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How concerned should we be with the Pistons’ worst free-throw shooter?

Quick, name the Piston’ worst free-throw shooter this season.

If you said Andre Drummond, you’re wrong.

Charlie Villanueva (32 percent) is actually shooting worse from the line than Drummond (37 percent).

Drummond’s struggles were expected – though he’s showing modest improvement after shooting under 30 percent at Connecticut – but this is pretty surprising for Villanueva, still a 78 percent career free-throw shooter.

The Cavaliers even intentionally fouled Villanueva during their comeback attempt Friday. He made 3-of-8 to actually raise his free-throw percentage. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Villanueva just shook his head Saturday when asked about it.

"Wow, that’s disrespectful by Byron Scott," Villanueva said jokingly. "By the numbers, good move.

Why are Villanueva’s numbers so poor? Villanueva, apparently a data cruncher, explains a big reason, via Ellis:

I haven’t gotten (many) attempts.

Yes, small sample size is a key factor, and there’s plenty of time for Villanueva to revert to his career norm. But this downturn is a bit concerning.

This is Villanueva’s worst-ever 25-attempt stretch from the free-throw line. His previous worst came during the first 25 free-throw attempts of his career, when he made just 11. In fact, he hasn’t had a stretch worse than 17-for-25 since joining the Pistons.

I’m still attributing this mostly to sample size, but considering it’s unprecedented for Villanueva, there’s at least a decent chance these numbers have some meaning.


  • Feb 5, 201311:04 am
    by Michelob Mike


    It’s all about sample size and his role on the team. He goes games without even attempting a free throw and all he’s done this season is hoist threes at will. Not even worth thinking about.

  • Feb 5, 201311:23 am
    by DasMark


    Nobody should be concerned about Charlie’s free throw shooting. 

    If the Pistons need Charlie to hit free throws to win games, they have larger problems to deal with (and they do!).  

  • Feb 5, 201312:21 pm
    by Crispus


    Charlie should just take his free throws from the 3-pt line where he’s obviously more comfortable.

  • Feb 5, 20131:43 pm
    by Scott Free


    I’m more concerned with Drummond’s free throw shooting.  Clearly sending him to the line is preferable to a dunk, and until he can pick up that stat-line, he’s going to be out of the game in the clutch.  

    That said, intentionally fouling away from the ball, or turning every close game into a free throw shooting contest between both teams worst freethrow shooters, is a g-d disgrace to this sport and the league should have put an end to it years ago.  

  • Feb 5, 20133:43 pm


    im worried because when you are in the play-offs you have to make your FTs it can cost you a series…

  • Feb 5, 20134:37 pm
    by danny


    why worry he will be gone soon and will not be with the team when we mature.  plus how many times has he gone to the line?  It’s hard to believe he has been there at all.  Camping out on the perimeter and jacking threes dont really draw fouls, do they?

  • Feb 5, 20136:45 pm
    by jakegibbs19


    Bet everyone read the article expected it to be expressing dismay over Andre Drummond’s shooting.  Instead it’s a CV ruse. 

    Drummond is 5 for 28 from the free-throw line since Jan. 22nd.  That is beyond terrible and it’s hurting the Pistons.


  • Feb 5, 20138:04 pm
    by domnick


    i’d rather be concerned with our backcourt players… inconsistent ones like stuckey, knight are not lifting up their game…

  • Feb 5, 20138:17 pm
    by Anthony


    I know this is a bit off topic but there was a rumor that Marshon Brooks was being shopped by the nets. I love Brooks game and I think he could be a good piece to this team. What do you guys think about this trade?


    Now I know that trade may be a long shot unless Brooklyn was looking to shed some money so if that trade fails then I would also like this one:


    What do you guys think?   


  • Feb 6, 20138:51 am
    by gmehl


    Don’t worry guys i’ve solved the problem and have found CV and Drummond a new shooting coach…


  • Feb 6, 201312:02 pm
    by apa8ren9


    We should not concern ourselves with Charlie V’s free throw shooting at all.

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