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Andre Drummond on back injury: ‘I’ll be back in no time’

“It’s not my back – it’s my tailbone. I fell on it the wrong way in the Laker game. I just need a day or two, so I’m good.

“I felt good. After I took that charge, it just hit me again.

“It’s tough. I couldn’t be out there to help my teammates tonight.

“I’m just going to take care of the situation and I’ll be back in no time.

“It’s just something that needs rest, just take care of it.”


  • Feb 7, 201311:56 am
    by Tom Y.


    Dude’s young and doesn’t know much about injuries and the possibility of aggravating them. I’d rather he miss a game and made sure he’s fine than take even a small risk.

    • Feb 7, 201312:00 pm
      by sloppy joe


      That’s what I’m saying.  Should take his time the team is in no hurry to win games.  His future more important that trying to rush him back.  We have all seen what happens with big men that don’t allow injuries to properly heal.

    • Feb 7, 201312:49 pm
      by mixmasta


      Yeah. Take all the time to heal. We’re not fighting for championships or deep playoff run this year anyway.
      Good thing we have Arnie checking on this.

  • Feb 7, 201312:53 pm


    So much for the dunk competition ….

  • Feb 7, 20131:09 pm
    by Lake Side Live


    If it’s true it’s reassuring, with rest  bruised tailbone can recover without lingering damage.  And everyone above is right he should take all the time he wants on this to recover

  • Feb 7, 20131:51 pm
    by Mone


    In no time like all star weekend? Dunk contest and rookie challenge..

  • Feb 7, 20131:51 pm
    by Otis


    He already was “back” in “no time” and what good did that do?

    What’s the rush? This team is playing for absolutely nothing. The only benefit of having him in the lineup is working on developing chemistry with Monroe, which probably wouldn’t happen anyway.   

  • Feb 7, 20132:46 pm
    by MrCarter


    I sure hope he’s right.

  • Feb 7, 20133:06 pm
    by Mark


    If it is a tailbone thats nothing. Its painful for a few days, but then one day you wake and the pains completely gone. Just need to wait it out. The day-to-day listing makes sense.

  • Feb 7, 20133:39 pm
    by Big Rick


    Yeah, given his youth he would probably try to play ASAP, but hopefully our training & coaching staff doesn’t allow that to happen until healthy. But it would be a bad look if he was to participate in the festivities during All-Star weekend and get injured.

    I know that the Pistons will be almost brutal to watch without Awesome Dre, but if we have to rest him til after the All-Star break so be it.

  • Feb 7, 20133:46 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    Give him a break for a little bit and let’s see what Slava can do.

    • Feb 7, 20139:06 pm
      by M Boyd


      Could not agree more.  Drummond has proven that he has a bright future, and has the nation in awe.  I would not mind him sitting for another month or two (not hoping the injury is that serious), if it men’t that he was coming back 100%.  We are not in the hunt, and he is so important for the future.  He wants to play, but the staff needs to tell him that he will be starting soon, and his future is to bright to try to play through pain his rookie year.  

      Also this gives the staff a chance to see what the rest of our front court has.  Slava gets the chance to play which is good, and this may free space for Kim and Khris to see some flour time.


  • Feb 7, 20134:28 pm
    by Crispus


    Consider Sullinger, who was once handsome and tall as you.

  • Feb 7, 20136:25 pm
    by Joey


    “It’s not my back – it’s my tailbone.” Really? Should heal in a few days…

  • Feb 8, 20135:02 am
    by Derek


    Tailbone is no joke.  Very painful if you bruise it bad enough.  I suffered the same injury and tried playing through it and the pain got so bad my rigt leg would freeze up on me.  It took several weeks to get right.  If he rests he’ll be ok.  If he pushes himself through the pain it will last for a long time and it’ll get worse.  I hope they keep him off the court until next weekend (at least).

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