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Andre Drummond wants to be in next year’s dunk contest

Andre Drummond said he wants to be selected for next year’s dunk contest, according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press. Ellis:

He can do spinning dunks, and he has been spotted going between his legs before dunking.

He said that’s just "messing around."

So what can we expect if he does get the call?

"I can’t tell you that now," he said with a laugh. "If I’m in it next year they will know what I’m going to do."

Yes, please.


  • Feb 18, 201312:12 pm
    by Karl


    I definitely think Andre should be in the dunk contest. Also, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time since he was here, but Will Bynum should be considered too!

  • Feb 18, 20132:05 pm
    by Mel


    I wanted him in this years Dunk Contest. He would have won. With the dunks he did in college dunk contest, easily.

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