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Corey Maggette: No buyout for me

WASHINGTON – When I asked Corey Maggette about the possibility of accepting a buyout, the future general manager feigned ignorance.

“Buyout?” Maggette said. “For what?”

I explained that, perhaps, he’d want to join a playoff team.

“No, not this year,” Maggette said. “I love my teammates. We’ve got a lot of young guys and a great opportunity for me to help this year. I’ll have an opportunity to see what happens next season. We’ve got two months left. Like I said, we’ve got some things we can improve on, and I help with. So, I never thought about it.”

If Maggette wanted a buyout, I wouldn’t blame him. He hasn’t played in the last 34 games, as the Pistons have clearly shown a willingness to roll with their younger players.

If he accepted a buyout for his salary minus the league minimum and signed with a winning team, he wouldn’t lose any money, and he’d have a chance at a championship. The Pistons could use his roster spot to an audition a D-Leaguer(s) the rest of the season. It would be a win-win.

But if Maggette wants to stay with the Pistons – whether or not it’s because he has not options to sign elsewhere – that’s his prerogative and good for him for choosing to make the best of these next two months.


  • Feb 28, 20131:02 pm
    by G


    He’s not getting any PT on the Pistons, a lottery-bound team. What playoff team would give him any burn?

    I’m not being rhetorical by the way, I’m genuinely curious. 

    • Feb 28, 20134:41 pm
      by CNA5


      Maybe for depth on a team that struggles with bench scoring and/or suffered a major injury to the bench.  It’s a long shot, though. 
      Indiana or Chicago might kick the tires if he were cut loose as a plan C.  I think Indiana’s best hope is Granger getting healthy and rounding into form.  And, I think Chicago’s best hope is that Rose gets cleared to play and maybe gets 5-10 games in before the playoffs. 

  • Feb 28, 20132:32 pm
    by Ryank


    Maggette is not thinking about his playing career anymore.  Right now he’s focused on a career after being a player.  All year long he’s been using every available media moment to announce he wants to be a leader, not just a player.  Everything us focused on getting it out there that he has value other than being a player.  
    I think Maggette knows he can’t play anymore.  He didn’t attack the rim this season like earlier in his career, which probably means his body isn’t up to it anymore. 
    He’d probably like to land a job with the Pistons’ front office.  I like Joe D, but anyone who looks at him now can see he is not in good health.  Morbid obesity…I hope it doesn’t take him out before his time.  In other words, there might be an opening in the front office at the Palace in the not too distant future.

  • Feb 28, 20135:11 pm
    by Trent


    Don’t underestimate the work that Corey is doing with our young team. He is practicing hard, being professional and teaching our kids about this league. It what we need. OK so on court hasn’t (and hopefully wont) but having a matured body and mind guy is helping where we need it.

    Without CMag the full weight of vet leadership falls on Jose, a guy still new to our team. Will, Max, CV, Stuck and JJ don’t show any kind of leadership anywhere within our organisation. They are all ‘I’ guys. We need to relish having a guy that is a proven pro that is willing to sacrifice himself (although 10m does make it a little easier) to teach others and add something to our lockeroom.

  • Mar 1, 20133:09 am
    by Venice


    I saw the video of Miami Heat doing the Harlem Shake. I hope the Pistons create one. It would be Hilarious AD1 and Monroe doing it.

  • Mar 1, 201311:52 am
    by Diab


    The Pistons do not need his roster spot as they already have an open spot on their roster. The Pistons have no incentive in signing another player (especially a D-Leaguer) because it takes them closer to the luxury tax, which is a lot for a team that has almost no shot at making the playoffs.

    • Mar 1, 20133:25 pm
      by oats


      Actually, if Maggette was bought out at his current deal minus the value of a minimum contract, then the team would have a minimum contract to hand out to a D League player without raising their tax profile at all.

  • Jul 2, 20131:42 am
    by daniel skeens


    pistons will make playoff push if they able to sign to really good players

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