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Greg Monroe irritated with Lawrence Frank after early benching

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Greg Monroe had one of the worst games of his career with five points and four rebounds in 22 minutes, bothered by the Pacers’ defense but more irritated with Frank after he was pulled early in the third, after failing to rotate defensively on a pick and roll leading to a dunk by West.

Winning cures all ills, and losing aggravates small problems. The Pistons lost by 32 last night, and that certainly played into Greg Monroe’s frustration. How much did the issue also stem from Monroe having a legitimate problem with Lawrence Frank? If the Pistons keep losing, it might not matter. More losing means all problems, significant or insignificant, take higher priority.

The simplest, and perhaps only, way to stop these types of incidents is to win.


  • Feb 23, 201312:12 pm
    by Javell


    Frank is a retard… Greg is our future….he needs to let players play through problems….even andre and bk7

  • Feb 23, 201312:17 pm
    by PistonFanSinceDay1


    Frank needs to be fired!..The only players that need to return next season are Bullwinkle, Drummond, Knight, Middleton, and Slava…The rest are bums and need to be traded or allowed to walk…

    • Feb 23, 201312:29 pm
      by J in FLA


      No Singler or English?  Singler deserves a spot on the future Pistons WAAAAAY before Middleton does…..
      Whether or not Frank will be fired will depend on the offseason……..Everyone needs to give it a rest!  Even the best coaches of all time had spats with their star players.

      • Feb 23, 201312:56 pm
        by Clint in Flint


        Please don’t compare Frank with the best coaches, he’s miles from being one. Look at his stats. How can you attract  good players to play for you when your coach can’t win half his games? Joe D has a lot of talent but picking coaches lately sure hasn’t been his strong suit.

        • Feb 23, 20133:26 pm
          by J in FLA


          My point was not to compare Frank to one of the best coaches, only to simply say that a frustrated player is not indicative of a poor coach.

          • Feb 23, 20133:59 pm
            by T Casey

            Good point and I’m not a Frank fan at all. If Moose was playing poorly and missing defensive assignments do to a lack of effort, I have no problem with him being benched. Even a poor coach has to try and instill some sense of accountablility in his players.

    • Feb 23, 20133:33 pm
      by tarsier


      Why Middleton?

  • Feb 23, 201312:59 pm
    by Sean


    i’m sorry but Monroe has enough experience now that he should know the rotations.  Criticise Frank all you want but if you dont do what the coach asks you should get yanked. Go ask Washington or Sacramento fans what it’s like when the entire organisation coddles its star players.  Either do your job or the coach will find someone else who will, that’s how you build a winng culture/franchise. 

    • Feb 23, 20131:48 pm
      by frankie d


      “Either do your job or the coach will find someone else who will, that’s how you build a winng culture/franchise.”
      and frank’s failure to do exactly that is why he’s utter failed at establishing any semblance of a winning culture after almost 2 seasons.
      players aren’t dumb.
      they see the coach playing his little pets even though they fail repeatedly to do their jobs.
      they saw tay trotted out  game after game, 34 minutes a game, regardless of how much he loafed on the court.  did he “do his job…” because he’d grade out well enough because he understood where he was supposed to be on the court, even if he didn’t stop anyone?   was he really doing his job well enough to help the team win? i dont think so.
      they saw damien wilkins trotted out last year, game after game, even though he had to rank as one of the league’s worst rotation players.  did wilkins do his job because, as a vet, he knew what he had to do to grade out well when the coach looked at video, even if he couldn’t stop anyone?  i don’t think so. 
      one of the biggest problems this organization has had the last few years has been this weird sense of satisfaction with mediocrity or less, a complacency, that allows guys like tay and maxiell and wilkins and others to keep going out, getting minutes, even when they are obviously not doing their jobs.
      instead of combing the bench, fostering real competition and letting hungry young guys get on the court and get the most minutes, frank has established a culture where his pets – usually vets – get their roles and minutes granted as though it was their birthright and young guys have to sit and watch and hope that one of those pets gets injured.  when you look at detroit’s recent history – other than high lottery picks and stuckey – that has been the only way that young guys have been able to bust through this weird hierarchy that has been established and maintained.
      if you are going to conference finals every year, an organization might justify that approach.
      when you are in the lottery every year after missing the playoffs for 4 years, it is a stupendously stupid approach and reflects pure coaching incompetence. 
      now, i see nothing wrong with frank benching monroe in the way he did.  it might put a burr under his saddle and make him use more energy on the defensive end.  there really is no reason that monroe should be as bad a defensive player as he is.  it has to be pure laziness and sloth.  but frank has no real credibility on this issue, as he only treats young players with such strictness and his tendency to coddle vets and let them run the ship – for whatever reason – has caused huge problems. 

  • Feb 23, 20131:32 pm
    by Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)


    Fully agree w/ Detroit on this one.  Giving up a first round pick which will more than likely be in the top five is too much for a player like JJ Reddick.  That deal would end up biting them on the behind in the end.  

    • Feb 23, 20133:38 pm
      by tarsier


      It is definitely not “more than likely” that the Pistons’ pick will be in the top 5. Even if Detroit somehow wound up with the 5th worst record, which would be tough to do at this point, the odds of a top 5 pick would still only be 55.3%.

  • Feb 23, 20131:54 pm
    by Baxter


    Monroe is our future but he still needs to be held accountable. Letting him play through things like that creates bad habits.

  • Feb 23, 20132:15 pm
    by deusXango


    I fully agree with frankie d…the culture that’s been established by Lil’ Larry is one that creates descent more than fostering harmony. Even without the benching of Monroe, the coach needs to go.

  • Feb 23, 20132:53 pm
    by Delray313


    Moose has been on a roll with rebounding and scoring let him play through his funk. And now it looks like Kravtsov should have been playing months ago.

  • Feb 23, 20133:18 pm
    by Tristan


    LOL at the “Monroe is our future” people.  If he’s our future and he’s playing like garbage, the future may be bleak.  Sounds like Frank was right to bench him.  Coddle him now, and the Pistons will pay for it later.

  • Feb 23, 20133:32 pm
    by picknroll


    I wish Monroe would use some of that attitude he showed against Frank towards the other team!  I think Monroe has heard the rumors of possibly being a ‘max’ player and feels he is above coaching!  Folks, we have a long way to go to even think about playoffs as our effort and attitude seem to be slipping!  Greg Monroe needs to get MUCH better defensively and even offensively before his name and ‘max contact’ should be in the same sentence!!  The only thing consistent about Greg is his loud ‘and 1″ when he thinks he is fouled!

  • Feb 23, 20134:15 pm
    by Visions


    frankie d… your perception is great…and the TRUTH…

  • Feb 23, 20134:29 pm
    by Visions


     Frank is a very limited coach in seeing the whole picture. He is rigid, closed minded, inflexible and set in a pattern, even when losing there is no awakening. He can’t see the long range potential of this team. He refuses to or is unware of empowering his player. How can a young team grow if they are not empowered.The Pistons will continue to regress unless Frank’s change his limited rigid mind set, or find a more competent coach. He’s not capable or conscious for pregnanting personal development in a organization which needs a major tune-up.

  • Feb 24, 20135:52 am
    by Franks Must Go


    I have said it more times than I care to remember, but Franks must go. But I also have been saying that Greg Monroe is not the answer at the four, and Drummond is the only Franchise player on the team and he plays at the five. Monroe will not beat out Drummond at the five. We need to start building the team around Drummond. That may mean trading Greg Monroe now that his stock is high and get players that fit Drummond style of play… He need to be on the four playing next to a stretch four who can defend and redound in the paint. I like Earl Clark or Perry Jones in that role over Monroe. They both shoot well enough to make defenses pay for some of those wide open looks the team get from Drummond commanding so much attention off his pick and rolls. I even like Josh Smith in that role over Monroe. Monroe is a very poor scorer when you consider that he averages under 50% from the field and all his shots come from within 10 feet of the rim. He misses some many “easy” uncontested shots at the rim it’s really pathetic. He is one of the worst defending 6-11 post players I have ever witness play. I am sick at watching his half hearted attempts at blocking a shot. Well not really attempts. more like he is playing chicken with the offensive players and not scaring anyone with his yells. The guy can play and have a role in this league. But he need to be the fourth option on a very good defensive team that plays to his style of play(whatever that is). Trade Monroe to OKC for Perry Jones and Jeremy Lamb. Trade Charlie V expiring salary to the Lakers in a sign and trade for Clark. Draft Victor Olapido(shooting guard from Indiana) . Sign Josh Smith and Start him next to Drummond until Perry Jones develop into the the 6-11 star player I know he will be. I am also very high on Jeremy Lamb developing into an all star player. What we would have left is a deep, young, quick and athletic team that runs the floor well, defend well on the perimeter(Olapido, Singler, Middleton, Knight) and in the paint(Drummond, Clark, Jones, Smith), and shoot lights out from the outside(Clark, Jones, Singler, Smith, Lamb, Knight)  as well as attack the rim well(Knight, Olapido, Middleton). Anyone not mentioned other than Slava and Calderon should not be on the team. 

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