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Andre Drummond switched sides to support Brandon Knight in Rising Stars Challenge

By now, everyone has seen one of the most replayed moments of Friday’s Rising Stars Challenge — the Kyrie Irving/Brandon Knight back-and-forth that resulted in Knight getting crossed up by Irving, not that there’s any shame in that, considering Irving might be the best ball-handler in the league right now. But David Mayo of MLive got a couple of great comments from the game. First, Andre Drummond, who was technically on Irving’s team in the game (although an injury prevented him from playing), apparently switched sides in order to cheer on his real teammate, Knight:

 On the opposite bench, Andre Drummond was up cheering for his Pistons teammate with each possession, even though Irving technically was his teammate for one night.

“I was rooting for Brandon,” Drummond said.  “He’s my teammate, man.  I had to go for BK.  I had to go across the court and go for BK’s side.  He ended up beating him, so my support helped him out a lot.  He felt my senses.”

And Knight had a nice subtle jab at Irving. Irving said he was ‘disinterested’ in a poor performance against Knight and the Pistons earlier this month. Knight after the Rising Stars game:

 ”I guess he wanted to be interested today,” Knight said.

Talent-wise, Knight’s never going to be the type of player in this league that Irving is. But I absolutely love that Knight is not intimidated by Irving at all and, in fact, has some of his best performances against him.


  • Feb 17, 20139:30 am
    by Domnick


    maybe next year… bk7 will be lot better and stronger.. i cant wait

  • Feb 17, 201310:04 am
    by Blocks By Dre


    I hope Knight can learn from Calderon while he’s here. Hopefully we’re able to resign him but at this point that’s up in the air. If we can great but if not at least teach Knight a thing or 2 about passing before you go. I’m hearing he might go back to Spain or consider going back to Toronto in the offseason but I think we have a shot to keep him too.

  • Feb 17, 201312:00 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    “Talent-wise, Knight’s never going to be the type of player in this league that Irving is.”
    I can’t wait until Knight proves you all wrong…I hope Knight comes back motivated and pissed off at the entire league…

    • Feb 17, 20131:01 pm
      by tarsier


      We all hope that. But most of us have good enough judgment to realize it’s highly unrealistic.

      • Feb 17, 20131:50 pm
        by Jodi Jezz


        Your judgement on talent is currently on a 3-month probation after our conversation yesterday, jk…

    • Feb 18, 20139:14 am
      by Patrick Hayes



      That comment was a knock on Knight. Irving might be a top five player in the league right now, and if he’s not, he’s right on the cusp. Knight could have a great career, even an All-Star career, and still not be in the same league as Irving. Knight is still stuck on upside. Irving is legitimately a franchise player right now and still getting better.

  • Feb 17, 20134:14 pm
    by Ryank


    Knight is Lindsey Hunter 2.0.  Expectations are high just as they were for Lindsey.  Ultimately Lindsey had a good career, but had to find a niche as a role player.  He couldn’t be more than a reserve on a team in contention.
    Those who are old enough to remember Lindsey’s early days can remember the Blaha promotion machine in full force…Lindsey is the next Isiah and with championships fresh in their memory, they even made a music video about Lindsey and Isiah. 
    Grant Hill came a long and took the ball out of his hands…Lindsey’s then highly respected jumpshot was exposed as inconsistent.  His strength became on the ball defense and that’s what kept him in the league for a long time.  He had to adapt because he wasn’t good enough to make it as a point guard or an offensive scoring guard.  So he became a great pressure defender. 

  • Feb 17, 20137:22 pm
    by Haan


    “Talent-wise, Knight’s never going to be the type of player in this league that Irving is.”

    Has Knight gotten that memo?  One ranking had Knight as the #3 2010 HS player, Irving as #8.  I think the HS history this suggests fuels Knight’s intensity going up against Irving.  It’s also my sense that the residue of that superstar HS past can be negative, as when Knight (as PG) consistently thought the best strategy was for him to take on the entire opposing team, looking for help only when stuck.  He can become a very good NBA player, I think, but he’s got a lot to work through on his way to an optimal perspective as to how best to contribute.

    • Feb 18, 20139:10 am
      by tarsier


      Great high school players who are underwhelming in college and their first two years in the NBA rarely turn into very good pro players. But here’s hoping Knight suddenly becomes awesome.

    • Feb 18, 20139:16 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      You’re right about the HS rankings. Knight and Irving were both very comparable as HS prospects. The difference is simply that Irving has figured out how to be a point guard, not just a scorer, and Knight has not. There’s still time for him to do that, of course, but in just a couple of years, Irving has gone from comparable talent-wise with Knight to way out of his league. Again, that’s not a knock on Knight. Irving just has the look of a once in a generation type of talent.

  • Feb 18, 201312:49 am
    by BPiston25


    That’s a great “Pistons” quote and jives with past teams that have been successful.  I grew up in the Bad Boy Era and understand the attitude required in Da D.  All titles earned in my lifetime share the same wrok-hard attitude and has personified this franchise.  I like the quote and I like the young nucleus going on.  Just get rid of Diva Stuckey and replace him with the mindset of Joe D and we might have somthing.  Moose and Drum have the potential to be the best middle tandem in the NBA.  BK is still learning but he’s got the gumption to make this team not one you want to mess with.

  • Feb 19, 20135:00 pm
    by T Casey


    Agreed. I like that Drummond was pulling for his fellow teammate. Knight’s obviously struggling this year, but I like his fight. He’s easily got the biggest edge to him of any of the young guys on the team. Hopefully his game rounds out well soon. If it does, he can be a huge plus.

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