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Lawrence Frank local head coach most likely to be fired

Jamie Samuelsen, writing for the Detroit Free Press, ranked Tom Izzo, John Beilein, Brady Hoke, Mark Dantonio, Jim Leyland, Mike Babcock, Jim Schwartz and Lawrence Frank by

I’m not sure any coach works harder than Frank, but the facts are the facts. Pistons coaches just don’t last very long. Fans aren’t flocking to the Palace to watch this team play. And owner Tom Gores can’t have a ton of patience when it comes to either Frank or GM Joe Dumars. Still, the Pistons play good defense on most nights and rebound the heck out of the ball. They’ve been playing better since the acquisition of Jose Calderon but still suffer humiliating losses like they did over the past week and a half to Memphis and New Orleans at home.

I completely agree with Samuelsen. Frank will likely finish this season, but I’d call it even money he begins the next.


  • Feb 25, 201312:50 pm
    by mixmasta


    Please please please hire someone for long term. We are beginning to be a banana republic.

  • Feb 25, 20131:10 pm
    by David


    There’s a good argument to be made that Schwarz SHOULD be fired before Frank. You can’t hold a coach responsible for the failings of their roster. It comes down to does a roster over or underperform their talent level. The Lions significantly underperformed the quality of their roster this last season. Not just underperformed, but misbehaved, played undisciplined and honestly: they just didn’t seem well coached.

    I’m not saying Frank has been great. Or even the best coach for the Pistons. He often seems too concerned with short term winning than developing players for the long term growth of the team. That said, how much better could the Pistons have been this year, or last year, given their roster? And keep in mind that this is really Frank’s first full (training camp + preseason+ 82 games) season as the Pistons’ coach. 

    I wouldn’t be against firing Frank in theory. But in practice, Dumars already has a reputation as a GM who fires coaches quickly. It just seems unlikely that a top flight coach would want to coach under Dumars given that. AND given the fact that Dumars could leave in the next few years, another GM would come in, and whoever replaces Frank could get replaced by a new GM. In other words, there’s very little job security in it for whoever would replace Frank.

    So I GUESS I’d be willing to give Frank another year. If the front office does a decent job this off season, between the draft and free agency the ROSTER should improve significantly by the end of next season. Then would be a much better time to evaluate and potentially move on from Frank. Frank will have had 3 years to prove himself. And the improved roster should attract a better coach who’d want to coach Drummond + Monroe + Oladipo (fingers crossed) +Knight, etc.  


    • Feb 25, 20131:21 pm
      by Huddy


      I agree with a lot of what you are saying.  We have some good young prospects that could spark the interest of a good coach, but it is worrisome to become THAT team that gets rid of coaches every other year, it just adds a lot of pressure to a position that should revolve more around rebuilding for us right now.  It is definitely unfair to judge a coach purely on wins when talent is lacking, but with Frank there have been a lot of questionable decisions just as far as getting minutes for Drummond sitting other guys like JJ most of the season and barely seeing Slava and Middleton.  He really should have mixed up rotations a lot more in a season where fans would be more forgiving about not making the playoffs if they could get excited about the future rather than lament watching Stuckey play SF or Maxiel eat up minutes on an expiring contract.  At this point I wish we would have made a different decision than Frank, but the implications of changing coaches again so soon is dicey.

  • Feb 25, 20131:34 pm
    by George


    I think if Frank goes, JoeD has to go to, because no decent coach would want to play for an organization that seems to give coaches 2 years (at most) to succeed.

    We can’t totally fault Frank though, because JoeD keeps surrounding him with bad talent.  Joe has no clue how to cut ties…at least until it is too late.

    If we had the chance to move up in the draft, to insure we get McClemore, Muhammed, or Olapido, Joe better offer our pick and Knight.  We can’t stockpile guys who are 6th men at best when we have serious needs at our starting spots. 

  • Feb 25, 20131:46 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    As much as I hate seeing the revolving door at the coaching position, if Joe can get a better coach to replace Frank, I would be all in favor of it.  If there isn’t anyone available, I wouldn’t be against starting next year off and see if they start off 0-8 again.  Hopefully they will have some better player to be able to see if it’s the coaching holding them back.

  • Feb 25, 20132:07 pm
    by Mel


    We won’t have a problem getting a good new coach. Coaches are competitors just like players and they understand the business. Money talks and coaches will come. Joe D just needs to be willing to get a Players coach like a Mcmillian, Laimbeer, someone that can get into the players head and motivate them. Frank is not a motivator or a good coach ( previous records tells it all). Anyone can coach a good team with talent on it (Nets) But only a real coach can coach mediocre talent and still will ( Pop). Not only do you need a good coach these days you need good assistants and I’m not too sure about Franks. Look at the Pacers Voguel is ok but he has a very talented team but he also has Brian Shaw right next to him. I wouldn’t mine looking at him too. I’m not suggesting all player coaches will succeed but look at examples Mcmillan, Mitchell, Brooks, Rivers, Jackson, Collins, etc.
    That’s enough, I’m not worried about getting a better coach. Just worried about Joe D getting another coach.

  • Feb 25, 20132:22 pm
    by jake


    why fire frank? he’s not the problem. a full year of calderon and drummond = playoffs. throw in another good draft pick and another significant piece or two, and we’re competing in the east.

  • Feb 25, 20133:53 pm
    by Robb


    I agree with other posts that if you going to fire one then fire them both…

    Fresh GM and Coach is exactly what they need… 

  • Feb 25, 20134:09 pm
    by Mel


    Ok name 3 GM prospects that have a better resume than Joe D who would want to work in Detroit. I’m not saying Joe hasn’t messed things up, I just think he should have a chance to correct his mistakes since we got the new owner. Remember the owner and his crew really picked Frank. Woodsen was the front runner then all of a sudden Frank got the job.

    • Feb 25, 20138:26 pm
      by George


      Mel, it isn’t about getting some GM with years of experience, it is about getting one that is good at evaluating the landscape in today’s NBA.  We need to embrace advanced statistics.  We need to know when to cut ties with guys who wouldn’t play for most contenders.  Joe’s problem the last few years has been rewarding guys on the downslope of their careers.  He has also overpaid for guys who are only decent at one thing, but are liabilities at everything else.  Also, his love of hybrid guards set us back at least 5 years.

      Now, we have been trading away picks to eliminate JoeD’s past failures.  Also, he seems to think players will want to sign with us.  Surely, the only franchise changing FA’s that will sign with us will have to be overpaid.

      JoeD had a nice run, but it is just time to get a fresh start.  Just throwing this out there, but what Minny offers us Love for Monroe? There is no way JoeD would accept the offer because he likes to keep the guys he drafted (high in the draft).  A smarter GM would do that trade in a heartbeat because Love/Drummond combo sounds deadly.

      • Feb 26, 201310:33 am
        by ShawnJ


        How exactly do you determine if a coach is capable of “evaluating the landscape”, as you put it?  And, how many draft picks has Joe given up to correct his mistakes?  I thought he only did this once.  Also, how do you know what his strategy is for this summer? I am expecting more trades that free agents coming here.  And, who do you want to replace him that is better?  I understand the angst from all of the losing but we need to be realistic and patient.  We are in rebuilding mode.  You don’t correct midstream unless you know what you are doing.  Gores has admitted that he relies on Joe Dumar’s basketball knowledge.  So, I don’t think Gores knows what he is doing yet.

  • Feb 26, 20138:10 am
    by Domnick


    i think i wanna give frank another shot.. but this time we need talent

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