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Lawrence Frank: Kyle Singler snubbed for Rising Stars Challenge

David Mayo of MLive:

"Maybe he’s one of those guys that unless you coach him, there’s not the appreciation," Frank said. "But his numbers, you look at his numbers, he’s in the top nine of that rookie group. So I thought he was snubbed but what are you going to do?"

"When Andre (was hurt), I thought for sure he would get it," Frank said. "Maybe they look at it size-wise, and not to take anything away from Andrew Nicholson, but look, Kyle started for the whole season and he’s done a lot of things."

Kyle Singler ranks fifth among rookies in win shares, a number that matches the eye test, so Lawrence Frank at least has a point. Here’s how the selected players rank:

1. Andre Drummond

2. Damian Lillard

3. Anthony Davis

6. Harrison Barnes

7. Bradley Beal

8. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

13. Andrew Nicholson (injury replacement)

15. Tyler Zeller

18. Alexey Shved

34. Dion Waiters

I’m assuming positions played a factor, and that would explain Nicholson’s inclusion.

But these games are as much about flash as anything else. Did Singler deserve, on merit, to make it ahead of Dion Waiters? Absolutely. Does Waiters have a higher profile? Probably. Is Waiters more likely to become a star (the implied idea of the game)? I think so.

If Waiters make an All-Rookie team ahead of Singler, I’ll have a much more passionate response.


  • Feb 13, 20131:31 pm
    by Scott Free


    Singler is a near 3 position tweener, a trick-shot artist, and a starter.  Add those things up and its pretty obvious that this is a snub.

    And before Tarsier or somebody harps on me for including the trick shots as an asset, remember this is an exhibition game — that asset should count doubly here. 

    • Feb 13, 20132:29 pm
      by tarsier


      Wow, I really appear to be gaining some sort of a reputation on this site. I’m not entirely sure what that reputation is. But here’s hoping it’s not the same name recognition that laser and jodi jezz once had.

      • Feb 13, 20133:07 pm
        by Patrick The Troll


        As a jerk mostly, but i hear your writing skills are amazing.

        • Feb 13, 20133:41 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Your use of multiple screen names is bad for reader morale.

        • Feb 13, 20133:48 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Joking aside — and seriously, I’m honored to have a parody commenter, I can’t believe it has taken this long — tarsier is a longtime commenter who has always provided thoughtful responses, analysis, etc. here, even when he’s disagreed with things myself, Dan and other writers have written. In short, his contributions are valued here. Yours aren’t. So consider this a warning/short leash for your commenting career here. Creating multiple accounts and trolling, particularly trolling directed at valued members of the commenting community, is a good way to get your commenting privileges nuked quickly. So drop the multiple accounts and raise your level of discourse or beat it.

          • Feb 13, 20135:45 pm
            by Scott Free

            I’m just messing with you tarsier!  We never seem to agree on anything, and I was dreading your response (if any) to my post.  

          • Feb 13, 20137:09 pm
            by Patrick The Troll

                I made it just for you! I was only going to use that one from here on out, the name just has a ring to it.
                All jokes aside I got nothing against Tarsier or anybody else. I was just looking for exactly what I got, a Patrick rant at a fan.  It was a slow day at work. It truly is one of the best parts about these blogs.  I don’t think you’re a bad writer, nor do I think Dan is a bad writer (not that you would/should care either way). Anyway, I read all the blogs but I don’t post anyway so feel free to ban me from posting. It wouldn’t affect me. I’ll still read the blogs to see the next Patrick rant at a fan.

  • Feb 13, 20131:51 pm
    by Crispus


    Reverse Racism!

  • Feb 13, 20132:22 pm
    by MrCarter


    Singler definitly should have made one of the teams.

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