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Andre Drummond plans to play against Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, blames back injury on hotel beds

Andre Drummond didn’t play the second half of the Pistons’ loss to the Knicks last night due to a back injury, bur fear not. He says he’ll return soon. David Mayo of MLive:

Playing the second day of a back-to-back didn’t help and Drummond said he never managed to get the back loosened up against the Knicks.

"It’s tough, you know, hotel beds," he said.

Drummond said his current pain is unrelated to a back injury he suffered this summer and that he expects to play in Wednesday’s home game against the Brooklyn Nets.

"Just a bad landing, that’s all," he said. "It happens. You never know when these things come up. I just have to take care of it and I’ll be all right. I’ll be ready for Wednesday."

Thank goodness Drummond doesn’t expect to miss any games. Can you imagine how unbearable this season would be without him? On second thought, don’t imagine that. It’s too scary a thought.


  • Feb 5, 201310:41 am
    by DasMark


    If Drummond had a serious injury, I would just stop paying attention until the draft. This team is just miserable in every other aspect. 

  • Feb 5, 201310:51 am
    by Matt


    That I would probably have to cancel my FSD subscription for the rest of the season w/out Drummond makes me realize how amazing it is that we have this guy. And also perhaps how relatively disappointing Monroe’s season has been, solid overall as it has been. Whereas Monroe was clearly the future just a short while ago, just as clearly it seems that Drummond is now.

  • Feb 5, 20131:05 pm
    by hoophabit


    Drummond does make the Pistons fun to watch, even if they’re not a very good team.  There’s just so little excitement that attaches to the rest of the team.  I suppose at some point reasonably soon we’ll see the “youth movement.”  I don’t see them making the playoffs and at some point you need to get a good look at all the youngsters.  That lends some interest even if they aren’t winning much.

  • Feb 5, 20131:33 pm
    by Pistonnaire


    Back injury – the best diplomatic cover up for the easy path laid out for chandler’s 3rd 20 rebound game…. with drum in the game, there was no way chandler could have achieved the feat … the six minutes drum was in the first half was evidence enough for the beastly effort despite the “back injury” …with the season going nowhere, there is no harm in such generous gestures….. …watch out for a real beastly effort in the nets game.

  • Feb 28, 20138:13 am
    by cleverwood


    Brooklyn Nets played an awesome game.

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