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Brandon Knight shows off passing, ball control in Rising Stars Challenge win; might no longer have ankles though

Brandon Knight had 10 points, six assists (with just one turnover) and four rebounds as he helped Team Chuck beat Team Shaq 163-135 in the Rising Stars Challenge Friday. As Dan predicted in the game thread, the game’s fast tempo highlighted Knight’s strengths as a passer — he’s much more comfortable pushing the ball and finding teammates on the break than he is running a halfcourt offense. He had several nice passes in the game, including a nice lob to Kenneth Faried, who scored 40 points and won the game’s MVP award one night before he’ll participate in the Slam Dunk Contest.

Knight, to his credit, was one of only a couple of players who made any effort whatsoever defensively. Unfortunately, he picked an inopportune time to make that attempt:

Knight did immediately make amends with a contested three off the glass at the other end:

(PS – Love C-Webb’s reaction in that video. It’s still a crime that Shaq is on TNT’s studio show and C-Webb isn’t)

Knight’s shooting line was somewhat suspect — he shot just 4-for-14. But it would’ve looked much better had that little one-on-one with Irving in the fourth quarter hadn’t started a ‘try to top this’ between the two. Knight beat Irving off the dribble a few times after that play in the fourth, but got off wild attempts inside that missed. He did shoot 2-for-5 from 3-point range.

Knight wasn’t the best player on the court, but he handled himself well against a collection of young stars. Obviously, as these games tend to be, it was sloppy with a lot of breakaway dunks with guys standing around and watching. There wasn’t anything near as amazing as Greg Monroe‘s trolling of John Wall last year, but Faried was incredibly fun to watch, particularly his sometimes comical attempts to block just about any shot, no matter how little a chance he had at it. And Irving’s ball-handling was just on another level. Knight was far from the only player who had no chance of staying in front of him. He was just the only player to make an honest effort at it, and he should be commended for that.


  • Feb 16, 201312:15 am
    by robertbayer


    thank you for this update Pat .. could not find out how Knight did .. great article ..

  • Feb 16, 201312:18 am
    by Javell


    B knight didnt get crossed he actually tripped… Lol but kyrie cold…. But b knight did hit him back

  • Feb 16, 201312:51 am
    by bball4224


    Rubio and Shved were the only two players I enjoyed watching the whole game. I would include Isaiah but he’s a whiney brat so….

  • Feb 16, 20131:05 am
    by tarsier


    Thanks for the reminder of Monroe’s steal last year. That was just too great.

  • Feb 16, 20138:49 am
    by D. Stewart


    10 points and 6 assists sounds ok, but we need to remember that Knight’s team scored 163 points last night (or about twice the amount of a typical game).  And there was little or no defense being played.  So Brandon’s numbers were really more like 5 points and 3 assists.  And if you throw in the fact that he shot 29%, it really wasn’t much of a performance.  Lack of consistency is still his number one problem.  He’ll get you 20 and 10 with 2 turnovers one night and then turn into a non-scoring turnover-machine for the next 3 or 4 games.  It’s really tough to build around a guy who is that inconsistent.   

  • Feb 16, 20139:02 am
    by pksmid


    Man, it really bums me out Drummond coldn’t play in this this year. Would have been very fun.

  • Feb 16, 201311:12 am
    by ryan


    Keep your head up young fella.

  • Feb 16, 201311:29 am
    by DasMark


    Knight tripped because he couldn’t keep up with Kyrie. The “1 up” contest was a joke, as Knight bricked shot after shot. Irving let everyone know the race between him and Knight isn’t even close.  

    • Feb 17, 20135:29 pm
      by T Casey


      He did show Knight up pretty convincingly, but Knight, as per the usual, had some good looks and evn crossed Kyrie up in return. Unlike Kyrie, though, he didn’t convert even on the easy looks. Hopefully Knight can rebound and get some revenge.

  • Feb 16, 201312:56 pm
    by Talan


    I can’t say with certainty, but in actual games versus Cleveland I think Brandon has outplayed Kyrie. He really shows up for that competition.

  • Feb 16, 20131:34 pm


    my goodness folk … Knight and Kyrie been going at each other since HS … it was the best part of the game…too bad for Knight he came out on the tail end of it…

    HOWEVER, during the season in HEAD to HEAD Knight has OWNED Kyrie… so yeah… 

  • Feb 16, 20133:38 pm
    by Russell


    I missed this from a few games ago.  Kyrie got dominated by BK and the pistons rolled Cleve.  Then, in the post game, kyrie blamed his disinterest for his poor play.  And that he “let thing that happened in the game” get to him.  He disrespects BK so much that he will give home ZERO credit.  

    This is real rivalry and disdain. 

    Heres an article with the quotes.


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