer your question though, his contract is up after next year.

  • Feb 26, 20134:23 pm
    by Corey


    Right now the Pistons have the 8th worst record. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing them continue this collapse and be passed by a couple more teams, giving them the 6th spot in the lottery.  If they end up with (just suppose) the 6th pick, then the odds of getting a Porter/Oladipo/Muhammad are very very high, and that would help us far more next year than a few more wins this year would.

  • Feb 26, 20134:50 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    Scary thing is that if you put all the player that are on the team this year compared to last years team, you would think that they should be much better than last years team.  Especially if you think of all the players and the coach having one more year together.

  • Feb 26, 20134:52 pm
    by AU Examiner


    How about we fire the guy who hired Frank – Joe D.

    Oh by the way, wasn’t he the same guy that hired Kuester and Curry.

    Wasn’t he the same guy that signed CV and BG as free agents on ridiculous money.

    Wasn’t he the same guy that traded Billups for AI.

    Wasn’t he the same guy that drafted Darko over Wade and Anthony.

    I know there is a man crush on Joe D amongst Detroit fans, but enough is enough. Time to go.

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