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Andre Drummond to miss 4-6 weeks with back injury

Here’s an unfortunate follow-up to the earlier post about Andre Drummond missing shootaround prior to tonight’s game against the Spurs.









So, that’s not good. Drummond is expected to miss between four and six weeks with a fractured tailbone. Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News tweeted earlier tonight that Drummond will be in a custom brace, and that team physician Ben Paolucci said there shouldn’t be any residual effects.

The good thing is that Drummond avoids surgery and will just have to rehab the tailbone. The bad is that these sometimes-tough-to-watch Pistons just got harder to watch for the next four to six weeks. If you were among the few who felt the team — with the recent addition of Jose Calderon — could squeak into the playoffs, you probably saw those dreams probably came to a halt tonight.

On the bright side, this gives the Pistons a chance to see what they’ve got in little-used center Slava Kravtsov, who has seen an increase in playing time with Drummond nursing his injury during the last two games.

EDIT: Multiple sources have confirmed the injury to be a stress fracture of the fifth lumbar vertebra in his back.


  • Feb 8, 20137:49 pm
    by Derek


    I just read he suffered a stress fracture of the 5th lumbar vertebrae.  UGH!!!

  • Feb 8, 20137:56 pm
    by TRJ



  • Feb 8, 20137:56 pm
    by ryan


    Obviously this sucks but as injuries to rookie big fellas go it could be so much worse. I am very thankful that this doens’t require surgery and that a full recover should be possible. Here’s my silver lining list.
    1) Andre Drummond faces injury and realizes he needs to keep himself in top shape all the time. He commits to a rigorous routine of diet, exercise, stretching, rest and no alcohol.
    2) Slava Kravtsov gets a shot and realizes he can finish alley oops himself. He plays through some initial struggles but ends up looking like a contributor.
    3) Charlie Villanueva does well enough for Joe Dumars to trade him to the Clippers for Grant Hill, Chauney Billups, Matt Barnes and Ronny Turiaf. It’s a feel good salary dump!
    4) This absolutely kills any foolish notions of a playoff run this year.

    • Feb 8, 20138:39 pm
      by City of Klompton


      Haha, #3…. that’s great.

  • Feb 8, 20139:14 pm
    by sloppy joe


    4 to 6 weeks… valuable time he could have been out there getting experience

  • Feb 8, 20139:18 pm
    by jerrific


    Honestly, as long as there are no long term affects to Drummonds health, this is probably the best thing to happen for thePistons. We probably weren’t going to make the playoffs,  and this just helps our draft stock. Hopefully this keeps us in the top ten range instead of the 11-14 range it looks like we were headed toward. 

  • Feb 8, 201310:41 pm
    by vic


    Otto Porter, here we come
    Get Well Big Drummond 

  • Feb 8, 201311:05 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    It is in a way lucky a small fracture will heal up good as new.  I was worried that it was a sprained sacrum. (Tendon and ligament damage) where you sacrum get loose from your hips. Very hard to not remain a weakness especially for a really tall guy. This is more likely from hitting the floor hard than a wrenching or structural problem. Some people have mentioned his weight, mostly off base. Each frame is different so the standard weights charts are not for everyone and not for athletes. He is big boned and has really developed shoulders, arms and legs especially for 19. A matured body that he will master even more over time. Only concern is if he starts putting on weight each year but i think he likes being in shape. 

  • Feb 9, 201312:42 am
    by MoJo


    Charlie V had a big game tonight! Hopefully he keeps playing well while Andre is out and Joe can get a trade done to get Charlie out of here!!!

  • Feb 9, 20133:58 am
    by Kaneda


    They need to be very careful with this injury. Back injury especially for such a big guys is never good news. I really hope the medical staff does everything that is necessary so this won’t turn out to be a long term issue Drummond has to deal with.

  • Feb 9, 201312:32 pm
    by omar


    Does this mean Ben Wallace is coming back?

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