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Charlie Villanueva says he’ll exercise $8.58 million player option

Charlie Villanueva holds an $8,580,00 player option for next season. Charlie Villanueva is also not a moron.

Those two facts are related. Villanueva, via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

“It’s obvious what I’m going to do,” Villanueva told the Free Press before the Pistons topped the Bobcats on Tuesday night. “Would you let that money go?”

Good for Villanueva. It’s not his fault Joe Dumars gave him such a lucrative contract. Villanueva should get every dollar he can from the Pistons.

Now, the ball is in the Pistons’ court. They still have the amnesty at their disposal, a potentially expensive option, but one that probably puts the Pistons in best position to build a winning team.


  • Feb 21, 20136:04 pm
    by bball4224


    Why do we need to amnesty him? So we can overpay someone else? lol

  • Feb 21, 20136:08 pm
    by jake


    i agree. why amnesty him when he’s actually useful and will be an expiring contract? if anything, he’s trade bait, hopefully for the draft…

    • Feb 21, 201310:00 pm
      by tarsier


      Because an expiring contract is far inferior trade bait to open cap room. And because he is not useful.

  • Feb 21, 20136:12 pm
    by Piston Truth


    Yeah no Shit Ill take the money too smart man on that one, but damn that amesty you better off trading him.. try to get somebody for that same amount

  • Feb 21, 20136:34 pm
    by gmehl


    I think the best thing to do with CV is to start him at PF instead of Maxiell. Get him the ball as much as possible the rest of the season and inflate the shit out of his stats so teams in the offseason see him as a serviceable contributor on an expiring deal. You can’t be silly and think that teams will trade for him thinking he has turned a corner in his career because EVERYONE knows that would be complete BS but if he is doing the things he does well the rest of the season (3pt shooting and 3pt shooting) i can really see a team trading for his expiring deal with the added bonus that he contributes as a 1 year rental stretch 4.

    As a person CV seems like a likeable guy but geez he really shafted us out of 4-5 years of Detroit basketball…and yes I blame Dumars for that too but if CV could of played like he did his last season in Milwaukee i would’ve been more than happy.

    • Feb 21, 20139:22 pm
      by ryan


      I agree 100%. Up his value and then move him. We need to get something out of signing his dumb ass and having to watch him suck for all these years.

    • Feb 21, 201311:59 pm
      by frankie d


      CV had a good half season.  a classic salary drive by a player looking for a new contract, and joe d fell for it.
      anyone who watched his career from uconn to toronto to milwaukee knew what kind of bum he was.  joe d was one of the few people who got seduced by his half season salary drive.
      joe d is the fool.
      CV is laughing all the way to the bank.
      who can begrudge a guy for taking the money and running?  is it his fault that joe d was an idiot? 

    • Feb 22, 201312:18 pm
      by Huddy


      Definitely agree with giving him PT and seeing if he can prove his worth to other teams.  Not sure we should start him since he might expose his lack of D too much, he produces well off the bench in targeted situations, but definitely needs more minutes as a showcase (especially with Drummond out).  I don’t like the amnesty option because we already have a lot of cap room.  I think holding on to Charlie V is a good way of making sure we don’t rush to spend everything this summer in case we can’t find all the right pieces.  If we wait on charlie we have 8mil expiring for the next year or an attractive trade expiring trade piece, not to mention we don’t have to pay him to play somewhere else.  I don’t know what all is in the works for the summer but just looking at the FA options I don’t want to toss 30 mil out this summer so I think we can wait on CV.  worst case he keeps playing well of the bench but we can resign him at a reasonable amount. 

  • Feb 21, 20136:48 pm
    by Lorenzo


    I agree at this point it’s probably best to just hang on to him. The only reason you amnesty him is if his salary ends up being a road block to to a game changing free agent signing….which is unlikely.

  • Feb 21, 20137:21 pm
    by Ryank


    His expiring contract will be worth something this summer and into next season before the trade deadline.  I think they’ll be able to trade him for an asset at the deadline next season.  That means he’s going to cost about $5 million dollars to keep on the books for next year and we will get something out of it. 
    The only way you amnesty him is if we need the cap space for some other player this summer.
    Oh, and Charlie V…no I wouldn’t leave that money on the table…I would have been the post player the team needed these last few years…rebounding, playing with my back to the basket, and defending the rim. 

  • Feb 22, 20137:20 am
    by Corey


    Empty cap space to accept a contract into would be MUCH more valuable than CV as a trade chip next year. A team who wants under the luxury cap in a “current year” trade doesn’t even want an expiring contract back. If we can’t get good deals on free agents this summer, rut would be very good to have some room under the cap during the next season.

  • Feb 22, 20138:35 am
    by SPENCER


    I’m of the opinion that Joe Dumars has been one of the most overrated GMs in the NBA. Nothing personal(I admired and respected Joe as a player)but I see other successful franchises that have won championships and lost talent via attrition, age, and free agency and were able to rebuild to a contending status in less time than the Pistons. This deal with Charlie is a prime example of misjudged talent and misspent salary cap money. 

  • Feb 22, 201310:07 am
    by rick


    So much hate for Joe when he won a title w/o suprestars. Im laughing all the way to the bank with that comment. Please name me these other teams that have rebuilt on the fly and contnually win. I am mad jus like the next but this is blasphemous. The Charlie V comment is funny as hell also. Lets see dude was injured 2nd yyear and played hurt, then his third year was a 66game season, on top of the coaching situation and all I hear is bitching and moaning about 8.5million contract when it’s dudes getting way more than that and not doing shit. Yll act like Joe maxed his ass out on a deal. Get over it. Whats done is done, but to say hes overrated as a Gm is hilarious. I guess it was all Tom Hammond,right,lol. Too funny this board sometimes. Oh how we forget only 3 teams from the east have won a title in the last ten years and folks bitching. Wow, I hate to be a fan anyplace else.

    • Feb 22, 201312:35 pm
      by Huddy


      Our last championship team was a lot more complicated mix than many other winners you see n the NBA.  It is a lot different to balance various skills like we had on the Pistons than it is to replace Kobe’s 2nd allstar or put together a wade/lebron/bosh garnett/allen/pierce combo.  Detroit isn’t an attractive location and even our championship team didn’t have anyone who was THE guy on the team to build around so it doesn’t make sense to compare the GM job at the Pistons to the Lakers or the Celtics there are plenty of teams you could be a fan of that haven’t made it to a conference finals in your life time, so I think Joe deserves more of a break than he is given.  I think he atleast deserves a chance to show us what he can do this summer now that we have the tools to do something big. 

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