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Piston of the Week: Brandon Knight

Piston of the Week (1/27/2013 – 2/2/2013): Brandon Knight

17 points, 2.8 rebounds, 4.3 assists and just 2.3 turnovers per game with a 54 3-point percentage

Let’s be honest, for two games this week — Sunday against Orlando and Friday against Cleveland — the Pistons were really, really impressive on the offensive end. Not surprisingly, those were the two games the team won, heck, the two games the team was competitive in.

Part of that was the level of competition of course, they were just flat out-played by Milwaukee and Indiana, but the other part of their success was the play of Brandon Knight, who, by the way, is on seemingly every PistonPowered commenter’s trade block these days.

At this point, these Pistons are aren’t a garbage team, they’re more of a mediocre one, which means you have to penalize guys who really show out in blowouts (sorry, Andre Drummond) and reward the catalysts in a win.

Knight’s week was both exciting and puzzling. On one side, we saw the sometimes-invisible guard who doesn’t seem to want to shoot and doesn’t recognize how to pass the ball without subsequently turning it over. Then on Friday, we saw a guy who looked like a more than capable point guard, albeit against Cleveland, a team he historically torches due to having some sort of “HOW COULD YOU DRAFT ALL-STAR KYRIE IRVING OVER ME?” chip on his shoulder.

What was really impressive, though, was the fact that he was truly aggressive on offense in both of the wins. Against Cleveland it was mostly him creating for teammates, but he was active without the ball and seemed more determined than he has been in a long time to try to get to the hole and score inside and out. That’s what made him so good in college at Kentucky — it wasn’t him being the purest of point guards.

Sunday against Orlando was a different story. Knight appeared to have no inclination to play point guard, and all off the inclination of scoring. I wrote it earlier this week, but when Knight has shots created for himself — the kind of open looks Will Bynum created for him on Sunday — he’s a really effective off-ball scorer. When he’s the primary ball-handler, he tends to dribble too much and when he gets in trouble and has nowhere to pass, he’ll throw up a loooong 3-pointer at the end of the shot clock.

That’s a common thing for young guards, but Brandon Knight had two really good games this week and they were good for completely different reasons. One was the point guard every fan wished he was against the Cavs and against the Magic, he was the shooting guard Joe Dumars and Lawrence Frank hope he’ll be the rest of this season.

It’s yet to be seen if Knight can mix-and-match both of those efforts in the same game, but maybe having a distributor like Jose Calderon around will help him balance that out.

Or maybe he just needs to play the Cavs every game, who knows?

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  • Feb 2, 20131:16 pm
    by RobbyNast


    It is way too early to give up on a player like Brandon Knight.  He played only one year of college basketball and his rookie season involved a lock-out resulting in a shortened season.  The front office has given Rodney Stuckey years (perhaps too many) to pan out and they would be foolish to give up so early on a player like Knight.  He has an outstanding work ethic and seems like a young man that has his head on straight.  With Calderon joining the team and hopefully signing a reasonable three or four year deal over the summer, it is a perfect opportunity for Knight to have a veteran pure point guard to learn from and eventually replace.  When Calderon is 34-35 and passed his prime Brandon will be about 23-24 years old.  Plus Brandon Knight has such a sweet stroke from downtown which will most likely become more consistent as his career continues.

  • Feb 2, 20131:42 pm
    by Vic


    Don’t trade BK. he’s a killer and a great weapon to have on an eventual championship team. The competitive vindictive scorer that can go off when needed and kill in the clutch.

     He’s just not a pg at this point. More consistently plays a shooting guards game. If he can pick up some things from coach Calderon, then maybe he will be consistent at pg in a few years. But for now he’s a scorer, and a very valuable player to keep.

  • Feb 2, 20132:58 pm
    by Tangen


    Trading Knight now would be crazy. Stuckey should go long before Knight. Stuckey 

  • Feb 2, 20133:14 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    Nice to see a new face here.  Especially one we are hoping to be one of the guys the Pistons would like to build the team around.  Love to see him play with a chip on his shoulder more often.  Hopefully Jose will push him also.

  • Feb 2, 20135:25 pm


    Now i will say this…Last night even off the ball they did a great jump at running Bk off od screens, and in transition he was the first option….

    I can live with him playing off the ball in that system….where he is the first or second option…

    But if he is just gonna stand on the wing or in the corner and before option 3 …then yoy move him now because he will only lose value 

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