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Jonas Jerebko a buy-low trade candidate

Kevin Pelton of ESPN listed a few buy-low trade targets, including Jonas Jerebko:

Jerebko has been the odd man out of the Pistons’ frontcourt rotation with Charlie Villanueva playing well. He saw just six minutes of action during a span of more than two months before the Tayshaun Prince trade created a spot for him. Jerebko is still playing out of position at small forward — Detroit has been more effective with him at power forward throughout his career — and behind rookie Kyle Singler on the depth chart.

A team in need of a face-up 4 (like, say, the Los Angeles Lakers) ought to inquire about whether Jerebko could be had for expiring contracts and future draft picks. Jerebko is 25 and has a solid track record as a rotation player, and his poor shooting thus far looks like little more than a fluke.

I wouldn’t hate if the Pistons traded Jerebko – his $4.5 million per year contract makes it difficult for his production to exceed his salary – but I wouldn’t rush to trade him, either.

Jerebko can be a better small forward, where he can use his athleticism to make a difference rather than merely holding his own at power forward. Per 82Games, Jerebko has a better PER difference at small forward than power forward this year and last, but he’s played more power forward than small forward.

There’s no doubt Jerebko has played poorly this season, and I’m OK with Lawrence Frank cutting his minutes. But Jerebko has been very productive in past seasons, and that shouldn’t be totally forgotten. The Pistons would probably be better off continuing to play Jerebko at small forward than trading him now that has value is at its lowest.


  • Feb 13, 201310:37 am
    by Crispus


    If JJ goes, Middleton will have to grow up fast.

    That said, JJ for Royce White and a 2nd round pick!

    • Feb 13, 20136:11 pm
      by Vince


      I really hope you’re joking. Thats a terrible trade.

  • Feb 13, 201310:59 am
    by MrCarter


    I would try to trade Jerebko to Denver for Timofey Mozgov. Denver gets a good backup forward for Faried and we get a backup center with an expiring contract. Just a thought.

  • Feb 13, 201311:11 am
    by ryan


    I’d rather not trade JJ right now. He’s played well in the past and should be able to turn it around. I like the fact that he can play the four or the three off the bench and I believe in a more stable setting he’ll do well in a reserve role.

    I think he should be part of the rotation going forward. Joe Dumars needs to take away Lawrence Frank’s security blankets (Jason Maxiell and Charlie Villanueva) so that he’s forced to play Jerebko,  Khris Middleton and Slava Kravtsov.

  • Feb 13, 201311:34 am
    by Scott Free


    I dont think the wildly inconsistant performances of over a half dozen Pistons are a coincidence.  Either Dumars intentionally targets streaky players, or theres something about the method by which they’re playing that lends to it.

    Honestly, I’m not sure that we can effectively evaluate guys like Jerebko, Knight, and Stuckey until they get moved to another team.

    • Feb 13, 201311:39 am
      by DasMark


      You make a good point. Austin Daye has lit it up in Memphis. He credited coach Hollins for his scoring surge, because he let him stay on the floor for more than a couple minutes at a time. 

      I don’t see Detroit making another trade. I want them to, but I don’t see them really making another big play like they did for Calderon.  

  • Feb 13, 201312:52 pm
    by Kamal


    Jerebko played well BEFORE his Achilles rupture. Since then, he’s been too slow to be effective. He’s too small to defend the four. Too slow to defend the three. And is shot isn’t good enough to be a Matt Bonner type stretch 4. To me, he’s just a hustle player with no particular skill. I don’t see all of the hype about keeping him. At least Daye could shoot. How many contenders have players like Jerebko? Their hustle/role  players are either lock down defenders, spot up shooters, or rebounding machines. Jerebko is neither.

  • Feb 13, 20131:55 pm
    by frankie d


    JJ hasn’t really played much SF since his injury and, imho, it is unfair to judge him on the extremely limited time he’s spent at the position since he came back from his injury.
    since he’s been back, the SF position has been manned by tay, almost exclusively, with damien wilkins, daye and maggette and stuckey and singler scrambling over the 15 minutes or so that tay hadn’t gobbled up.
    his PT last year and this year has been almost all at PF.
    the ESPN writer obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about, however.  anyone who’s seen JJ play knows full well that he is a much better player, and the team performs better, when he is at SF.  the curious issue is why dumars and frank have not realized that and attempted to prioritize getting him regular PT at the position.
    this is what i’ve seen from JJ…
    his rookie year, when he was able to play lots of  SF , because of tay’s injury, he played his best basketball.  when he came back from injury, he struggled because of a combination of recovering from his injury and being stuck and miscast as a PF, exclusively.
    this year, he appeared to be physically recovered, fully, and seemed to be on his way back to his rookie year productivity, but then he ran into thomas robinson’s elbow.  
    you can track his problems from that point.  he started the season playing like the old JJ, got whacked upside the head and that led to a funk the led him into frank’s deep, dark doghouse.
    i don’t know if there were lingering physical or mental issues, resulting from that knock on his head, but it is shortsighted to act as though that incident had no impact on his play.
    he now looks to be over whatever complications arose as a result of that incident.  however, it looks as though frank, for whatever reason has lost confidence in him.
    that is problematic, as frank appears to be the kind of coach who makes a hard judgment about a player and it becomes difficult for him to move away from that judgment.  hence, the deep doghouse that even opposing teams’ announcers have commented on.
    this is one fan who hopes that JJ stays here and is given a shot at redemption.  every team needs a guy like him.
    how many contenders have guys like JJ?
    what a question!  in the city where dennis rodman came out of nowhere.
    also, look at a guy like faried.  i’d bet that frank would struggle to find a way to use a guy like faried, whose skillset is very similar to JJ’s.  and rodman’s.

  • Feb 13, 20134:40 pm


    i said this like a week ago when people argued that not one on the roster was more productive than Prince at SF…foolishness….

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