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Greg Monroe believes he shouldn’t be an All-Star, is correct

Josh Katzenstein of The Detroit News:

Monroe watches every event, especially the Slam Dunk Contest, and said he isn’t frustrated that he won’t be representing the Eastern Conference in the All-Star Game Sunday night.

"To say that would mean I believe there are people in the game that don’t deserve it," he said Wednesday. "And there’s probably a couple more that’s not in the game that’s more worthy than I am."

Monroe, after a slow start, has rebounded into having a nice season. But he’s not at an All-Star level, and it’s refreshing to hear him admit that rather than whining about a perceived slight.

I wouldn’t pick Monroe ahead of any All-Star big man, and other bigs who didn’t make it – David West and Al Horford – are also more deserving. Monroe could pass some of those players in the coming years, though, and that excites me.


  • Feb 14, 201311:37 am
    by ryan


    This just increased the respect I have for Greg Monroe. He’s playing well and now it even seems like he’s improving but he doesn’t deserve to be an all-star and he’s self-aware and honest enough to say as much. That’s pretty cool.

  • Feb 14, 201311:40 am
    by Scott Free


    I like how aggressive he’s looked taking the ball to the basket lately.  Sure he seems a little rushed or off balance, and tends to miss looks in traffic, but I think finishing strong is going to be something well within his range of improvements.

  • Feb 14, 201312:16 pm
    by piston moribund


    Maybe if he can protect the ball a bit better, recognize the double when it comes, play defense a bit better….etc.  still a long ways to go.  Too unathletic to have much of a ceiling in those departments.  Hello Divac 2.0.

    • Feb 14, 20132:05 pm
      by Sloppy Joe


      Tell Zach Randolph that being “too unathletic” prevents you from being a star.

      • Feb 14, 20132:47 pm
        by Otis


        Yeah, it’s not just about athleticism. Randolph is an absolute beast in the low post. If Monroe works on being more aggressive, demanding the ball more, develops some strong post moves (and these are all big IFs) he could be an All-Star. I’m not necessarily betting on it ever happening, since Drummond is probably going to be the MUCH better player by this time next season… But yeah his lack of athleticism is holding him back. If he had strong handles, more explosiveness, he’d be one of the best big men there is.

    • Feb 14, 20133:58 pm
      by Scott Free


      What does athleticism have to do with protecting the ball and recognizing a double?  That seems to be a court vision/basketball IQ issue, which normally improves with time.

  • Feb 14, 201312:31 pm
    by mixmasta


    We can complain about what Moose’s weaknesses. But I’d rather have that than a talented drama queen or having talents that you don’t maximize.
    Moose just increased my respect too. He is humble and hardworking. I am good with that since we have Andre to fill the void Moose possess.

    • Feb 14, 201312:45 pm
      by ryan


      I’d much rather have him than a more talented drama queen.

      And if he’s Vlade Divace 2.0 that’s pretty damn good. Vlade Divac could play some ball.

  • Feb 14, 201312:55 pm
    by Crispus


    Well, at least he has the right attitude. He really needs to go to defense camp this offseason and defend the pick and roll until those reflexes are sharp.

  • Feb 14, 20131:57 pm
    by RobG


    I would really like to see him pattern more of his game around Marc Gasol.  Gasol was never a huge prospect because he lacked the athletic ability that his brother has, but he has turned himself into one of the top 3 centers in the game.  Like Gasol, Monroe is a good passed and heady player, but he will need to learn the footwork and awareness that make Gasol so good.

  • Feb 14, 20132:55 pm
    by Otis


    This doesn’t surprise me. I think the guy has a good head on his shoulders. And I’m glad the authors at this blog recognize this too. There’s too much talk in this town about Monroe being an All-Star, just because he’s the best thing we’ve had in this town since Joe went nuts and f*ked the whole thing up LMAO! He’s just fine the way he is and doesn’t need to be an All-Star. Not like he was #1 in the draft or nothin’. He panned out as well as we could ever have hoped, we were lucky to get him, and if he works on the holes in his game he could maybe be an All-Star and help this team win more than 1/3 of their games.

  • Feb 14, 20137:09 pm
    by Kamal


    Too many nitpick about Monroe’s game while at the same time raving about Drummond. I don’t get it. Monroe is head and shoulders more advanced than Drummond yet people act like its the opposite. Drummond needs to develop a hell of a lot more and I’m not sure if Roy Rogers is the guy to do it. Drummond could easily go the way of Javelle McGee. Monroe is already way better than McGee.

    • Feb 15, 201310:21 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      I agree with you that Drummond needs to develop, but what fans see in him is his ceiling being much higher than Monroe’s because of his freakish athleticism.

      The one thing people have to remember about Monroe is that he is still very young and for the most part the only real player on the team.  Once they finally have him playing next to Drummond and one or two other decent players, I think that it will help out his total game.  With Drummond taking on the other centers, Monroe will have a much easier time defending the other teams forwards.

    • Feb 18, 20131:25 pm
      by T Casey


      @Kamal, Monroe’s in his 3rd year. Expectations are hgiher for him in terms of his development. The same goes for Knight in his second year. With Drummond, people are excited that he’s been such a game changer as a rookie. Now if he’s still struggling to make free throws and be effective on offense/in the post, you’ll see more criticism about him.

  • Feb 15, 20139:52 am
    by Jeremy


    Have to ask: Do you think Monroe will be one of the next NBA players to seek out the low-post prowess that Hakeem the Dream seems to be handing out to guys these days? I personally would love to hear that Monroe (as sort of a throw-back big) was working out with Hakeem and/or Kareem.
    I can see it now (Wayne’s World dream sequence…doodo do doodo do): Monroe calls for the ball, goes into a Dream Shake and hits a shot from the wing. Next sequence down he Dream Shakes into a position across the paint and hits them with a Sky Hook.

    • Feb 15, 20133:21 pm
      by tarsier


      That’s it. All we need for Detroit to return to contention is for Monroe to become Hakareem Olajul-Jabbar.

    • Feb 18, 20131:27 pm
      by T Casey


      I’d love to see both Monroe and Drummond work out with Hakeem. Even working with McHale, who’s post moves are underrated, would be great. I think Monroe’s going to end up more like McHale than Olojuwon playstyle wise anyway.

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