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Brandon Knight robbed in Skills Challenge by NBA rule change

Brandon Knight – competing in the Skills Challenge during NBA All-Star Saturday Night – drilled his chest pass directly into the target, ran toward his next station and then stopped to look back, unsure how to proceed.

Yeah, I was confused too.

Knight – who doesn’t always excel in the ball-handling and passing skills this competition highlights and didn’t even practice for the event – finished in a very respectable 32.2 seconds, third-best time in the first round.

Last year, the top three times in the first round advanced to the final round. But this year, the NBA unveiled a new East-vs.-West format that meant only Damian Lillard and Jrue Holiday moved on.

So, Knight’s night ended early, but he can walk off the court with his head held high – and unlike last night, his feet under him.


  • Feb 16, 20139:37 pm
    by DasMark


    He did well. If he could knock down that jump shot a little quicker, he would have had the best time. 

    Oh well. At least he didn’t “slip” and fall when running around the dummies.  

  • Feb 16, 201310:00 pm
    by Anon


    Just did a little research. Since the beginning of January BK7 is just 23-91 on 3s for 25%. That is pretty discouraging. His season percentage has dropped to 36% after being in the 40′s earlier this year.

  • Feb 17, 20132:25 pm
    by kiya


    he did a good job if he would of made that shot the first time he would of won but over all i think he still did a good job

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