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Brandon Knight ‘positive’ about moving to shooting guard from point guard

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

But Knight said he’s excited about playing next to Calderon in the starting lineup, not taking it as a demotion or some type of signal from management that it no longer believes in his potential.

“I’m just looking forward to us having a new look, a new start, in general. Having a different look might really help us,” Knight said. “I’m looking at all the positive possibilities that can come of this.”

Good for Brandon Knight. His switch to shooting guard might not be easy or even his preference, but his best chance of making it work is with an attitude like that.


  • Feb 8, 201311:23 am
    by Mongo Slade


    Hopefully he becomes a student of Calderon and figures out how to improve his court vision.

  • Feb 8, 201311:36 am
    by Haan


    I wonder if you meant “might *not* be easy”?

  • Feb 8, 20131:28 pm
    by Big Rick


    I think Knight’s just trying to say the right things. You can tell by his body language that he is not happy with the change. Hopefully he snaps out of it and gives a whole hearted effort on the court to finish out this season so the team can be evaluated more precisely. 

    • Feb 8, 20134:20 pm
      by Jon


      he gives a wholehearted effort every time out. he just thinks too much on the floor which is seen in the few times he doesn’t and he is agressive and plays well

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