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Andre Drummond misses shootaround

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Andre Drummond did not participate in today’s shootaround. Status still uncertain for tonight’s game with San Antonio.

The Pistons should look out for Andre Drummond’s long-term health above all else, so it’d fine to hold him out tonight. But, man, Pistons games aren’t as fun when he’s off the court.


  • Feb 8, 20135:37 pm
    by Ryank


    Drummond said the pain is near his tailbone.  If that’s the case, this is a different type of injury.  The lumbar vertebrae is normally where athletes and people in general feel pain, herniate disks, and develop arthritis.  I’m guessing his injury is not a “back injury” at all and it’s probably unrelated to basketball. 

  • Feb 8, 20135:49 pm
    by Vince


    Well its not like we’re in playoff contention, Drummond has played great thus far, might as well give the kid a break. We’re not going anywhere. I’d rather sit him for a month then risk aggravating an injury. I don’t mind him sitting out either, gives us an extended look at Slava and whether he was worth that contract and what exactly it is that made Joe D give it to him.

  • Feb 8, 20136:55 pm
    by Chris N


    Broken tailbone.  He’s expected to be out 4-6 weeks.  

  • Feb 8, 20137:27 pm
    by ryan


    Ouch. The only concern here is that Andre Drummond get 100% healthy this summer but what a shitty end to his fun rookie season. If Joe Dumars tries to make a panic move to replace Andre with another big and push for the playoffs he should be fired immediately.

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