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Jose Calderon and Brandon Knight: Pistons’ new starting backcourt

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Keith_Langlois: Pistoms not likely to have Calderon until Monday due to visa issues

Keith_Langlois: LFrank says Calderon will start as soon as he’s cleared. BK will start at 2. Stuckey likely to play some 3, Frank said.

This is the starting backcourt most of wanted, though it will create some defensive challenges. Jose Calderon is a poor defender, and Brandon Knight is undersized as a shooting guard. Every night, one or both opposing guards will have an advantage when Detroit is on defense.

Andre Drummond playing more has become even more essential, as he has the ability to protect the rim and cover for Calderon and Knight in ways Jason Maxiell can’t. As far as other changes to the starting lineup, in the actually might-happen department, I’m guessing Kyle Singler will slide from shooting guard to small forward, but I haven’t seen that confirmed.


  • Feb 1, 20133:29 pm
    by Crispus


    If we’re not careful we might win some games here.

  • Feb 1, 20133:57 pm
    by sebastian


    Jose can’t defend. He can probably only guard one starting NBA point guard at this stage of his career: Steve Nash.

    And, B. Knight is not a shooting guard. He is too damn small to be asked to guard true SGs.

    Who will be the first guard off of the bench: Stuckey or Bynum?

    For the record: I like the Calderon trade, not necessarily because of WE have acquired Jose, but because WE were able to move Tay and Daye.

    But, I have to tell you’ll, I am scared as hell of what the next move(s) are going to be. I don’t trust Joe enough to make the right decisions with the expiring contracts and/or the additional cap space come July 1.

    And, I have no faith at all in L. Frank’s ability to coach a team with four PGs, no SGs (although I think English would be great at the starting position), and no real starting SFs. Please don’t try to convince me that Singler, Jerebko, and/or Middleton are starting SF material.

    • Feb 1, 20134:26 pm
      by G


      The SF situation is a real problem, especially since Tayshaun was the only decent perimeter defender on the team. Singler or Jerebko will probably get the bulk of the minutes there, meaning we’re going to get burned by the quicker SFs in the league.

      Knight’s got a 6’7″ wingspan and his max reach vertical is equal to Singler’s (and better than Stuckey’s). I think height isn’t going to be an issue. I think the only issue defensively he’ll have is a lot of 2′s could muscle him around.

      Everybody keeps saying the Pistons are stacked with PGs. Incorrect. Knight is a SG that plays PG, Stuckey has been a SG that can’t shoot, and English is a SG.

    • Feb 1, 20134:28 pm
      by Keith


      I disagree on the SG sentiments surrounding Knight. Knight has almost the exact same measurements as OJ Mayo. Mayo isn’t a defensive stalwart himself, but he mans the SG spot every night for big minutes, and isn’t terrible. Jason Terry did the same thing (albeit with Chandler protecting the rim).
      Start Drummond, and there’s no real issue with Knight at the 2.

      • Feb 1, 20136:51 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        Uh, Mayo weighs 20 pounds more than Knight.

      • Feb 4, 20138:48 am
        by G


        Right, and Mayo’s pretty bad defensively speaking. Terry’s lighter than Knight though, and BRUTAL defensively. I could post up on Jason Terry.

        My whole point was Knight’s height shouldn’t be the issue because of his long reach and good vertical (something like 38″), but bigger guards will back him down until he adds some muscle.

  • Feb 1, 20134:00 pm
    by piston moribund


    Not likely, no D to speak of.  BK is a moderate defender, Max, if he start,s is OK, but fairly inconsistent, but lately has been awful.  Bullwinkle, Kyle, and Jose are awful.  We are going to have some exciting games, no more games in the eighties, but will not be winning any more then before, 
    Hopefully they will trade MFWB and Max, and resign Ben.  Bring him off the bench to back up Dre.
    As of now, the team should be called the new Etroit Pistons.

    • Feb 1, 20134:39 pm
      by G


      I’d like it if Ben came back. That bench unit is looking pretty weak at the C position, assuming Drummond gets the starting spot, which might be assuming a lot.

    • Feb 1, 20135:20 pm
      by Jon


      the defense will be the same if drummond starts. then everyone just has to play solid team defense and force players into drummond. also everyone saying BK won’t be able to guard the 2 but he’ll do far better than singler who was too slow to defend the 2. individual d is gonna get worse at the 1 and 3 but better at the 2 but once drummond gets starter minutes, individual d is going to be irrelevant 

  • Feb 1, 20134:07 pm
    by Georgio


    Stuckey at the 3, what are we trying for, the shortest team in the NBA? I see we play Brooklyn this week, it was rough watching Stuckey trying to guard Joe Johnson, it will be downright comical watching Knight against 6’8 Johnson. Knight was being bullied by DWill when we played them now JJ gets the honors. He’s going to have a hard time staying on the floor at the 2. Also I see no reason for Stuckey to be playing the 3 and being overmatched when we have 3 legitimate SFs on this team. This is really going to be interesting.

  • Feb 1, 20134:16 pm
    by vic


    keep in mind that having a good ballhandler is half the D you need.

    turnovers lead to horrible D, because transition buckets are semi-undefendable. Cutting the turnovers helps the defense more than you think.

    The Pistons are an ok defensive rebounding team, and Andre Drummond can protect the paint like no other. Frank is actually an ok defensive coach. Limiting turnovers from the guard spot is not the sexy way to improve a Defense, but it works just as well.

    It may seem that Jose and Knight will be bad defensively if you look at the surface, but if you check the numbers you’ll find that the whole might end up greater than the sum of the parts.

  • Feb 1, 20135:05 pm
    by Brigs


    if we are Goin with bk7 and Calderon in the backcourt then LF needs to start Drummond. There’s no way maxiel can stop the onslaught of guards that are Goin to be driving into the paint or posting up. If the plan was to start Drummond this year then nows the perfect time

  • Feb 1, 20135:10 pm
    by Mongo Slade


    I hope Knight takes opportunity to learn from Calderon and also Stuckey did pretty good against Melo when he defended him last year he is 6’5 with similar reach to Brandon Knight. I just JJ got his head straight and is prepared to play both 3 and 4.

  • Feb 1, 20135:44 pm
    by Mel


    Ben Gordon, JJ Redick, OJ Mayo, Arron Afflalo, Bradley Beal, Jordon Crawford,Wayne Ellington,Eric Gordon,Willie Green,Etwan Moore, and a few more are Shooting guards and around 6’3 to 6’4. Knight will be fine a shooting guard. As long as he mix up his attack inside out side he’ll be fine.

  • Feb 1, 20137:16 pm
    by Butterscotch


    I think we need to trade for a SF fast. Some names DeRozen or Wilson Chandler.

    • Feb 1, 201310:19 pm
      by mateo


      I wouldn’t mind a trade for Chandler. I think if we get our draft pick this year, we go for Otto Porter(SF/Wing).

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