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PistonPowered trade contest: Swing for the fences (results)

The results of the final assignment are in, and Scott Carter has won our inaugural trade contest. Congratulations, Scott!

Winner: Scott Carter

Portland recieves= Greg Monroe, Corey Maggette, Kyle Singler, and a 2018 unprotected 1st round pick

Detroit recieves= LaMarcus Aldridge and Luke Babbit

Runner-up: Jeremy Jenkins

Detroit Receives: Kevin Love, Andre Iguodala, Quincy Miller

Minnesota Receives: Charlie Villanueva, Wilson Chandler, Greg Monroe, Will Bynum

Denver Receives: Brandon Knight, Derrick Williams, Corey Maggette

The Timberwolves finally ship out their frustrated superstar who is unhappy with the direction of the team, as well as their underachieving second overall pick in Derrick Williams. In return they get a reliable starting small forward in Wilson Chandler as well as Greg Monroe who is one of the better up and coming big men in the league. They also add a reliable three-point threat with Villanueva off the bench.

The Nuggets will try to work around the possibility of Iguodala leaving free agency by gaining two young second year players that are still budding with potential in their young careers. Both Knight and Derrick Williams would fit in well with Denver’s up-tempo offense that is always looking to out run teams and wear them out as the game goes on. Knight always makes more positive plays in the open floor rather than in a half court set. He would have many chances to do just that next to Ty Lawson. Williams would have an opportunity to show off his athleticism and prove why he was the number two overall pick.

Finally the Pistons would be getting two star players that would make them instant contenders not only to make the playoffs, but possibly make a run at the conference finals. With Kevin Love paired alongside Andre Drummond (When both return from injury), Detroit would have arguably the best rebounding duo in the game of basketball. Both players are double-double machines who’s skill sets would compliment each other nicely. They would also be gaining a stud wing player in Iguodala who has the capability to match up defensively with any of the superstars in the East (James, Melo, Wade). If the Pistons were then able to re-sign both Calderon and Iguodala after the season they would have a legitimate conference title contender for years to come.

Depth Chart 

Center: Andre Drummond, Slava Kravtsov

Power Forward: Kevin Love, Jason Maxiell, Jonas Jerebko

Small Forward: Kyle Singler, Quincy Miller/Khris Middleton

Shooting Guard: Andre Iguodala, Kim English

Point Guard: Jose Calderon, Rodney Stuckey


  • Feb 21, 201312:59 pm
    by Scott Carter



  • Feb 21, 20131:11 pm
    by vic


    Not feeling losing Greg Monroe because he can throw lobs to Dre better than Kevin and Lamarcus… but what about this:

    I read that the Nets were trying to get Josh Smith but Atlanta doesn’t want Kris Humphries
    What do you think?
    Atlanta gets – Jason Maxiell, Charlie Villanueva

    Brooklyn gets – Josh Smith

    Detroit gets, Kris Humphries, 1st round pick from Brooklyn

    Brooklyn wants a championship, Russian guy will resign Smith. Fits perfectly with Brook Lopez
    Atlanta gets 2 expiring contracts and gets not to take Humphries.
    Pistons get a quality backup PF that can actually rebound. and an extra 1st rounder. 

    • Feb 21, 20131:16 pm
      by vic


      Or this:

      Atlanta gets Jason Maxiell and Corey Maggette and Andray Blatche

      That way they can get all their money expired, get a quality PF, and can work in the offseason since they will lose Josh Smith anyway. 

    • Feb 21, 20131:51 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Atlanta allegedly asked Houston for Asik and Parsons for Smith. If that’s roughly their asking price, there is no way they’d settle for a Maxiell/V or Maxiell/Maggette/Blatche consolation price.

      • Feb 21, 20132:02 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        You guys should let Scott write for the next 3-0n-3 or call it 4 on 4 …. that would be cool…just my suggestion

        • Feb 21, 20132:11 pm
          by Scott Carter


          Sorry to say I’m not familiar with the 3-on-3. That being said, for what it’s worth, I’d love to contribute whatever I can. Been following the NBA(especially, obviously, my hometown Pistons) for over 20 years now. Will go to my grave with “Pistons” tattooed over the front of my heart(with “Tigers” tattooed over the back of it).

      • Feb 21, 20132:49 pm
        by Vic


        I agree with you….
        But that’s just aS dumb for Houston to give up all thatundervalued talent for JSmith so he can be a free agent, especially when they just drafted like 5 super talented pFs. Though they might do it to get Dwight Howard to switch. Good luck with that.

        Atl is trading for personality reasons not basketball reasons so If they’re going to get anything they need to get an undervalued PF to interview like Blatche or a draft pick. 

        • Feb 21, 20132:54 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Haha, if they’re trading because of Smith’s surly personality, and they might be, I don’t think replacing him with Blatche is the answer.

  • Feb 21, 20131:13 pm
    by Birdman84


    Scott’s trade won? Sure, for Portland, who get a younger, better rebounding big, salary relief, and a first round pick. Hard to see how the Pistons benefit; they get older and less flexible without a significant talent upgrade. Oh, and they lose a first rounder.

  • Feb 21, 20131:42 pm
    by Waulie



    Monroe is 5 years younger than Aldrige.  Look at the per 36 stats.  He shoots better, rebounds better, steels better, and passes better.  The only two areas Aldridge beats Monroe is points per game (because he shoots a lot more while making a lower percentage of them, and blocks per game where he beats Monroe by 0.2 per 36.  I don’t watch a ton of Portland games, but I don’t think Aldridge is exactly known for his defense either.

    I’m not sure I’d trade Monroe for Aldridge straight up.  Trading Monroe, a young solid rotation player on a cheap contract, and an unprotected pick?  Pure crazy.

  • Feb 21, 20131:48 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    @Birdman and Waulie:

    I think you guys are missing part of the point — it wasn’t necessarily to say ‘come up with trades the Pistons should definitely do.’ It was come up with trades that both teams would plausibly consider. I don’t happen to think the Pistons would do this Aldridge trade, but I do think they would consider it and I think Portland would as well, even though they are not shopping Aldridge.

    The runner-up trade is definitely far better for the Pistons, but I think it ended up as runner-up mostly because it is harder to see the other two teams involved giving that any consideration.

    • Feb 21, 20132:39 pm
      by Waulie


      See, I though the point was:

      Dumars: I’m worried we’re heading toward the treadmill of mediocrity. This season is already a lost cause, but I believe we the pieces to make a major splash right now. What trade can I make to swing for the fences? I’m willing to accept a sizable amount of risk as long as the upside is high.

      What exactly is the upside with the winning trade?  You are trading two young players with lots of room for improvement and an unprotected pick for a very highly paid vet who is not likely to improve much at this point.  Oh, and one of the young players with lots of room for improvement you traded might ALREADY be better than the highly paid vet you got back.

      I don’t believe there is any way the Pistons would “plausibly consider” this trade.  However, since we can’t know what the Pistons would consider, shouldn’t the winning trade at least be reasonable from a talent perspective or benefit the Pistons in anyway whatsoever? 

      • Feb 21, 20132:52 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        “What trade can I make to swing for the fences?”

        Plausibility has to be a factor, though. Trading Drummond, Monroe, Knight and Singler for LeBron James would be swinging for the fences, but Miami obviously wouldn’t do that. 

        Aldridge has been an All-Star twice, been the best or second best player on a playoff team three times, is still only 27 and will make $14 and then $15 million over the next two seasons. Monroe is obviously a better value right now, but he’s also due an extension that will very soon put his salary at least at Aldridge’s level and possibly higher. He also didn’t always look entirely comfortable as a No. 1 option on offense this season (until his more consistent play over the last eight weeks or so).

        Both players have strengths and weaknesses, but if you consider that their production will be fairly similar, both will be really expensive, both will complement Drummond well but one will only be signed for two years and the other will be signed at that rate for 4-6 … that’s at least a consideration, no? I mean, both Aldridge and Monroe are very good, All-Star level players, but I think you would agree that neither guy is necessarily a franchise cornerstone. Maybe a shorter term commitment to Aldridge would make more sense and give more flexibility in the near future?

        Again, I’m not saying they should definitely do that trade. But there are certainly decent reasons to consider it. 

      • Feb 21, 20133:03 pm
        by Steve K


        Yeah, that second trade had Pistons’ fan written all over it. I can’t see Denver or Minny considering it.

        • Feb 21, 20133:04 pm
          by Steve K


          I should also note, though, that I’ve seen a lot worse. That second trade is sorta reminiscent of the Sheed and Gasol trades that so clearly benefited one team. Those trades became real, so it is possible. Just not likely.

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