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Andre Drummond reportedly would have started for Pistons if not for injury

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

If Drummond had not gotten hurt against the Lakers, he would’ve started against the Nets the following Wednesday

If true, this report is encouraging. Andre Drummond should have become a starter by now, and apparently Lawrence Frank recognized that. But it’s easier for Frank or whoever gave Goodwill this information to say it now that the Pistons don’t have to follow through on it. Repeatedly, Frank has talked about playing Drummond more, playing Drummond and Greg Monroe together more, etc., and taken longer to actually do it.

Perhaps, Drummond would have started against the Nets last Wednesday if healthy, but my measuring stick hasn’t changed. Drummond will become a starter when he actually starts, not when the Pistons say he would have started.


  • Feb 11, 20132:38 pm
    by Big Rick


    Like you said its easy for them to say that now.

  • Feb 11, 20132:40 pm
    by andyf


    Kind seems like a bad idea to announce that and tell your current starter he has been usurped.   Of course I agree with Drummond moving into the starting lineup.   Can you imagine telling an employee, “if that other person had accepted the job you would’ve been demoted”   Better to act like the thought hadn’t occurred.

    • Feb 11, 20132:42 pm
      by bball4224


      Not like Max has been doing anything anyway, maybe this will get him to realize “Hey I suck right now, maybe I should try to not suck.”

      • Feb 11, 20133:44 pm
        by andyf


        Good point.  Didn’t he have just one rebound the other night?

  • Feb 11, 20132:41 pm
    by Big Rick


    Vncent Goodwill just made a statement which sounds like an assumption. No sources???

    • Feb 11, 20134:47 pm
      by Jordan




    • Feb 12, 20138:08 am
      by Dan Feldman


      I’m sure there’s a source. Goodwill is a good reporter who doesn’t make stuff up. Fair to question who his source is and what agenda the source has? Absolutely. But to think there’s no source is a mistake.

  • Feb 11, 20132:55 pm
    by Vic


    Off topic: did anyone see Prince hit all his shots last night, and Daye go for 16, and say its because he played for more than 4 min at a time?

    Amazing what a good coach and a good point guard can do. I wish we would’ve gotten a chance to try Calderon with Daye and Drummond…  

    • Feb 11, 20133:05 pm
      by baines


      We need ti move on from Daye!  I hope he does well although with past history this output may not happen again for quite a while!  Lets see his body of work through the end of the season!!

    • Feb 11, 20133:27 pm
      by Mike


      Wouldn’t read into Daye’s performance.  He had 3 pts just two games before that.  We know he CAN shoot but even if he reduced his streakyness he has shown that he is not going to put on weight and clearly is a defensive liability.  How many points would he give up battling with a post up PF? or a more agile SF?  Even with improvement on another team he was not a solid starting sf/pf of the future for us and has no more potential than Singler.  I’ll trade that for additional cap space to use on a proven player as opposed to another project we hope becomes something despite what he has shown us.  I think we should wait and see what all this cap space and potentially what our draft pick nets us before we starting dreaming of what players like Austin Daye would be.  he average 20 min a game in 2010-2011 and 15 min a game besides that…we know what he did for us in more than 4 minutes.

      • Feb 11, 20136:12 pm
        by frankie d


        we also know that we used a premium, just out of the lottery first round draft  choice on him.
        good franchises don’t waste assets like first round draft choices.  and no matter how daye ends up playing from this point forward, he counts, now, as another wasted draft choice.  an asset that joe dumars simply rolled up and tossed away like a piece of used toilet paper.
        this fan thinks it is doubly ironic that daye was traded just when his opportunity to play has been opened up by the trade of tay, who, if fans didn’t have such short memories, daye was drafted to ultimately replace.
        playing time, a real point guard who knows how to feed a catch a shoot player like daye…gee…wonder how that might turn out.  i guess we will find out. 
        a shame it didn’t happen in detroit. 

        • Feb 12, 201312:04 pm
          by Mike


          I don’t care what his draft number was or what he was supposed to do, he didn’t.  He may not have been given a starting role during his time at Detroit but he averaged 15-20 min and didn’t show me anything.  Darko was drafted pretty high and obviously was a mistake, should we have kept him just because of how high we wasted a pick on him?  This fan knows that both Jonny Flyn and Terence Williams were signed with detroit at the beginning of the season and were both in the same draft as Austin Daye and both were picked above him (Flynn all the way at 6).  Should I be upset about not extending their contracts because of where they were drafted?  Did they have potential and just need the right players to make them great?  Doubtful, I would understand lamenting the loss of Daye if there wasn’t an obvious purpose to the trade.  Tayshaun’s contract was inflated and needed to go, that being said Memphis obviously wanted more than just him and since they are trying to save space were probably intrigued by adding Austin Daye’s expiring contract.  This is not a lateral move we have up to 30 mil in cap space to facilitate a trade or free agent signing for a player who’s worth is measured by more than what pick is spent on them.  This means adding real talent to players like Monroe Drummond and Knight that are actually showing they can play.

          • Feb 12, 20133:05 pm
            by frankie d

            lol!  30 million dollars in cap space.
            so what.  means nothing unless it is spent wisely.  or didn’t you learn that lesson from the BG/CV fiascos.
            you also can’t seem to comprehend the difference between dumping your own first round choice or attempting a reclamation project with someone else’s blown first round choice.  if i have to explain that to you…
            what amazes me is that detroit fans have such short memories about the team.
            it is as though they haven’t seen the same dance before.   
            same story.  same ending.
            “oh…he’s garbage…he got his chance and didn’t show me anything….”
            yea right.
            anyway, i’m happy for the kid and happy that he is with a team that has a decent coach and an idea as to what to do with  him.
            from the local memphis rag:

            However, Daye’s 50-percent shooting overall and from 3-point range suggests there is potential for him to become a fixture in the rotation. Coach Lionel Hollins is enamored with Daye’s tools: shooting, rebounding, length with regard to defense and high basketball IQ.
            “He is a shooter,” Hollins said. “We just have to find decent matchups for him. He’s 6-11 and it’s hard to guard some of those really quick threes. But he can move the ball and he can shoot. He’s done that and I like that.”
             funny, in the 1&1/2 years, i cannot recall frank saying anything of the sort.  can’t recall him taking note of daye as a player in that way.   gee…the guy does bring some positives to the floor, even if he still needs lots of work on other things.
            is daye the next tim thomas?  the next eddie johnson?  the next larry nash?  the next darren daye?
             who knows.   no one does.  and the idea that any fan or observer here could discern what daye’s potential is in the nba is ridiculous.
            what is absolutely certain is that the pistons have tossed another first round choice on the trash heap, after not giving that player a legit shot and now we’ll see whether that was a mistake or not.
            for the reasons that lionel hollins noted, i’d bet that detroit fans will ultimately and finally recognize – in a couple of years – that the team’s approach and mishandling was as significant a part in daye’s failed tenure here as was daye’s own individual failings.

          • Feb 13, 20131:04 pm
            by Mike

            So having cap space and trade freedom are meaningless because we messed up the last time we had it?  Saying “we need to find match ups for him” about Daye is exactly my point.  He matches up poorly at his position which makes for a possible role playing shooter but not a starting SF of the future.  Even so, you are right you can’t  predict exactly what a player will do in their career so even if you are convinced Daye was essential to our progress was he just it?  We don’t need to sign anyone or draft anyone we just needed Daye?  Our cap space is not meaningless and can mean everything if used correctly.  knowing what CAN be done with that king of freedom in the nba and being a pistons fan is encouraging to me.  We all know CV and BG were bad signings, I accept that and am not a fan who has forgotten, but I am a fan that realizes you can’t just say “remember when we did that?” As a response to any moves the organization makes from then on.   If its impossible that we do anything positive with that “meaningless” cap space we might as well give up being fans because that’s what we’ve got.  I guess if Daye becomes the next Kevin Durant I will be pretty upset but if he does forMemphis what Delfino does for Houston and is a solid role player for his team I will feel fine knowing other players like Singler also have potential and that like at Houston (Harden) cap space can be huge.

          • Feb 13, 20132:38 pm
            by frankie d

            never said it was meaningless.  i simply said that it needed to be spent properly in order for it to mean anything.  
            and yes, the track record of the individual making decisions is always relevant to any considerations of what that individual will do in the future.  it is that way in any facet of business or sports or school or relationships.
            of course, it does not preclude the possibility that joe will use the cap space well, but his catastrophic past failure has to be considered.  to ignore it or say it doesn’t matter is ridiculous.
            my point about daye is simple.  assets are the lifeblood of any franchise.  treat your assets in a cavalier fashion and you ultimately pay the price.  joe d has been treating his assets – players, coaches, draft choices, contracts, cap space – in a cavalier fashion over the last 5 years or so.  
            the last 5 years have been a disaster.  imho, he has to prove that he is simply not continuing along that disastrous path.
            burying and then dumping a first round draft choice, one of the most valuable assets franchises possess, is another cavalier move.
            trading a first round draft choice – as he did with ben gordon – in order to dump a player you spent extravagantly on is another cavalier move.  (if gordon moves this trade deadline, it will be interesting to see what charlotte can get for him.)
            and, imho, if daye becomes another delfino-type rotation player – which is very possible, maybe even probable, considering his shooting ability – then dumping him as a throw in to make the numbers work will be another cavalier move.

  • Feb 11, 20133:00 pm
    by sebastian


    Yeah, right …

  • Feb 11, 20133:09 pm
    by Tiko


    yeah yeah yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh whatever Vince….

  • Feb 11, 20133:14 pm
    by bball4224


    http://www.hoopsworld.com/nba-am-deals-for-bucks-pistons-and-jazz/ Josh Smith?! That would be AWESOME! But I doubt it…

  • Feb 11, 20133:19 pm
    by Mark


    I don’t see this as a good thing. If anything this just makes me more mad about the whole thing, and even more mad at Frank for waiting this long to start him. 

    The Pistons thought they knew better than everyone else in the world, who all thought he should’ve been starting a long time ago. Now when they are ready to start him, they can’t. Karmas a bitch I guess.

  • Feb 11, 20133:50 pm
    by Otis


    Oh give me a f*kin’ break…

  • Feb 11, 20133:58 pm
    by Corey


    Daye has always had specific games where he scored points and was even a good player. It’s doing more than a couple games in a row that seems to be beyond him. He’ll go back into a funk soon.

  • Feb 11, 20133:58 pm
    by Piston Truth


    Man dont give me that wishy washy sh!t if you gonna start the man start him now. Frank talks up when the man is beat up whatever, good points on this story Dan. Then Franks excuse when he comes back on why he aint staring will be ,well because he’s been out for a month and he’s a lil rusty. so I dont expect him to start the rest of the season maybe the last two weeks of the season depending on how the record falls if they near playoffs he wont start if its a disaster he will start and get the chance to work with his future teammates

  • Feb 11, 20134:22 pm
    by Crispus


    This is like that part in ‘Boyz n The Hood’ where Ricky’s mom gets his SAT scores in the mail and they are good enough for the scholarship but it’s already too late.

    • Feb 11, 20134:31 pm
      by Gareth Masters


      Pretty sure Andre’s injury isn’t quite as bad as Ricky’s was…!

    • Feb 11, 20135:56 pm
      by Mark


      haha, good analogy, though this case not quite as extreme

  • Feb 11, 20134:24 pm
    by G


    That is seriously aggravating, if it’s true. It’s like Charlie Brown & Lucy with the football

  • Feb 11, 20135:11 pm
    by hoophabit


    The injury is disappointing, but acknowledging that Drummond would soon be starting doesn’t sound disingenuous.  Given the current record a youth movement was to be expected.  We really should be seeing more of the younger guys.  Of course, this assumes that Calderone’s presence at the point doesn’t send them streaking towards the playoffs.  If they start winning with some regularity the shortened rotation could continue.

  • Feb 11, 20135:40 pm
    by Brian


    I don’t think it is easier to say that now.  It is easier to say that to the fans, but not to Maxiell.  

  • Feb 11, 20136:16 pm
    by frankie d


    gee…goodwill writes something that sounds sketchy…who would have ever thought it…

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