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Charlie Villanueva talks to Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye nearly every day

Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

Villanueva said he talked to Prince and Daye just about every day.

"They are checking up on us and we are checking up on them," Villanueva said. "And it is a special bond. Those are two terrific guys. They are in a different situation and are making the most out of it."

Charlie Villanueva’s friendship with Austin Daye was well-established, but I never realize Villanueva and Prince were that close.


  • Feb 12, 20134:23 pm
    by Tyrone


    The player bond is unbreakable and its good to hear that CV, Prince, and Daye are all checking up on each other.  Like I said, Thank you Tay for all the years and hard work I wish you nothing but the best in Memphis, Daye I hope you step up and earn your keep in Memphis and CV31 will finish this season strong.

     Next season CV31 will not opt out and he will have his best professional season with a much improved team and talented players around him.  We have talent at PG and C covered, in the off season we will be able to bring in a SG, SF or PF and the team will improve very quickly.  Just like when Billups, Hamilton, Prince, Wallace & Wallace… Go Pistons!!!

    • Feb 12, 20138:44 pm
      by tarsier


      He will not opt out. But he should be amnestied.

      • Feb 13, 201312:43 am
        by rick


        Give me an explanation why he should be amnestied. Seriously I’m tired of people talking like they know exactly how the salary cap works and how Gores is suppose to use his money. I aint mad at you for your opinion, but tell me where will we get another big who can shoot like that and then maybe I wouldnt have such an issue. Your statement is sorta a blanket one. With Daye being gone that makes Charlie valuable. Jerebko should go and I like him, but he is what he is. So before we go hating on Charlie V, and lets look at the entire roster as whole and stop looking at contracts.

        • Feb 13, 20135:46 am
          by Vince


          Josh McRoberts, Rashard Lewis, Ryan Anderson, Channing Frye, Rasheed Wallace, Matt Bonner, Marcus Morris, Marvin Williams, heck even Byron Mullens. Pretty sure Detroit could offer them a contract the quarter of CV’s and get them to come play for us – except Anderson.

          A quick look at ESPN tells me that Anderson, Frye, Bonner and Morris all shoot better from 3 than Charlie. Wallace, Williams and Mullens are alright from long range but the rebound more and can do more things than just score. If anyone’s argument here is flawed its yours.

          Sure, with Tay and Austin gone we need some three-point threats, but realistically, there are better players out there than Villanueva who are paid far less and whom we could attract with a MLE. Not to mention most can actually play D and rebound. If Villanueva actually consistently plays well and contributes to this team then I don’t mind him sticking around for another year, unfortunately up until today he’s proven the contrary. If we amnesty him this offseason we could use the cash he frees up to pursue McBob, Sheed, Lewis, Mullens or Marvin Williams to replace him.

        • Feb 13, 201310:18 am
          by tarsier


          He is having one decent season. But even in this, his best season in Detroit, he is not worth close to the $8.6M he will earn next season. For that cap hit, Detroit could have a much better player, whether a big with three point range or not.

          Obviously, I can’t tell Gores how to spend his money. And amnestying CV in order to spend on someone else will certainly hurt his wallet. But if he’s not willing to spend what it takes to make the team good, he shouldn’t have bought the team. If he’s just looking to invest money for a solid return, there are better investments out there. 

  • Feb 13, 20137:01 am
    by Derek


    Rashard Lewis is at a point in his career where he needs to stick to front runners.  He can’t help a developing team.  The workload would be too heavy for him.  Josh McRoberts is an energy dude, but not much of an upgrade for us.  Channing Frye is out with SIGNIFICANT health issues (enlarged heart). 

    Marvin Williams is a bust.  He is not a difference maker.  Matt Bonner will stay with San Antonio until he retires.  Byron Mullens shows some offensive potential (hops, touch, post moves, range)…he would be a good addition.  Ryan Anderson is GOOD.  He’s real GOOD.  If Anthony Davis was stronger, Anderson would probably start.  He would be an EXCELLENT addition to the team.  Marcus Morris is undersized but offensively talented.  Sheed is probably going to try to return this season and call it a career.  His foot issues seem to be too serious.  The only reason why he’s pressing on now is because he has tremendous respect for Coach Woodson.

    • Feb 13, 20137:07 am
      by Vince


      Fair enough. I would rather have McRoberts on the team than Villanueva though. Agreed on everyone else, the only ones I could see Detroit prying away from their teams are McRoberts and Mullens. We could probably get Anderson in a trade, but at what cost? Ditto with Morris, but I’m sure their teams would ask for a lot in return.

      • Feb 13, 201310:55 am
        by Jeremy


        I haven’t commented on things all that often this season but have been a consistent reader. I wanted to weigh on this Charlie Vanillawafer (CV31) issue. First, I’m not going to lie, I was excited when Gordon and CV were brought in – only to have that excitement diminish as their performance wasn’t what our expectations thought it would be. After reading all the comments, I went back to the 4 letter network’s website to look up some numbers. In his final season with the Bucks, CV31 averaged 16.7 pts on an average of 6 for 14 shooting and 6.7 rebounds in an average of 27 minutes per game. Since signing with Detroit, his average shot attempts per game have diminished to nearly half of what they were prior to signing (7 attempts each of the last 2 seasons) and his average shots made have also diminished to half of what they were (nearly 3 shots made each of the last 2 seasons). This is obviously most likely the result of him playing 10+ less minutes each of the last 2 seasons and as many as 5 less minutes in his first 2 seasons here. The guy is scoring just as efficiently as he always has, he just isn’t putting up the number of shots he did in the past.
        Now looking at Gordon, in his final year with the Bulls he averaged nearly 21 pts on an average 7 shots made and an average 16 shots attempted per game. He averaged nearly 37 minutes per game that season. In his 3 seasons with Detroit he averaged 26 – 27 minutes per game, nearly 10 minutes less than in the season prior to coming here. He also saw his shot attempts diminished (high of 11 per in 09 – 10; low of 9 in 10 – 11) but made on an average of 4 shots each of those 3 seasons. He also scored just as efficiently as he did prior to coming to Detroit.
        I guess the fact of that matter is basketball is a game where the amount of minutes you play affects the number of opportunities you have to put shots up, drop dimes, rebound the ball, etc. Both of those guys did things just as efficiently as they ever did, however, their statistics that count towards the outcome of a game (points scored, rebounds, steals, etc.) were inherently cut in half because they had less time per game to be put in situations that would allow them to put up 14 shots and make 7 of them. This is primarily due to the situation on the team at that point in time (Detroit being guard heavy when Gordon signed and Rip demanding most of the minutes). The counter-argument to this is that their performance affected the amount of minutes they were given (if they played better they would get more minutes), but the actual numbers don’t show a drop in performance, just a drop in overall production due to not having the time to put up the number of shot attempts that they put up elsewhere in more minutes that made them attractive free agents to begin with. 
        What needs to be asked is this: would the masses opinion of the BG and CV31 signings be different if both of those guys were starters and played starter minutes? The numbers are there for the history books and their production in starter or near starter minutes show that they more than likely would have been 20 pts (BG) and 17 pts (CV31) per game guys. They were paid starter contracts, why didn’t they play starter minutes? You can’t tell me that their performance in practice affected it. Remember that in 09-10 Jonas was a rookie and came on when he was thrown in to start for Tay when he went down with that back injury. When Tay came back Jonas was moved to the starting 4 spot. You can’t tell me that Jonas’s 12 pts per in 27 minutes, Maxiell’s 7 pts per in 20 minutes, or Wilcox’s 4.5pts per in 13 minutes, warranted any of them a better option than CV31′s 12 pts per in 24 min – especially when the year before the guy put up 5 more points per in those 3 extra minutes per game that Jonas got. The way it is now, no neither guy (BG or CV31) lived up to their contracts because neither of them played starter minutes for being paid like a starter. Would I take BG or CV31 on this team today because of their skill set? Yes. Would I take either of them on this team today because of their contracts? No. Want CV31 to live up to his $8.5 mil he is making this year? Start him and sit Maxiell. Their numbers are fairly equivalent and Maxiell plays 10 more minutes per game. Here comes the argument that CV31 can’t play defense. Is Maxiell really all that much better defensively? If it wasn’t for the fact that the team is taking it slow with Drummond (who by the way is putting up the same numbers as Maxiell in 6 less minutes per), he would be the choice to replace Maxiell in the line up. CV31 and Maxiell only differ in that Maxiell blocks 1 shot more per game. Both players allow identical amounts of points per 100 shots according to basketball-reference.com.
        Alright, I’m sorry this was so long and I probably and just procrastinating at work. Needed a mind break from doing my real job – analyzing data and outcomes.

    • Feb 13, 201310:22 am
      by tarsier


      Also worth mentioning: CV is hardly a phenomenal shooter. On his career, he hits 35% of his threes and 48% of his twos, both below league average. 

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