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Piston of the Week: Greg Monroe

Piston of the Week (2/3/2013 – 2/9/2013): Greg Monroe

19.2 points, 12.2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1.4 blocks and 1.4 steals per game while shooting 56 percent overall

Considering the amount of change the Pistons have had to adjust to in recent weeks, the play of Greg Monroe has been a welcomed constant. He’s not always going to put up the fantastic numbers like he did against San Antonio — 26 points, 16 rebounds and five assists — but he’s going to be solid more times than not.

The Pistons’ 2-3 record this week may not illustrate it, but Monroe and the team are improving. Not having Andre Drummond, who will miss the next month with a back injury, is obviously a huge deterrent to this team’s true improvement, but for what it’s worth, these guys have found something this week.

Whether it’s the fact that Jose Calderon has really started to find a groove with his teammates or that shockingly Charlie Villanueva has turned into Bob MacAdoo-lite the last two nights  — they’ve found something.

Sure, guys like Brandon Knight and Jason Maxiell are the definition of streaky right now, but they’ve had moments in this stretch, too.

Monroe, though, has been the constant. Even Monroe’s bad games are still alright, especially when this team really has one of those flameout games (see: every game versus the Knicks).

Love him or hate him, he and Calderon are going to be what keeps them competitive on the offensive end — and with very distant playoff hopes, that’s all you can ask for.

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  • Feb 10, 20138:16 pm
    by TDP



  • Feb 10, 20139:53 pm
    by DasMark


    Monroe had a great week. 

    Playoff hopes? Those died swiftly against the Lakers when Drummond injured his tailbone.

    Boston was supposed to fall apart without Rondo, they’ve only played better.  

  • Feb 10, 201310:57 pm
    by NickB


    Moose has really stepped up with Dre’ out, which is nice to see, since he was looking like he regressed before that.
    Also, man is Knight not adjusting well to SG. Either that or he is in one heck of a shooting slump. Max also needs to be shown the door.
    Both Max and Stuckey have no place on this team. Charlie V is preferable to him as our backup 4, and honestly Max’s hustle and hard work just hasn’t turned into much for us lately. With Bynum playing well, Jose being our starter and Knight being our developmental, what can Stuckey do for us? He needs to move to a team where he can be the backup PG and run the offense with the ball in his hands, which he can’t do here. And we need a backup center to take the heat off of Monroe, and in the future, ‘Dre. Get to work Joe.

    • Feb 11, 20138:43 am
      by rick


      Too funny. Piston fans attitude’s change like the wind. One day it’s Prince, then it’s Daye, now they gone so like “Jay Z” says on to the next one. So now Maxiel is the probem and Stuckey is no good. Lol people act like these dudes are suppose to have a good game every game. It’s called sports man, and evey guy doesnt have to be a superstar in order to be a contributor. Same folks two months ago couldnt stand Charlie V , now he ok. Too much bitcching and moaning and not enough appreciation for when they do win. They finally got a pt guard who runs the team the way its suppose to be ran. Had nothing to do with Daye, Prince, or anything else people complained about. I mean Prince went 8-8 yesterday and scored 118, but he is garbage according to some.
      The funny thing is when we do start winning ganes and going to playoffs that same veteran  presence we were trying to get rid of saying he bogged the team down, we will be searching for. Probably wont get it but that is the beauty of the NBA and it’s fans.

      • Feb 11, 201310:35 am
        by tarsier


        Sorry to break it to you, but there are perfectly reasonable explanations for what you are calling fickleness.

        1) There are lots of different opinions. Even before, some wanted Prince out. Some wanted Max out. Some this player, some that. The same phenomenon occurs when a player’s fans get outraged that the player is first criticized for scoring a lot but not winning enough but then for winning but not scoring enough. They say the guy can’t win. Which is true. You can’t always please everyone. Typically these different criticisms come from different people.

        2) The press for getting rid of players who aren’t part of the long-term core has been around for quite a while. And while we lauded the removal of Tay and Daye as part of that, really there were many of us who would have been happy all along to get rid of most everyone except Monroe and Drummond (maybe Knight, maybe Stuckey, maybe Singler, maybe English) if they could bring back any sort of decent assets. I loved that Dumars finally shipped out Prince, but I’ve been hoping he’d do the same with Max before then and since then.

        3) It’s not really about fixing the team or removing the problem. Removing Max won’t make the Pistons suddenly a better squad. But he is a remnant from a former time and doesn’t fit in with the the Pistons’ team for the future. So moving him is just a way to hopefully get back an asset for no loss and to open up some play time fr the young guys.

      • Feb 11, 201310:42 am
        by lisa


        Prince 18 and Daye 16!  Prince slowed us down, Jose speeds us up. Big difference. Bring Big Ben back! He’ll be great for the young bigs, especially in practice.

      • Feb 11, 201312:53 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        I mean Prince went 8-8 yesterday and scored 118, but he is garbage according to some.

        The in Previous 3 games befor the 8-8 shooting …. he shot 11-33….averaging 7.6ppg.. NUFF SAID!

        • Feb 11, 20139:50 pm
          by tarsier


          If Prince had really broken Wilt’s record, and on just 8 shots, I’d say it’s worth suffering through three bad games. But since that was a typo by rick, yeah, best to have Prince out of her.

          That said, Prince is not garbage. He’s just worthless to Detroit who aren’t making the playoffs anyway. 

  • Feb 11, 20134:13 am
    by Vic


    Real starters in this league are consistent. Monroe and Calderon and Drummond are the only real starter quality players on the Pistons. Stuckey can be consistent in the right role- backup pg. that’s it.

    So now the question is:
    Ben Mclemore
    Otto Porter
    Tony Mitchell
    Victor Oladipo 
    Trey Burke

    Which one could/should they get? 

    • Feb 11, 20137:15 am
      by Tom Y.


      Singler is consistent as well. He didn’t play well out of position, but now that he’s back in his true position, he looks like what we need – a solid, smart player who plays hard and knocks down shots. Kinda like Tay when he was younger, except Singler is a better shooter. What we should really focus on is our backcourt.

      • Feb 11, 20138:45 am
        by rick


        Better than Tay when he was at same age. Put the bottle down man! Never at any point in his career will he ever bring what Tay bought or be better than anything that Tay did other than 3point shooting.

      • Feb 11, 201310:41 am
        by Vic


        I’ll give you consistent for Singler… But his defense makes him a backup.

    • Feb 11, 201310:21 am
      by jinzzy


      I would rather get someone like James McAdoo . he can play Three and four ,plus He can be a great perimeter defender

    • Feb 11, 20133:45 pm
      by MrCarter


      I would just take the best player available and not worry about duplicating positions. That way, we have a valuble chip, and considering the bankroll we’ll have this offseason(and the changes we’ll most likely make) I think it’s just the smartest thing to do.

  • Feb 11, 20135:24 am
    by Venice


    If they can get Ben Mclemore ,then go for it.We badly need someone who can create his own shots.

  • Feb 11, 20135:28 am
    by MrCarter


    Heres my question for my fellow Piston fans: do you see Monroe as becoming the type of player that “commands a double team”? In other words, do you think he’s becoming a player who we can throw it to on the block and will draw consistent double teams leading to open shooters?(examples: Shaq, Yao Ming, Tim Duncan, etc). I just want him to become more of a low-post threat and, as of right now, I’m still not convinced of that. At least not yet.

    • Feb 11, 20131:50 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      If you’ve ever watched a game most teams double or triple team him, because they know there aren’t any other threats on the team.

      • Feb 11, 20133:40 pm
        by MrCarter


        Hmm, sorry I’ve seen him play a lot and havent noticed that.

  • Feb 11, 20137:49 am
    by gmehl


    Off topic here but has anyone else heard these rumours of us looking to sign Big Ben? I have just read it in a couple of forums but was just wondering if there was any substance to the rumours. I guess it makes sense if they feel Kravtsov isn’t ready yet.

  • Feb 11, 20138:01 am
    by Mr.BlockedShot


    I think we need to upgrade our SG/PF posstions. At this moment Stuckey/Maxiell are my candidates before the trade deadline. I hope Knight gets better at playing the SG spot, but eiher before the deadline or in the psotseason we have to get a consistent player for that position. The same aplies to PF. Unless we start Drummond we need to get a 6’9-6’10 guy that can score and rebound. Maxiell at this time is a valuable trade chip, and I think we could get something in return for Stuckey. Anyway, acording to Sheridan hoops, the most likely trade scenario would involve Bynum. Let’s see what has Joe D in mind.

  • Feb 11, 20138:02 am


    http://www.nba.com/statistics/player/DoubleD.jsp?league=00&season=22012&conf=OVERALL&position=0&splitType=24&splitScope=GAME&qualified=N&yearsExp=-1&splitDD=Last 10 Days

    You cab Argue in the last 10 days or even so far in the month of February Monroe has been the best Big man in the league (assuming you dont county Lebron as a big)

    Offensively when his jump shot is falling he becomes scarey good….. But also he is giving us over 10rebs, 1.4blks 1.2 stls…and 3 ast…. his only weakness has been turnovers…

    Impressed by what Greg is doing

    • Feb 11, 20131:37 pm
      by DG


      Agreed that he is playing well.  Even like the all star we thought we’d see before the year started.  He just has trouble with the athletic shot blocking bigs like Noah and Varejao.  He can’t handle them.  Which is yet another reason it will be nice to pair him with Drummond’s elite athleticism.  Most of those guys don’t have the complimentary tandem that Monroe and Drummond might develop into. 

  • Feb 11, 20138:02 am



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