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PistonPowered trade contest: Swing for the fences

As the NBA trade-deadline approaches, PistonPowered is holding a trade contest. (Unfortunately, there is no prize other than the honor of winning, which is a pretty great prize.)

Here’s how it works: You’re the Pistons’ newly hired assistant general manager, and Joe Dumars comes to you seeking trade ideas before the deadline. After the first round and results, second round and results, here’s the final scenario:

Dumars: I’m worried we’re heading toward the treadmill of mediocrity. This season is already a lost cause, but I believe we the pieces to make a major splash right now. What trade can I make to swing for the fences? I’m willing to accept a sizable amount of risk as long as the upside is high.

The two who advanced from round two have already been informed how to submit their trades, and one of them will be declared contest winner. But I’d love to read your ideas in the comments, too.

Don’t forget, any trade that doesn’t work under the Collective Bargaining Agreement will automatically fail, so check ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine. If you propose a trade that you believe is allowed even though the Trade Machine disagrees, please specify in your email why you think otherwise.

Check back later for the winner.


  • Feb 20, 20133:23 pm
    by Eric Chase


    Re-submitting…Gordon/Rivers for Knight/Maggette + conditional pick (a first rounder the year AFTER Charlotte gets theirs) 

  • Feb 20, 20133:29 pm
    by Brigs


    pistons get Kevin love timberwolves get Greg Monroe, Corey maggette and 2 second rounders.Kevin love isn’t happy in Minnesota so they turn him into a good younger big man and some cap space while the pistons get an all star player who fits much better next to Drummond then Monroe does because of loves great outside shooting. even without making any other moves this would turn us into an instant playoff team

    • Feb 20, 20135:14 pm
      by Big Rick


      I like this trade.

  • Feb 20, 20133:33 pm
    by Reaction


    Small deal that has potential especially since Houston is up to move Terrance Jones is trading Jerebko or Maxiell for Jones maybe we also give up a 2nd rounder…

  • Feb 20, 20133:40 pm
    by Sloppy Joe


    Knight for a mediocre teams first round pick (maybe the 10-16 range)  Throw in a second, or whatever you need to do. And hopefully draft Trey Burke or Oladepo along with a scorer like shabazz…


  • Feb 20, 20133:48 pm
    by Sop


    Stuckey and Jerebko to OKC for Kevin Martin and PJIII.

    • Feb 20, 20134:22 pm
      by Dan


      this is a great idea its the same trade i made but i put jeremy lamb cause i ts not likely the thunder will give up kevin martin

      • Feb 20, 20134:36 pm
        by Ryan


        Lamb/Jones is high risk/high reward. Throw in a 2nd-rd’er and I think both sides might take a long look at that.

  • Feb 20, 20134:05 pm
    by Pistons87


    Trade Machine Approved:

    Pistons Get: Russell Westbrook, Carlos Boozer
    Thunder Get: Greg Monroe, Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight
    Bulls Get: Corry Magette, Will Bynum

    Bulls are not contenders this year and need to get Boozer’s salary off the books.  By acquing Magette and Bynum they immediately chop 15M in salary obligations the next two years.

    Pistons get the Billionaire’s version of Rodney Stuckey (a productive low efficiency scorer) who would work well with Calderon and Drummond (imagining Drummond and Westbrook impromptu dunk competitions….).  And a offensive PF to pair with Drummond in Boozer.

    Westbrook hinders this team by taking the ball away from Durant and dominating possession. Thunder get a replacement for Kendrick Perkins who would fit perfectly with the shot blocking presence of Ibaka and the floor spacing provided by Durant.  Plus a low cost developing player in Knight who has more potential then their current backup PGs.  Rodney could move into the starting lineup until they find a permanent replacement when they release him in the Summer.  (OK unless Westbrook is sleeping with Durant’s girlfriend this ain’t going down)

    • Feb 20, 20134:33 pm
      by Ryan


      If you’re gonna go crazy, go insane: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine/?tradeId=a3xfy3r (make up for 2003)

      This whole exercise has made me realize how few premier scorers there are at 2/3 in the league right now. 

  • Feb 20, 20134:46 pm
    by Murphy


    Swing for the fences,  huh?


  • Feb 20, 20134:54 pm
    by Jake


    pistons get:    Al Jefferson
                       Caron Butler
                       Eric Bledsoe
    Clippers get:  Corey Maggette
                      Paul Millsap
                      Brandon Knight
    Jazz get:       Deandre Jordan
                      Greg Monroe
                      Rodney Stuckey 

    • Feb 20, 20135:33 pm
      by Jake


      this trade was successful on the trade machine as well

  • Feb 20, 20135:19 pm
    by MrCarter


    Just sent in mine. Thanks guys this has been a lot of fun. :)

  • Feb 20, 20135:30 pm
    by brandow


    trade jerebko and bynum and 2 2nd rounders to the jazz for gordon hayward. its time to search for a SF.

  • Feb 20, 20135:33 pm
    by Big Rick


    I have a simple 2 team trade with the Utah Jazz

    Pistons recieve Randy Foye & Milsapp

    Jazz recieve Brandon Knight & Charlie V.

    This works for the Pistons because although Paul is considered undersized by most he plays like a 7 footer on the glass and his motor is always running; we will be able to slide Mlsapp in at either PF next to Moose or he can be the 1st big off the bench backing up Monroe or Drummond. Foye is a solid Vet who could give some minutes off the bench in either guard position.

    Utah gets the guard they were supposedly targeting in Knight and a stretch PF in Charlie V. to help space the floor with their young bigs in Kanter & Favors. Charlie’s contract will come off the books after next year so if it doesn’t hinder their flexibility longterm.

    Makes sense for both teams.

  • Feb 20, 20135:36 pm
    by Big Rick


    Above trade worked in ESPN’s Trade Machine, but interesting note….

    After the trade Detroit’s wins went up by +3 and Utah’s went down by -7

  • Feb 20, 20135:51 pm
    by johnny


    Trade Machine Approved: pistons get, danny granger and john lucas III. Pacers get, corey maggette and landry fields. Raptors get, rodney stuckey orlando johnson and ben hansbrough 

  • Feb 20, 20135:59 pm
    by Big Rick


    Granger was gearing to comeback right before the All Star break, and it was assumed that he would play tonight. But apparently he’s “not ready” to take the court yet. Cold be the Pacer’s management being leary about playing Granger before the trade deadline  to protect his trade value in case he comes back broke like a lot of perimenter players following a serious injury.

    • Feb 20, 20136:32 pm
      by johnny


      i still think it would be a good risk because if granger has a comeback is a solid player and would solidify the small forward spot. he is still 29 years old and still has 3 or 4 quality seasons left in him. and we would only lose maggette who ties up way more cap space than he is worth and stuckey who frankly needs a new city and team and toronto is looking to get a better back up combo guard

  • Feb 20, 20136:48 pm
    by Christian Young


    Massive 4 team trade that benefits all.
    Atlanta receive: PF Amare Stoudemire, PG Iman Shumpert, C V. Kravstov
    (takes up $4.7M more of cap space for plus one win) (Hawks want Shumpert bad! Stoudemire replaces Josh Smith)
    Boston receive:PG Rodney Stuckey, SF Khris Middleton
    (takes up $1.7M more of cap space for plus 2 wins, Stuckey solves guard position issues)
    Detroit receive: C Z. Pachulia, SF Steve Novak, C Fab Melo
    Minus 5 wins BUT…. Dumars said it himself… the season is already lost.
    (Cuts $7.975M of cap space, allows Monroe and Drummond to start together, Pachulia a veteran back up replacing Kravstov, Novak provides shooting threat at SF, Fab Melo develops into a strong back-up C while Pachulia provides a short term solution at back-up C.) Having 3 7-footers at your disposal cannot hurt!)
    2013-14 Starting Line-up (Back-ups)

    C: Greg Monroe (Pachulia/Fab Melo)
    PF: Andre Drummond (Jason Maxiell)

    SF: Steve Novak (Jonas Jerebko)
    SG: Brandon Knight (Kyle Singler/Kim English)
    PG: Jose Calderon (Will Bynum)
    DONT RE-SIGN C. Maggette! That would free up another $10.9M of cap space
    After Maggette leaves, there would be about $18.875M more in cap space.

    Dumars has the option to re-sign Pachulia, Calderon, Maxiell and Bynum)
    If he doesn’t. he can always dip into free agency or trade up for a high draft pick)

    NY Knicks receive: SF Josh Smith, PF C. Villanueva, PF Brandon Bass
    (takes up $1.7M more of cap space, Josh Smith replaces Stoudemire and Villanueva/Bass provide strong back-ups for old geezers like Kurt Thomas and Rasheed Wallace who are free agents in the summer assuming they dont retire)

    • Feb 20, 20137:13 pm
      by Christian Young


      Dumars desperately wants the chance to re-build and this is the way to do it. HE gets a huge cap space and a strong, young core. He can use the other teams’ desire to go after certain players against them. (Knicks: Smith, Hawks: Shumpert, Celtics: a capable guard)
      This is fun!

      • Feb 20, 20137:32 pm
        by johnny


        I like what you are thinking because it definitely benefits detroit, new york, and atlanta but boston not so much in my opinion. Boston would be giving up a a quality starting big man in bass plus a first round pick in melo. which leaves them an aged garnett and an injury prone sullinger who could end up like greg oden if the celtics arent careful. they have chris wilcox and jason collins on their roster but neither of them are worth more than 15 minutes a game at the most. 

        • Feb 20, 20138:01 pm
          by Christian Young


          Thats what I thought, but I read that the celtics want a point guard and are willing to give up Melo who’s been in the D-League. Stuckey always could start at guard, but Knight is the future of the team. Jeff Green would replace Bass. He’s doing better than Bass statistically. Middleton would be a part of a platoon of backups behind Green.

  • Feb 20, 20138:04 pm
    by Christian Young


    draft pick as part of the deal to Boston.

  • Feb 20, 20138:42 pm
    by johnny


    this trade will really benefit every team except milwaukee, but they get their “big 3″ in jennings ellis and smith. this also gets boston a young big man and a point guard.
    pistons starters:
    We still have singler, and next year charlie v and stuckey will be on their last year and could be coveted by teams next year if they can keep their value up. we would have re-sign calderon and dunleavy and let maggette walk

    • Feb 20, 20139:46 pm
      by Chris N


      I thought the point of this exercise was to generate a trade that included Rodney Stuckey?

  • Feb 21, 20132:30 am
    by Tino


    Celtics get:

     PG Will Bynum, SF Kyle Singler, PF Charlie Villanueva

    Hawks get:

    SF Paul Pierce and a draft pick from the Celtics

    Pistons get:

    SF Josh Smith 
    Why this works:

          The Celtics get a PG who is smart and provides great energy in spurts. They also get better in terms of length. As the recent game against the Lakers proved that is an area where the Celtics can improve. Losing Paul Pierce will diminish them slightly in some aspects in the short term but KG’s leadership along with Doc Rivers’ coaching will allow this team to remain successful.
           The Hawks get a veteran to help them win now and a draft pick for the future. I would say that Pierce playing with a true center in Al Horford and dynamic PGs in Devin Harris and especially Jeff Teague will improve the quality of his play for the remainder of the season. From a purely on-the-court standpoint what the Hawks only lose is blocks and some versatility. But, they gain a high IQ (assists, shot selection etc.) skilled shooter who will make an impact on the rest of the season, especially the postseason. 
           Finally and most importantly, for the Pistons we bring in a talented athlete on both ends of the floor who can help us in a variety of ways. For starters I honestly think with Josh Smith at the SF position and Andre Drummond playing C the Pistons would be at the top of the league in blocked shots. Also, Josh Smith can score the basketball in multiple different ways. Lawrence Frank would be able to utilize him in both in the post and away from the basket depending if we are in a fast look or have our other bigs on the court. Similar to Jose Calderon, the Pistons organization will see what Smith would bring to the team instead of blindly throwing money at him during the offseason. This trade was successful in the ESPN Trade Machine and I think it would be successful in real life too.

  • Feb 21, 20139:34 am
    by Tim Waller


    3 team trade: 

    Orlando gets: Corey Maggette, Joel Freeland, Luke Babbitt, Nolan Smith

    Portland gets: Kyle Singler, Rodney Stuckey, J.J. Redick

    Detroit gets: Nic Batum, Arron Afflalo, Josh McRoberts

    Orlando gets a ton of cap room and goes into full rebuild, Portland gets some semblance of a bench, Pistons complete their young starting lineup with wings that can do it all. 


    Scary right? 

  • Feb 21, 201311:18 am
    by JRock


    If Joe could pull this off… 



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