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Lawrence Frank reveals Austin Daye’s secret defensive weapon: pulling shorts

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Now that he no longer coaches Austin Daye , Frank was willing to unveil one of Daye’s tricks of the trade while defending the post before the Pistons took on the Grizzlies at the Palace.

“Defensively, he has one unique trick he likes to use,” Frank said laughing. “He loves to pull the chair and pull your shorts also. I am giving away his trade secrets.”

That would explain why Austin Daye – 6-foot-11 and 200 pounds soaking wet – grades out as a good post-up defender by Synergy.


  • Feb 22, 20133:29 pm
    by Franks Must Go


    We Pistons fans are going to regret seeing the only true 6-11 small forward in the league that can spread the floor and defend in the paint leave town. I give it about by the middle of next season…

  • Feb 22, 20133:37 pm
    by Franks Must Go


    I can only imagine what that big front court of Dummond, Monroe and Daye would have looked like. In one year we will get to see that big front court of Randolph, Gasol and Daye… Nice going Piston management… I thought Daye was secure on the team when he showed how well he plays next to our franchise player(no name need to be mention here)… He and Charlie made defenses pay when they doubled down inside to protect against a Bynum to Drummond pick and roll. We needed more outside shooting and interior defense, not less. The barely used Middleton should have went in that trade if we wasn’t going to play him. Daye was a throw in, as Middleton would have been. No deal breaker there…

    • Feb 22, 20134:37 pm
      by tarsier


      Daye is an awfully small price to pay for flipping Prince into Calderon. And he’s been no world beater in Memphis,

      Also, what do you have against hot dogs? 

  • Aug 28, 20138:16 pm
    by ??? ??


    omega ??

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