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Grant Hill would have followed Kobe Bryant to Pistons if trade completed?

If the Pistons’ trade for Kobe Bryant had been completed in 2007, Detroit would have been left without a proven small forward. Apparently, the Pistons had a plan, though. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Another league source said former Piston Grant Hill, who was a free agent that summer as a member of the Orlando Magic, would’ve likely returned to the Pistons to fill Prince’s void at small forward.

Hill was no longer the MVP-candidate-level player he was with the Pistons, but he could still play. Moves like these definitely would have kept the Pistons’ window to contend open longer.


  • Feb 20, 20131:56 pm
    by tGill


    how about this move dumars?
    Or is Gordon to big of a risk but I thrust Arnie Kander! 

  • Feb 20, 20132:19 pm


    Ok all these woulda, coulda,shoulda blogs…

    DO NOT! make me feel better as a fan, it just further supports what most fans believe …. that no superstar wants to come to Detroit willingly ….

    Its almost heartbreaking…

    I remember when we went after Mutombo many years ago and he end up with the Hawks…
    Grant Hill at the peak of his stardom, left Detroit
    Now you telling us Kobe…
    Next thing they’ll come out and tell us, we were going to draft Melo but sources said “he’d refuse to play in Detroit”

    • Feb 20, 20132:33 pm
      by Huddy


      I think the new CBA is going to have an effect on this.  Obviously the Lakers of the world will pay top dollar and top luxury tax but players will find fewer and fewer place to get max contracts and be able to compete.  It is disheartening to think about not having opportunities to get a Chris Paul in free agency, but there is a lot of talent out there and our most recent championship team was not full of top level all stars.  I enjoy watching the pistons put together pieces that work together and surprise people like Kobe’s Lakers in 5 games.  I hope we can get back to that type of basketball and compete.  I think these potential scenarios speak to the difficulty of the Piston’s management’s job and puts into perspective the reality of who we should be pursuing.  Detroit isn’t glamorous, but we have a strong history in the NBA, one of the most respected trainers in the league in Kander (great for players looking for a team to battle back from injury), and some intriguing young players. So I guess ultimately I would love an all star but think we have hope regardless.

    • Feb 20, 20134:58 pm
      by sebastian


      I HATE FRANK has taken the words right out of my mouth. Enough with all this fiction from 6 years ago!

  • Feb 20, 20134:38 pm
    by DasMark


    Winding down on another failure of a season, Detroit tries to stoke the adoration of their dwindling fan base by playing fantasy basketball? 

    That team never existed. Never will. 

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