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Jose Calderon’s salary increased by trade kicker

As pointed out by Marc Stein of ESPN, and confirmed on ShamSports.com, Jose Calderon had a 10 percent trade kicker in his contract.

Calderon was traded (to the Memphis Grizzlies before being re-traded to the Pistons in a separate transaction) with 78 of 170 days remaining in the season and a base salary of $10,561,982. Owed $4,846,086 for the rest of the season, his salary increased by 10 percent of that amount, $484,609 – making his new 2012-13 salary $11,046,591.

The salaries page has been updated to reflect the changes.

In the end, this matters very little. It might be slightly more difficult to trade Calderon this season, and the Pistons might be prevented from making another trade that gets them nearer the luxury-tax line – but both those scenarios coming into play are remote. Once Calderon becomes a free agent in the offseason, it’s even less likely his modest salary increase (which raises his cap hold) will affect Detroit.

For more information about trade kickers, read Larry Coon’s FAQ.


  • Feb 5, 201310:39 am
    by DasMark


    The dutiful reporting is appreciated, despite the fact that your opinion is probably right, it will bear little impact on anything Detroit does between now and the summer. 

  • Feb 5, 201311:02 am
    by ryan


    I saw that on ESPN and thought to myself how much I would like to just once earn as much as Jose Calderon’s little ten percent trade kicker. If I made an eight of that it would be more than I’ve ever made in a single year. I’m not complaining but it’s an interesting illustration of how different people’s experience of the world can be.

  • Feb 5, 201311:53 am
    by RobertaZ


    It won’t be an issue, as Jose is going to sign with the Raptors in the off-season

  • Feb 5, 201312:11 pm
    by Zach


    It may seem stupid right now but i believe the starting lineup should be Brandon Knight at PG Calderon at SG Stuckey at SF Drummond at PF and obviously Monroe at C. Now my theory for putting Stuck at SF is for the simple reason that he can score and we can switch off between 3-2 zone and 2-3 zone. We need Stuckey as a scorer on the floor and with 3 possibilities at dribble drive, you are going to create kick out opps and then you when defenses rotate over to guard the kick you start going to drummond and monroe inside. You keep Singler as sixth man and then you rotate him and maggette. This leaves room to rotate maxiel and drummond and rebko’s tall enough to play C if needed. My logic makes sense here and i highly doubt we are going to make any more trades.. 

    • Feb 5, 201312:16 pm
      by Zach


      Sorry on the typo. the you before when should not be there!!

    • Feb 5, 20132:30 pm
      by tarsier


      “My logic makes sense here”

      That’s possible, but as I have yet to find any of it, doubtful. 

    • Feb 5, 20133:17 pm
      by G


      This lineup would be (is) bad. They ran it a few times last night & got KILLED on the rebounds. Why do you put Calderon at SG? He’s a distributor first, scorer second.

      Anyway, if you’re ignoring D for offense, why not just throw Charlie V out there as a SF? He shoots better than Stuckey (except FTs, apparently)

  • Feb 5, 20132:44 pm
    by Pratik


    We need better shooters around Calderon, so I think Stuckey sits on the bench, and I’m fine with him coming in later for Knight. I think Frank should get super creative and think out of the box. Our biggest need is a the 3 (Singler is doing a good job, but he’d be better with Will Bynum in the 2nd group). I highly doubt Joe D will make anymore moves until the offseason, so why not start developing Khris Middleton and Kim English. I know Frank will probably not do that unless Stuckey and Maxiell get traded, allowing Drummond to become a starter and Slava to play minutes off the bench, and allowing English and Middleton to get minutes. 

    I really think Middleton can be a surprise for the Pistons. Yes he’s young and inexperienced but the kid can shoot, and his length is perfect to guard other SF’s. Drummond should also start so that our front court gets bigger, and hides the defensive struggle in the backcourt. Also I know that Stuckey hasn’t done a good job so far, but for some reason I think he might just be better with Jose Calderon then Brandon Knight. Knight has been inconsistent though, so I expect him to have a big game against the Nets, but he’s also too small to play the 2. If Stuckey could stick to his mid-range game and attack more, and not shoot 3′s we could use him in the starting lineup. But yeah my answer at the 3 would actually be Middleton. If we can’t trade now and upgrade we should look to develop our own talent and not waste them on the bench as Aaron Affalo, Carlos Delfino were.

    • Feb 5, 20133:23 pm
      by G


      HE’S NOT TOO SMALL TO PLAY THE 2! Average height of SGs is 6’5″, and I can name a handful of decent 2′s the same height or shorter off the top of my head.

  • Feb 5, 20136:10 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Really what they need to do is just run the offense they have.   NY bombed them last night and are a superior team so they should probably just forget that game, the Pistons offensive execution last night was atrocious.  Now more than ever they need to focus on not turning the ball over.  I think the rest will take care of itself.  They can run and score in transition.  Turnovers are the main culprit leading to losses right now.  I believe they made the correct personel change and now they have to adjust.  Calderon brings the skill set they need to help close out games without the turnovers.

  • Feb 5, 20137:55 pm
    by TimJCasey4@gmail.com


    It seems to me the best lineup we can use to start games is exactly what we’ve been using since the Tey trade for positions 2-5. Then the team needs to decide whether or not they still believe in Knight’s abilities to be the franchise pg. If so, then Calderon should come off the bench and play bigger minutes on nights when Knight is struggling, and of course less minutes when Knight’s playing well. However, if they don’t still have faith in Knight figuring it out and turning the corner, then start Calderon and move Knight to the bench as a combo guard.

    Any lineup with a 6’1″ guy playing at sg when he’s struggled to score even against smaller pgs is a dumb idea. I liked what we were seeing from the young Pistons in the last two games after the Tey trade and before Calderon was cleared to play, but now it seems we’re taking a step backwards making some similarly boggling personel decision like we made years ago when we traded Chauncey and blew up the team. I’m not a fan of some of the personel decisions the team is making atm.

  • Feb 5, 20138:06 pm
    by DG


    Quite the moving allowance!

  • Feb 5, 20138:25 pm
    by FireFrank


    We don’t have any 6’1″ guards

  • Feb 5, 20139:50 pm
    by Mongo Slade


    We have to hope Knight can play point because he is the only point guard promised to us next year besides Stuckey.

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