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Brandon Knight bothered by deep thigh bruise and plantar fasciitis

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Knight, who admitted that he is still bothered by a deep thigh bruise and plantar fasciitis

Brandon Knight’s plantar fasciitis appeared during the summer, and his thigh bruise has bothered him since at least December. Hopefully, these injuries –  rather than less-fixable factors – explain Knight’s poor production lately.


  • Feb 15, 201311:04 am
    by Scott Free


    “less fixable factors”  What, you mean being a second year point guard, learning a new position on the fly, on a comically unbalanced squad, after being prematurely thrust into the starting lineup without ANYONE but Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum to prep him for playing the point in the NBA?

    BTW, anyone else notice the truest point guard in the league turning the ball over more regularly since coming to the Pistons?  Surely it must be a coincidence.   

    • Feb 15, 201311:20 am
      by Ryank


      Calderon has had one off night with turnovers and that equates to him turning into a turnover machine…come on!!  
      There’s going to be an adjustment period…these are new teammates, a new system, and they need to get on the same page before you see mistakes becoming fewer and farther between.  This team has not gelled, but they do show flashes of being able to play well together.  They can be clicking by the end of season and if they stay together perhaps next year they will make a run at the playoffs.

      • Feb 15, 201311:26 am
        by Scott Free


        Never said, “turnover machine.”  I said more turnovers since coming to Detroit, which is true.  

        And EVERYTHING you said about bringing along Calderone could have been applied to Knight last season. Yet everyone wants to blame Knight for his own mishandling.

        • Feb 15, 201311:48 am
          by Jodi Jezz


          Most of the people here that “blame Knight” are ones that want to see Monroe traded or think Singler is actually a starting caliber player(Patrick and tarsier)…

          • Feb 15, 201311:56 am
            by Patrick Hayes

            I would just like someone to explain how Knight has been mishandled. He’s played a ton of minutes, especially when you consider he’s a really inconsistent young player. Most players as turnover prone and inconsistent as he has been absolutely do not get the long leash he has been given to make mistakes.

            Incidentally, I’m glad he’s played a lot of minutes. The Pistons are a bad team, and their young players need to play a lot. But it’s asinine that people actually come on here and whine that he’s been mishandled. He’s been handled fine. He’s been given a ton of minutes, that’s what every young player wants. He just hasn’t been very good at anything other than shooting the three, and he actually does have a large body of work to judge. It would be one thing if he’d been in a situation like Teague was his first two years in Atlanta. Teague was inconsistent, but he was also only playing bit minutes, so it would be unfair to draw a conclusion that Teague is too erratic to play PG. There is much, much more evidence to show that Knight might be too erratic to ever understand how to play the position efficiently.

            As for your other points, Jodi, I’ve never once suggested the Pistons should trade Monroe, though I also don’t think he or anyone except for Drummond should be untouchable. But it would also take getting an established star in return to even think about moving him.

            And give it up with Singler. Is Singler going to start on a good team? No. But on this team was he clearly (so clearly that anyone who argues otherwise just seriously doesn’t pay enough attention to the game) one of the five best players this season? Absolutely. I absolutely hope they upgrade both wing positions this offseason and don’t have to start Singler next year. But your insistence that there are better options to start on this team is so batshit stupid, I can’t believe I’m arguing about it again. Just look at a damned stat sheet if you need evidence. He’s just flat out-played all of the other options pretty handily.

          • Feb 15, 20131:54 pm
            by Scott Free

            @ Patrick, playing an inconsistant player consistant minutes will do nothing more than cement his inconsistency.  Extensive practice with bad traits, makes those bad traits permanent —

            Thrusting Knight into a situation which everyone can agree, he wasn’t ready for, IS mishandling, no matter how many minutes you throw at him.  It creates a bloated sense of expectations from the fans which he couldn’t EVER deliver on — which I’m sure to a 21 year old, could hurt his production and lead to inconsistant play.   I mean he was picked after Jan Vesely and Bismack Biyombo for crying out loud, yet you seem to grade him as though any team in the league would expect him to play starting point guard in year two (let alone year one).

            And the only experienced point guards he has to draw from until THIS MONTH, was Will Bynum & Rodney Stuckey, who’ve made a career out of inconsistant play and ball-hogging.  And surprise surprise, Knight doesn’t pass well and plays inconsistently.  


          • Feb 15, 20132:13 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            “Extensive practice with bad traits, makes those bad traits permanent”

            Every report about Knight’s practice habits/work ethic says they’re exemplary, and that’s not just from the Pistons, that’s every level he’s ever played at and all of his pre-draft workouts. I don’t believe he practices with bad habits at all. I believe that he doesn’t have the skillset to be an elite point guard. He doesn’t handle the ball well enough and he doesn’t make good decisions with it in game situations. I’m sure he does those things well in practice and in drills, but it doesn’t carry over to games.

            ” I mean he was picked after Jan Vesely and Bismack Biyombo for crying out loud, yet you seem to grade him as though any team in the league would expect him to play starting point guard in year two (let alone year one).”

            I don’t grade him based on anything but his body of work. His body of work isn’t good. I think he could get better and be productive in certain roles, but yeah, I have not seen one shred of evidence that suggests he’s an elite or even a very good  point guard potentially.

            “And the only experienced point guards he has to draw from until THIS MONTH, was Will Bynum & Rodney Stuckey, who’ve made a career out of inconsistant play and ball-hogging.”

            Stuckey has always taken much better care of the ball than Knight. He’s also better at getting to the line than Knight. Bynum has always passed better than Knight. He’s a much better finisher than Knight despite being much smaller. Are you saying Knight’s only capable of picking up their bad habits? Why hasn’t he learned anything from the few tangible skills those guys have?

            “And surprise surprise, Knight doesn’t pass well and plays inconsistently.”

            He did those things before he was a Piston too, if you look at his season at Kentucky. Maybe it’s just who he is?

          • Feb 15, 20132:40 pm
            by Scott Free

            I’m not saying he’s doing drills poorly, and despite your strawman-ridden response, I’m sure you knew that wasn’t what I meant either.

            It was a response to your idea that he isn’t being mishandled because he gets minutes in games.  (As if those were even a direct corollary.  You could start Slava tomorrow, but to do so would mishandle him.)

            In games, you and I agree, he performs beneath the aggregate of those in his position.  (Perhaps not beneath the aggregate of #8 picks in their second year, but I digress.)  By continuing to put him in a position he’s not ready for IS mishandling him, and you can’t fix that problem by simply throwing minutes at him.  And I think you have a good enough grasp at the game to know that.

            If he does something poorly in a game, say coughing the ball up during a double team or making an errant pass, and he still plays extensive minutes — that cements the errant decision and he can’t grow from it, no matter how many times his coach tells him “NO” during tape reviews.

            Also, to your question why Knight can’t learn Bynum/Stuckey’s good traits… how many people here refer to Knight as Stuckey 2.0?  I’d argue he IS learning the good traits along with the bad ones, even if he (at year 2) isn’t as good at them as Stuckey or Bynum.

            And come on, are you seriously complaining that Knight can’t get to the line as well as Stuckey, I didn’t even realize that was an expectation.   But of course expecting more out of Knight than you know he could reasonably deliver is your stock and trade.  If not for that and Drummond should start you’d never have much to talk about.

          • Feb 15, 20133:00 pm
            by tarsier

            jodi jezz,

            You think I want Monroe to be traded? I mean, yeah, I’d be real happy with that if he were traded for Love. That is the only context in which I have suggested trading Monroe. The only one. I ranted against the people who wanted to trade for Cousins.

            As for Singler, I don’t think anyone thinks he is amazing. I just call your insistence on the fact that he is abysmal (like Daye last year, horrible) idiotic. And that’s because it is. Singler is solid but below average. He is like Jerebko pre-injury.

          • Feb 15, 20133:59 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            “It was a response to your idea that he isn’t being mishandled because he gets minutes in games.”

            He’s not being mishandled for a variety of reasons. Getting minutes is a big part of that. Being able to play through mistakes as long as his effort is good has been a part of that. Frank has done a decent job of that actually. When Knight doesn’t play hard, he routinely gets benched. When Stuckey or Bynum have had it going, Knight has been benched. It’s not like he’s just been tossed out there no matter what.

            The team has also made efforts to stabilize its locker room for Knight and other young players. Hamilton was shipped out, Gordon was shipped out and both were moved partially to clear minutes for Knight but also partially to get rid of potential unhappy or negative influences.

            If you’re making a case that the organization hasn’t done everything in its power to give Knight a stable environment, you need more evidence to make that case.

            “You could start Slava tomorrow, but to do so would mishandle him.”

            Kravtsov wasn’t drafted at all, let alone in the lottery. Coming out of high school, Knight was neck and neck with Irving among the country’s best PG prospects. It’s fair to have an expectation that he’d develop into, at worst, a productive starter and at best a really good starter relatively quickly.

            “And come on, are you seriously complaining that Knight can’t get to the line as well as Stuckey, I didn’t even realize that was an expectation.”

            It wasn’t an expectation, it was an example. You insinuated that Knight is picking up bad traits from Bynum/Stuckey. If that’s the case, why is it impossible for him to pick up good traits as well?

            And while we’re talking about it, why couldn’t it be reasonable to expect him to draw more contact? Knight can get in the lane and he’s strong for a guard. He’s obviously not Stuckey strong, but drawing contact is a definite area that I think it’s fair to expect him to improve. 

            “But of course expecting more out of Knight than you know he could reasonably deliver is your stock and trade.”

            Right, because you’re obviously well versed in everything I’ve written. Just judging by your responses to comments, you barely read what you’re arguing against, so why should I expect that you actually read what I write in posts? I’ve never once written that Knight should be an All-Star. I’ve written many times that the team needs a guard (and they have one now) capable of pushing him and challenging him for his minutes. I’ve also written numerous times that the franchise treating him like a cornerstone type of player is terribly unfair to him since he hasn’t shown enough potential to warrant it. That’s not a knock on him, it’s just reality. At most, so far he’s shown he can be a good shooter, good defensive player and, in an optimum role, a combo guard off the bench.

            I don’t have any issue with what Knight is as a player. I have serious issues with the constant excuse-making for him by you and a few others. It’s not unreasonable to expect Knight to be further along in his development than he is right now. Is some of that on the organization? Sure. They don’t exactly have an exemplary player development track record. But Knight is also a high-ceiling prospect who hasn’t shown more than occasional flashes of that potential. It’s fair to say when he plays awful. I’m not even comparing him to anyone by saying that. Compare him to an average guard in the league and he’s been below average. I don’t expect him to be a star, but expecting at least average production from him is not unreasonable.

            “If not for that and Drummond should start you’d never have much to talk about.”

            Drummond should’ve been starting. Check out Maxiell’s awful numbers from December-now if you remain unconvinced. Unless you like your starting PF shooting like 39 percent. Maybe you do.

            But seriously, I’ve wrote hundreds of thousands of words on this site that have nothing to do with either of those topics that I’m supposedly fixated on. I could write a 1,000 word essay on Ivano Newbill’s Pistons career right now and it would be more interesting than any comment you’ve ever posted.


          • Feb 15, 20135:08 pm
            by Scott Free

            Allow me to correct your mistakes (forgive the novel, for they are many)

            1. I’ve don’t advocate Maxiel start over Drummond (another nice strawman), I just claimed you bring it up.  A lot. And since your refutation of my point included a missive about Maxiel starting over Drummond, I think I’m right on that point.

            2. I’ve followed everything you’ve written (your Ivano Newbill treatise not withstanding) since your ill-fated MLive.com days.  Before you get whinier OR wordier, remember: It’s Just Sports!  

            3. Hamilton and Gordon weren’t moved for the benefit of Brandon Knight’s minutes.

            4.  You’re mistaken if you think my claim is that “the organization hasn’t made steps to accomodate Knight’s needs.”   I just think, as we both pointed out, putting the franchise in his hands and expecting him to be a starting calibre point guard in years one or two is wrong-headed.  The kid gloves that they treat Andre with SHOULD have been applied to a young guard, and in failing to do this, the might have hurt his development. 

            5.  In one paragraph you claimed that it was fair to compare Irving and Knight, since the two played against one another in H.S. and College, then later claimed you don’t compare him to anyone but the average of starting point guards… I’d just like to know which side of your cognitive dissonance I should be debating with.  

            6.  ”Just judging by your responses to comments, you barely read what you’re arguing against.”  Since you’re reiterating a number of my points within yours and have been arguing with a scarecrow since my first post… I’d appreciate it if the pot met kettle here.

            7.  ”Coming out of high school, Knight was neck and neck with Irving among the country’s best PG prospects. It’s fair to have an expectation that he’d develop into, at worst, a productive starter and at best a really good starter relatively quickly.”  

            So much changes between High School and the NBA… sure they were rivals that entire time, but you’d think Knight would have gone somewhere in the top 5, if they were “Neck and Neck.”  Instead he got drafted around the Bismack Biyombo range, and he’s playing well within the expectations of a #8 pick.  (Awaiting the inevitable, “But Damon Stoudamire was drafted 8, and he didn’t turn the ball over like Knight,” comparison)

            You’re right about one thing though, you have written hundreds of thousands of words on this site.  Maybe you should reconsider that in the future.   

          • Feb 15, 201310:27 pm
            by Patrick Hayes


            1. So what’s your point? It’s kind of the most important story surrounding the team. Also, judging by the traffic on posts discussing Drummond/Maxiell, I’m far from the only one who cares about it.

            2. That’s creepy.

            3. They were moved to remove negative influences from the locker room and because they were overpaid, but a byproduct of moving them was to free up minutes/roles for younger players with more of a future here — Knight and, to a lesser extent, Stuckey.

            4. “I just think, as we both pointed out, putting the franchise in his hands and expecting him to be a starting calibre point guard in years one or two is wrong-headed. ”

            They didn’t. He started his rookie season off the bench. Injuries to Stuckey and Bynum forced him into a larger role. Once he was in that larger role for an extended period, it didn’t make sense to take him out of it, especially considering the veteran guards were similarly inconsistent (Stuckey was legitimately awful for the first month or so after he returned), were more injury prone and, in Stuckey’s case, don’t seem to work as hard.

            “The kid gloves that they treat Andre with SHOULD have been applied to a young guard, and in failing to do this, the might have hurt his development. “ 

            If Maxiell had been injured, Drummond likely would’ve played more. Their plan with Knight changed out of necessity. Plus, Knight came out of college much more mature than Drummond, in better shape than Drummond and he plays a less physically demanding position. He also did get slightly better as his rookie season progressed, so there was little evidence that the workload was too much for him.

            5. Well, I think it’s more fair to compare his situation to Irving’s than it is to Kravstov’s like you did. And somehow I’m the one who is making nonsensical arguments?

            7.  ”So much changes between High School and the NBA… sure they were rivals that entire time, but you’d think Knight would have gone somewhere in the top 5″

            Chad Ford and DraftExpress both had Utah taking him at three in their mocks close to the draft. Reports also had Toronto considering him at 5 until Jonas V fell to them. There were credible people who had Knight as a top five talent in that draft.

            “You’re right about one thing though, you have written hundreds of thousands of words on this site.  Maybe you should reconsider that in the future.”

            Sincerely, the guy who has apparently followed my entire writing on the internet career.

          • Feb 15, 201311:44 pm
            by Jodi Jezz

            @Patrick: Whoa, no need to curse bro, I understand your point…And I wasn’t referring to you about “trading Monroe”…
            @Tarsier: I remember your comment saying “You think Knight’s as good as Calderon and Singler, that’s cute”…I took that as if you were saying Singler is good, because in my eyes Knight is good…Call me a homer or bandwagon Knight fan, but I think the kid has potential…I respect your opinion now that you stated Singler is below average, I agree with that…

          • Feb 16, 20134:26 am
            by Scott Free

          • Feb 16, 20134:31 am
            by Scott Free

            Also, don’t be too flattered, I read everyone’s Pistons articles.  

          • Feb 16, 201311:54 am
            by tarsier

            Jodi, Knight certainly has more potential than Singler. But right now, he is a worse player.

          • Feb 17, 20137:33 am
            by Patrick Hayes

            Eh, I’ve fessed up to being off on the Kravtsov thing several times throughout the season. Also, there was a disclaimer in that post that drawing any conclusions based on one scrimmage would be pretty stupid. For one day, Kravtsov looked solid and Drummond looked bad. Really happy it turned out the opposite when games started for real, obviously.

            And I’m actually very flattered that you don’t like my writing. If you did, I’d be worried I was on the wrong track. 

        • Feb 15, 20135:10 pm
          by Vic


          Hasnt Jose’s assist/to ratio actually increased since the trade? Especially before that last game where he shot well over 50%, taking advantage of the defense not letting him pass?

    • Feb 15, 201311:28 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      LOL@ Scott Free…

      Dont waste your finger energy…

      Most here have a one track mind…. Knight has been put in a terrible situation as a young PG…but it will be ignored and compared to other young PG’s but in better situations, with Betters coaches and a better system…

      Calderon is 31 and has been playing PG for 7 NBA season, and ever since 16 in european league….

      Bynum is 30 and been in the league for 5 years, and spent several years overseas…


      • Feb 15, 201311:46 am
        by Patrick Hayes


        “Knight has been put in a terrible situation as a young PG”

        How? By being given the starting job and tons of minutes to play through mistakes from the moment he entered the league? There are many, many young players who would be envious of that ‘terrible’ situation.

        “it will be ignored and compared to other young PG’s but in better situations, with Betters coaches and a better system”

        Kyrie Irving plays for maybe the only coach in the league worse than Frank (Remember when Byron Scott was fired in favor of Frank and Jason Kidd, et. al. considered Frank an upgrade? That doesn’t say much for Scott’s coaching abilities.). John Wall is still playing for an awful coach and he’s shared a locker room with luminaries such as Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee and Jordan Crawford in his career so far. Jeff Teague played fewer than 14 minutes per game his first two seasons in the league, and we all see what he was capable of. Brandon Jennings has played most of his career for a coach (Skiles) whose painfully slow system is the polar opposite of how Jennings is most effective. Tyreke Evans has had his position changed at least three different times by the Kings. Kendall Marshall, a lottery  pick and a much better college player (and purer PG) than Knight, can barely get off the bench in Phoenix.

        Knight has little to complain about when it comes to his ‘situation.’

        • Feb 15, 201312:25 pm
          by Huddy


          He has also been put into the same situation that young players like Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond are in and they seem to be adjusting just fine despite having an unfairly oppressed young PG distributing them the ball.  They have the same coach and the same level of talent surrounding them and are showing us what they can do.  Drummond came in with all kinds of critics and less of an opportunity for playing time than many would like to see and has excelled.  The PG position is different but every position has its own adjustments to make at the NBA level.  I don’t hate BK but I also don’t understand where some of the incredibly high levels of faith in him come from.  Do people feel the same way about Singler?  He has changed position and really not to his benefit at SG with basically the same amount of professional basketball experience as Knight, but he is shooting more efficiently and turning the ball over at a low rate.  People always cite that players can take a long time to develop, but some of that is because a lot of young players don’t get the opportunity that BK has gotten to start and play big minutes to show what they can do.  Players that emerge in their 3rd 4th 5th season often do so because they have finally been given that opportunity.  How many seasons does he get?  If being thrown into a starting position is such a bad thing lets bench him and let him develop slowly under Calderon then.  I really don’t want him to start at the SG because undersized back courts are not going to take you to a championship because of defensive match ups.  It a waste of time to argue because if BK lovers think his treatment is unjust and he needs more time we won’t know if they are right for another 3 years or however long it is supposed to be fair for us to wait for him to emerge, and if BK haters get their way no matter who we put in his place all we will hear about is what we could have had if we didn’t give up on Knight.

        • Feb 15, 20132:03 pm
          by Scott Free


          You know what else John Wall & Kyrie Irving have in common?  They’re both top 3 picks.  Knight was a reach at number 8.

          • Feb 15, 20132:18 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            I’m not comparing their talent. I’m saying that Wall and Irving were both put into worse situations than Knight (a much, much worse situation in Wall’s case). Knight has had a lot of organizational support, a lot of minutes and by all accounts, works hard at his game. Despite those things, he hasn’t improved. My point is just when do we give up the charade that he’s some star in the making and just start to say he is what he is? A streak shooter, occasionally good playmaker, potentially good defensive guard who isn’t a natural at either position but does enough things well to be a useful player who can give minutes at both spots.

            I have zero complaints with how the Pistons have handled Knight. I just don’t understand the excuse making for him.

          • Feb 15, 20132:53 pm
            by Scott Free

            I never once claimed that he was anything more than a role player on a good team.  You and I give him the EXACT SAME ASSESSMENT.  Yet you constantly deride him for poor games, which compared to other young bench role players would be exemplary.  

            I have nothing BUT complaints about how Detroit has used him. The made him start when its obvious he wasn’t ready for the responsibility, and now blame him for not living up to their overblown assessment of talent that he should be a ‘franchise’ player, which gives you cover enough to complain about how he’s not playing at the level of a wall or irving.  

            Irving, I will ABSOLUTELY disagree with you had a MUCH easier transition to the NBA, because he had Ramon Sessions backing him up.   

          • Feb 15, 20133:03 pm
            by tarsier

            Why do you say Knight was a reach at 8? Everyone that I read covering that pick said that 8th was about right for him. Everyone thought he was the 6th-10th best prospect in the draft. He was picked where he should have been. That is not what is referred to as “a reach”.

          • Feb 15, 20133:19 pm
            by Scott Free

            I’m just talking from hindsight given how well Kemba Walker has played.  

            Still, I think the point remains (no pun intended) that when we’re comparing Knight to starting point guards (walker being an exception), we always pick young guys selected within the top 3 or so.  

            Around #8, you get into solid rotational guys, which I think Knight is well-within the range of.  Think of what Knight has done with this team, both good and bad, and compare it to people selected around him: Jimmer Fredette, Bismack Biyombo, or Jan Vesely.  

            NO ONE expects Biyombo to compete at the league average for his position.  We expect that from Knight, because our teams’ management incorrectly pushed him as ‘the point guard’ of the future.  Which has instilled these outlandish expectations for his level of play.

          • Feb 16, 201311:56 am
            by tarsier

            Also because, like Drummond, Knight was an incredible high school player who struggled in his one year of college ball but showed flashes of how good he might be able to be.

      • Feb 15, 201311:59 am
        by Keith


        Honest question, but what current good young PGs were put in particularly better situations? OKC was a mess when Westbrook first took over, even with Durant. Chicago was great on defense, but pretty terrible offensively when Rose started out. The Warriors weren’t any good when they landed Curry. The Cavs have been terrible around Kyrie. Walker has been at least better than Knight and Charlotte is a train wreck. Evans has been better on a worse team in Sacramento. Wall was better even before getting all those veterans around him. Jennings still isn’t good in Milwaukee.
        I know that it’s easy to blame the his teammates and coach, but honestly what does he do well that makes you think he’s going to suddenly become a lot better?

        • Feb 15, 201312:12 pm
          by Patrick Hayes



          Re: Westbrook, not only was he in a situation that wasn’t great since he, like Knight, was joining a lousy team, but you could also argue that he had much more to learn as a point guard. Westbrook wasn’t a PG at UCLA at all, he honestly played more like just a positionless freak athlete. Knight was Kentucky’s primary PG, so he should’ve been further along as far as understanding the position when he entered the league. Despite that, Westbrook still undoubtedly progressed much faster than Knight has (not that I expect Knight to be a Westbrook-like player, but I did expect at least some improvement this season and he’s pretty much the same player he was a year ago).

        • Feb 15, 20132:55 pm
          by Scott Free


          “Even with Durant” is a heckuva “Even”

          • Feb 15, 20133:05 pm
            by tarsier

            It seems that way right now. But Durant’s first couple years in the league, he was nothing more than a very good scorer. He was not the player he is today. Much more of a Carmelo-type player.

          • Feb 15, 20133:11 pm
            by Scott Free

            A Carmelo-type player is ALSO a heckuva “Even”

    • Feb 15, 201311:31 am
      by Jens


      This is starting to be a dramatic fact. Pistons fans are extremely creative in finding excuses for Brandon Knight instead of realizing he jut is not as good as advertised. Can´t blame Joe D for drafting him, but at some point we have to see he´s not a building block but a role player. If Brandon has a good day he can make a difference, but he´s way too inconsistent rght now.

      I see him as the third guard of the bench right now

      • Feb 15, 201312:46 pm
        by cr29


        +1. Decent player but not a building block. Best-case is he improves a little every year, becoming a decent starter in 3-4 years, but more likely he’s a 3rd guard.

      • Feb 15, 20135:28 pm
        by Vic


        I like Knight, but I like him for what he is not what he’s been marketed as

  • Feb 15, 201311:14 am
    by SizzleMyBaconPlz



    Thanks for posting this. Do you know if Knight will sit out tonight? 

  • Feb 15, 201311:46 am
    by Keith


    Hopefully he’s had that bruise and plantar fasciitis all year, because he hasn’t been all that good at anything this year overall. I’ll be honest I’ve had high hopes for Knight all year. I thought at least he could be a spot up D and 3 player who handles the ball better than a normal SG. To date, that’s not been the case. His shooting is pretty inconsistent, he hasn’t seemed to have gotten any better at finishing around the rim, and has shown little or no improvement in passing or running an offense.
    My hope at this point is that he is a late bloomer. But, at this point, I only see two real building blocks on the team – Monroe and Drummond. Knight might eventually develop into a solid player, but right now he would be fighting just to be the backup on a good team.

  • Feb 15, 201311:52 am
    by Blocks by Dre


    Knight’s teammates have bricks for hands, not his fault they can’t catch a damn pass! Monroe can’t even catch some of Calderón’s passes without it hitting his fingers before it’s out of bounds. I know Knight hasn’t been great but the hate is too premature right now 

    • Feb 15, 20132:13 pm
      by Scott Free


      Not to mention 3 years of habitual Prince pump-fakes to drive down assist numbers.

  • Feb 15, 201312:08 pm
    by Big Rick


    Very good question……

  • Feb 15, 201312:17 pm
    by jerrific


    People need to stop making excuses for knights play. Good players play well no matter who’s around them,  just look at kyrie irving. it’s certainly possible that knight could develop into a serviceable player, but I’m not buying it. He has poor shot selection and has no idea how to run an offense. The only role he’s really suited for is 3 point specialist off the bench.  He’s too inconsistent for anything else and turnover prone. 

    • Feb 17, 20137:30 pm
      by T Casey


      I’m not ready to declare Knight a bust yet. Now I’m not saying a turnaround for Knight is likely either, but there are still reasons to believe he can turn into a good pg, especially with the right coaching.

      First, statistically Bandon Knight’s first two years look very similar to fellow pgs Jrue Holiday, Chauncey Bllups, and Steve Nash. Although they are phenominal players now, or were in their hey day in the cases of Chancey and Nash, it took all three of these guys until their 4th or even 5th years in the league before they became consistently good players and now all of them are or have been all stars with Steve Nash and Chauncey both likely being HOF bound.

      Second, he seems pretty intelligent, he’s reasonably athletic, seems to have his head on straight, and has good work ethic by all accounts. Although his basketball iq may not be high atm, if he can get things to click, he can be a very good player still. Right now he’s having a poor 2nd year and still averaging 13 and 4.5. If he has anything near a breakout year next year, which I think he’s due for, we’re looking at a guy who could very well give us a good 16 and 6 per game which wouldn’t be bad at all for his 3rd year and good for any starting pg.

      The most important thing to remember, imo, is that all players don’t progress at the same predictable, robotic pace. Sometimes a player digresses for a year trying to figure out different aspects of the game before things click and they are able to be consistently effective.

      For those reasons, I’m not ready to give up on him as a quality staring pg. I know the franchise can only afford to be but so patient, but

  • Feb 15, 20131:21 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    Inconsistency is a problem for a number of Detroit players, and they take it to the extremes. You might think hey some times there going against superior opponents but it seem that they often are better those nights so it not just that.   Max, Knight, Stuckey CV, some times Monroe and W Bynum.  We don’t get shooting  numbers like 3 for 8 or 4 for 11  we get  0 for 8 or  1 for 11 …  those 2 or 4 extra points on a bad nights for players add up to a lot more losses.  When they are bad there real BAD.  

    As for knight. I would say the innate skills of being a point guard are probably the hardest to gain if you don’t have it naturally.  Some players are great at reacting (good defensive players) Some are good at great at their moves (offensive players ) some both but seeing the court in 3D to be a good passer and understanding the timing of a game (controlling tempo) are really different skills that while players can learn a bit about. it would be the last thing i’d think i could expect a player to master if they don’t show the innate skill at to begin with ……… In short JD stop trying to MAKE point guards out of combo or shooting guards. Hopefully we resign J Caldoron 

  • Feb 15, 20131:26 pm
    by Corey


    What I get from this article: hopefully the injuries are an explanation for his inconsistent play. How much the plantar fasciitis is bothering him on a particular day could explain the wild fluctutations in his performance.

    So there’s hope, but as fans we can’t really know how hurt he is. The team management does know. And I’m sure there’s massive trust in team management to do the right thing. ;)

  • Feb 15, 20132:39 pm
    by Russell



    Don’t mean to overwhelm you with stacked question here, but…,

    Where do you see Brandon Knight in four years? 

    - Statistically 

    - Position 

    - Role

    - Comparable players at age 25

    • Feb 15, 20133:53 pm
      by Keith


      I know you asked Patrick, but I’ll take a stab.
      Statistically, I expect Knight to be below league average efficiency (decent 3pt shooting, poor shooting/foul drawing overall). I expect him to have SG-level assists and reduced (but still high) turnovers. I expect him to be a strong defender that creates turnovers are an above average rate.
      Positionally, I think he’ll still be a combo-guard. We’ll use him as a 3rd guard or backup PG depending on our other players. He still won’t have the skills to be a PG, and not the size to be a starting SG.
      I expect that we employ him against Westbrook-Rose-Irving-Curry types for his defense. We ask him to be a Tony Allen-esque worker that bothers opposing scorers, and whose offense (if any) is just a bonus. This relegates him to the bench unless his defense really jumps to elite levels.
      Comparable players for a 25 year old Knight….
      Best Case: Eric Bledsoe – great defender, mediocre scorer with some big nights
      Likely Case: Raymond Felton – good defender, poor scorer with random good nights
      Worst Case: Royal Ivey – above average defender, offensive non-factor

  • Feb 15, 20133:16 pm
    by jinzzy


    Knight is just in a bad situation and needs to be given a chance, besides Jrue holiday was going through the same thing until Doug Collins became the coach.

  • Feb 15, 20136:31 pm
    by baines


    I’ve really enjoyed the dialogue regarding Brandon Knight in the comments and can see there are very opposing views on his progress, his ceiling, etc.  I’ve done some hs b-ball coaching and have some idea of talent and the p-word, potential, but, after watching Knight and reading about Knight I have no strong feeling about what he will become as his career continues.  Some nights I’m thinking, OK, he can improve and be a contributor and other games I just shake my head.  He seems to be a great kid and I wish the very best for him!!  Thanks to Patrick for his articles and comments as well as all of the other fans!

  • Feb 16, 20139:05 pm
    by Saul


    If Brandon Knight doesn’t show dramatic improvement starting next season, TRADE HIM. The lack of improvement would mean he’s just another Stuckey-type combo guard and we don’t need a so-so guard again. Cut losses and see what you get for him. There’s the chance he somehow figures it out and explodes, but I don’t want to see the Pistons holding onto him because “he’s not worth giving up on, why any day now he will break out” like with their misplaced trust in Stuckey. Stuckey has had his streaks of 20 plus points, he’s capable of doing that except for the immaturity and lack of focus which has doomed his star turn. Knight has shown nothing much and I would have expected him to be much improved in SOMETHING after having the whole offseason to work on things. But don’t hold him and keep claiming he needs chances becasue already tried with Stuck got nowhere. Besdies, with Moose and Andre developing we need to start worrying less about the slow growth of young players like BK7 who don’t show much potential and start looking at building the team into a Pacer style team.

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