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Jose Calderon cleared to play


Newly acquired guard Jose Calderon has been cleared to play in tonight’s game at New York.

He is expected to be in uniform and make his debut when the Pistons take on Knicks at Madison Square Garden (7:30 p.m.).

I’m not certain when the Pistons learned Jose Calderon would be cleared, but it might make a difference in his readiness. David Mayo of MLive:

Head coach Lawrence Frank has not decided whether to conduct a game-day shootaround but is keeping gym space on reserve in case he gets positive news before about 10 a.m. Monday.

"If I got word early in the morning that he’d get to play, what I would do is I wouldn’t necessarily bring the whole team, but I’d bring some guys over and go over some stuff," Frank said. "If there’s no word of it, we’d just have a breakfast meeting and do a walk-through in the (hotel) ballroom. So it’s just going to kind of be on stand-by.


  • Feb 4, 20132:27 pm
    by Crispus


    Ha, I’d love to be eating breakfast in that hotel and catch the sight of giant hulking men being led through pantomime basketball by a little guy in a dress shirt.

  • Feb 4, 20132:35 pm
    by bvpiston


    I have a lot of faith in Jose. We might not make the playoffs, but look for the Pistons to be playing some real ball from now on. I’m excited to see some PnR combos with our big men, they’re gonna love him.

  • Feb 4, 20132:37 pm
    by mixmasta


    Officially getting my ticket for the Jose-to-Dre flight!

  • Feb 4, 20132:53 pm
    by Georgio


    The thing I don’t like about the Calderon situation is Frank saying Stuckey will play some backup SF minutes. Against the Lakers we had all kind of mismatches, Stuckey on World Peace, Bynum on Clarke, etc.  and Jonas, who played fairly well in the first half, except for the last play of the half, not getting a minute in the second half. What happens Wed with Knight on Joe Johnson or Stuckey in the second half matched up with Gerald Wallace. It will be interesting to see defensively how the Pistons handle all the size mismatches they will be faced with going forward.

    • Feb 4, 20133:26 pm
      by Keith


      The answer “should” be starting and playing Drummond 30+ to help guard the paint, or at least being smarter and not going super small against big teams. But with our coach…. we’ll probably just get handled and nothing will change.

    • Feb 4, 20133:40 pm
      by tarsier


      A coach should worry about putting his best team on the floor. Only in extreme cases (like playing against Durant) should he bother with “mismatches”. Because those usually go both ways. PFs tend to struggle guarding SGs as much as vice versa.

      • Feb 4, 20136:09 pm
        by I HATE FRANK



        I agree completely, I get tired of hearing about the Stretch 4′s being a mismatch for Greg… As though Maxiell makes such a huge difference….

        i cant think of any other team not playing that best “+ “player extended minutes…

        Its just the idea that Frank think Maxiell gives us the best chance at winning makes me sick… 

        • Feb 4, 201310:02 pm
          by tarsier


          I don’t even think that necessarily means playing your best players (but it usually does). Find a lineup that gets the most complimentary skills on the floor and just bleeping PLAY THEM! Adjust to opponents with substitutions.

          If you have a great 5-guard lineup that can’t stop anyone but still racks up points faster than they do, who the hell cares that there isn’t a “real center”?

  • Feb 4, 20133:45 pm
    by gmehl


    About time…welcome Jose

  • Feb 4, 20133:55 pm
    by Trent


    The great thing is with our semi-settled 2nd unit there is no need to ‘ease’ him in. Chuck him in straight away and let the natural baller that he is just flourish. I CANNOT WAIT! A guy that can pass in to the post, hit open threes and just generally command the floor. It also gives us a chance to go small with Will, BK and Jose, especially against a team that will play guys like Brewer and JR at the 3.

  • Feb 4, 20134:01 pm
    by George


    This is where I feel JoeD is really failing this team.  It is like he never figured we only really had 2 legit paint presences (1 entering the season since I doubt anyone thought Drummond would be this good this fast).  We seriously need to invest in some guys who are 6’9+ to help in the paint.  It is an absolute joke.  Even a guy like M.Sprights would be great because he could play pf/c on the 2nd squad, which will help in freeing up time for Drummond.

    I refuse to give JoeD much credit for this deal because (A) he was getting rid of a bad contract who happened to be holding back your youth movement (B) various reporters basically did the heavy lifting for him floating the trade idea.  I liken the trade to us drafting guys like Monroe and Drummond…picks that were no brainers where we picked, not savvy on JoeD’s part. 

    • Feb 4, 20134:50 pm
      by apa8ren9


      Every one in the league is looking for 6’9 help that can play.  There is a talent shortage around the league.  You have to give Dumars credit for getting the picks if you give him all of the blame for everything else.  You cant have it both ways.  Well you can justify it if you want to be unfair, but I think you get my point.  You also dont have to have savvy or get a steal for every transaction you make.  As long as it progresses your team that is what you are looking to do.  Joe D gets heat and its justified but I dont think you can not give him credit when he does something right.

    • Feb 4, 20135:16 pm
      by Jon


      your point A is exactly why he should get credit for the trade. I don’t quite understand your thinking

    • Feb 4, 20137:34 pm
      by Corey


      Actually, Dumars just proved the Tayshaun resigning a good one- Tay was the key element in a trade getting back a quality point guard. So he WAS a useful asset even with that contract. So it wasn’t a “no brainer” at all. If Dumars hadn’t resigned Tayshaun, no Calderon now. I hated the Tay resigning, but it looks like it is turning out well.

  • Feb 4, 20134:33 pm
    by DasMark


    Sprights? I assume you’re talking about Mareese Speights. He did say he’s likely to opt-out of his final year and become a free agent. 

    If so, he certainly is a guy Detroit should target for the right price. Sign him, and Brandon Wright as your two bigs off the bench, Detroit would then have one of the best big rotations in the league.

    Detroit also needs to upgrade the SF position. Singler is a solid rotation player, but he isn’t a long term starter.  

  • Feb 4, 20134:37 pm
    by Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)


    Can’t wait to see Jose take the floor.  It will be an entirely new Pistons team–a much crisper, smooth and unselfish one at that.  It will be like night and day.

  • Feb 4, 20135:21 pm
    by bball4224


    Sounds like he wasn’t able to practice, hopefully he’ll still be starting though.

  • Feb 4, 20135:34 pm
    by Vic


    Pistons will be a lot better on offense, hopefully that will make up for being torched by Carmelo

  • Feb 4, 20135:37 pm
    by Brigs


    I like singler as our sf he does a lot of things well. if we can get a good SG and improved play out of our pg then he would actually be the perfect glue guy in our starting line up

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