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Brandon Knight a game-time decision against Wizards

WASHINGTON – Brandon Knight stood in a Verizon Center hallway staring at Arnie Kander’s feet.

Kander demonstrated a footwork drill like a dance instructor teaching steps, and Knight mimicked it. They repeated the drill a few times.

Knight practiced yesterday and participated in today’s shootaround, but he’s still a game-time decision pending Kander’s call, Lawrence Frank said.

Thankfully, the Pistons aren’t rushing Knight back this time.

“There has to be zero hesitancy that he can do what he does,” Frank said.

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  • Feb 27, 20137:04 pm
    by gmehl


    Well i guess can relate to Knight a little more than most at the moment. I sprained my MCL on Tuesday night playing in a local basketball competition. We were on defence and one of my teammates went to take a charge and sprawled to the ground and landed on the outside of my knee pushing it inwards. I go for an MRI later today but from previous experience think i am out for at least 4-6 weeks.

    Now looking at Knights injury and the position the pistons are in i personally think he would be silly to rush back. Any kind of knee injury you have loosens the whole knee joint which actually weakens it. Knight needs to worry about next season IMO.

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