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Andre Drummond ‘maybe even likely’ would go No. 1 ahead of Anthony Davis in re-done NBA Draft

David Thorpe of ESPN rated every NBA 19-year-old rookie “purely on the level of his ceiling, how good the player can ultimately be if given the perfect situation,” so of course, Andre Drummond fared pretty well:

1. Andre Drummond, Pistons

There are many ways to define talent. But for the sake of this report, I like to define talent as "production minus mechanics." That is, someone who is very productive and efficient without really knowing what he’s doing is extremely talented. Like Drummond.

Last April, I wrote that Drummond could be an All-Star in his second or third season, if he developed according to plan, because there are so few men on earth who can move like he can at his size and length. But he’s even better than I projected. There is no one else in this age group who has his collection of tools. The fact that he’s doing so much without understanding the game suggests he can truly dominate beginning as early as next season and lasting over a decade. When you can own the paint on both ends, you become a superstar, and Drummond has that in his reach.

If he can develop just an average free throw stroke, he can become a multiple-time All-Star — yes, even without any kind of reliable post move. And that is the beauty of being just 19 years old — he has years to develop more than just his free throw shooting. As he begins to read and anticipate while also crafting his game, he’ll improve even more than he has since high school.

If rating every NBA rookie – or maybe even every NBA player – were rated on that same scale, Drummond still might come out on top (though, I’d certainly put LeBron James ahead of him).

Thorpe’s most scintillating point about Drummond actually came in the Anthony Davis section:

If the draft were held today, it’s absolutely possible — maybe even likely — that Drummond would go No. 1 overall.

I would take Davis, but it’s basically a tossup, and I could change my mind by tomorrow. Who would you take?


  • Feb 7, 20134:17 pm
    by Desolation Row


    According to Google Insights, interest in the Detroit Pistons is already at its highest point for the month of February since Dumars traded Chauncey Billups in 2008. Data is normalized to account for fluctuations in use of Google as a search engine, so it’s a fair representation in interest in the Detroit Pistons.

    You could argue it has to do with the trade — but that happened last month. Drummond undoubtedly has sparked not just the end product, but interest in the team. Can’t wait to see where things go! 


    • Feb 7, 20134:47 pm
      by Desolation Row


      Sorry, one more thing to note: query volume for the Pistons almost perfectly correlates with Drummond. Moreover, his impact on interest in the Pistons is more notable than for Davis’ on the Hornets and even Pelicans (post-announcement). If you tie revenue to interest in the team (a leap but not a giant one), you might say that Gores would rather have Drummond than Davis too… 

      I think it’s difficult to project just yet. Davis has had injuries and he’s a guard in a power forward’s body, so his impact will undoubtedly improve as he becomes better acquainted with the pro game. That being said, I’m happy we have Drummond :)

  • Feb 7, 20134:25 pm
    by Reaction


    I would take Drummond still. I can honestly say that I wanted Drummond since before the NCAA season even started (when Drummond’s stock started falling). I realized that there might be a chance that the Pistons could land him especially since UConn’s system did not know how to utilize him with the coach etc problems. The guards didn’t seem to know how to get Drummond engaged which is why he fell. I think Drummond can become better than Davis and I would take him over him still. 

  • Feb 7, 20134:39 pm
    by DrumRoe Please


    Drummond. Not only is he playing great, and could be one of the few great true centers in the league, he also wanted to be here.

    New Drummond highlight video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_HsN4xGGHc

  • Feb 7, 20134:50 pm
    by Scott Free


    So, uh start him?

    • Feb 7, 20135:00 pm
      by Keith


      Ideally yes. Frank still playing him with kid gloves though. At this point the only valid criticism for keeping him on the bench is his free throw shooting. Teams might just start fouling at the beginning of the game with that 36% debacle.

      • Feb 7, 20135:12 pm
        by jakegibbs19


        No doubt on the hack-a-Drummond strategy.  Andre is 5 for 28 from the line since Jan. 22nd. Drummond’s free-throw shooting amounts to a Pistons turnover.

        • Feb 8, 20138:25 am
          by I HATE FRANK


          guarntee Drummond has vision problems…

          He has a decent to solid FT mechanics…he also as a pretty soft touch….

          no reason he should be shooting that low…

          • Feb 8, 201310:10 am
            by G

            Hollinger wrote an article a couple years ago about how it’s harder for big men to hit free throws. He posits that longer-limbed players and those with bigger hands have a tougher time being accurate because their FT motion is more complicated and harder to duplicate perfectly.

      • Feb 7, 20137:17 pm
        by trav


        I don’t think he would be fouled intentionally right away if he’s starting… Why would a coach put his starters in foul trouble right away.  He’s more likely to be “hack a Andre” Or “beat the Drum” if he comes in against the opposing teams second unit.

  • Feb 7, 20135:14 pm
    by Brigs


    It’s hard to say no to Davis and all the intangibles he brings to the table but Drummond just makes it so easy to pick him. I know people have compared him to a number of different players but I think he could possibly become Dwight Howard 2.0, rebounding, defense, athleticism it’s all their. If he can develop a move or 2 in the post he could bring just as much offense also. just hoping he doesn’t have his free throw problems and now especially his back problems.

  • Feb 7, 20135:29 pm
    by 19880607


    I would take Davis because I think Davis is a better fit next to Monroe offensively than Dre is. Davis brings to the table the same defensive effort and skills that Dre has but he has a face up game that would keep him from clogging the middle where Monroe needs to operate. On the other hand, I’m glad we have Dre because he seems to be a really neat young man I am enjoying watching him develop. With his hand-eye coordination it would not shock me if he became a decent shooter after spending the next couple summers working on his shot mechanics. We got really lucky in this last draft.

  • Feb 7, 20135:33 pm
    by bball4224


    I’d take Drummond. I don’t wanna have to watch a dude w/ a unibrow every game.

  • Feb 7, 20135:36 pm
    by Alan


    I can see why someone would take Drummond over Davis and won’t fault them.  I’m glad the Pistons have Drummond because he’s about as much fun to watch as I can imagine.  All that said, Drummond didn’t enjoy much success in college and Davis dominated en route to a national championship.  Tough to argue against winning.  I’d pick Davis.

    • Feb 7, 20136:45 pm
      by ryan


      I gotta agree with Alan here. Anthony Davis still has a ton of potential but he already dominated a college basketball season like few ever have and won the title. That track record gives him the edge over Andre Drummond in my book.

      That said Drummond has been a revelation. Seeing him compared to Amare Stoudamire and Dwight Howard before we drafted him made me think of how much I can’t stand their attitudes but now that Dre is here he doesn’t seem anything like either of those dicks.

      • Feb 7, 20137:41 pm
        by 19880607


        I don’t see Dre ever injuring himself because he punched a fire extinguisher and the fact that he vocalizes support for Frank every time he is questioned about the coach’s handling of him shows that he has volumes more class than “Superman.” Those are two I never want to see in a Pistons uniform.

  • Feb 7, 20138:35 pm
    by domnick


    davis is a natural PF.. i think davis has the talent but i am worried about his slim body… i think drummond is far better choice than davis in the long term but who knows.. we might be able to gauge drum and davis better next season…

  • Feb 7, 20138:50 pm
    by Mark


    I’ve always said Drummond was the #1 player from this draft. Going all the way back to last Feb. Glad to hear other ppl are finally recognizing it.

    I really don’t get anyone who still picks Davis at this point. What has he done in the NBA this year that would make someone choose him over Drummond? 

    In the present, Drummond has outplayed him this year. And in the longterm, Drummond has always been viewed as the player with the most potential. So I don’t see any basis for ppl choosing Davis. If its just personal preference, ok, but there’s really no evidence that he’s better than Drummond. Its quite the opposite actually. Yet so many ppl seem to continue to automatically choose Davis. I think his hype is starting to exceed his performance.

  • Feb 7, 20139:06 pm
    by Ryank


    I’d take Drummond.  They both need to learn a post game.  Drummond is a better rebounder and shotblocker.  Davis has a better jumper and is much better at free throws.  I watch Drummond form and he seems solid…not Shaq like.  It’s likely something he’s going to get much better at with practice.
    What sets these two apart is Davis is going to be pushed around unless he bulks up…how will that affect his athletic abilities?  Drummond is 300 pounds right now and he moves like a small forward. 
    Both players have a lot of improving to do, but Drummond has more potential.  From what we’re told, Drummond is a hard worker, loves the game, and wants to get better.  I’ll take Drummond because of that.

  • Feb 7, 20139:16 pm
    by DasMark


    I think Davis may end up with a more diverse skill set than Drummond. But, he’s also shown quickly that he’s injury prone. His lack of bulk definitely is a part of his problem. But, Davis is very likely the be great front court player. 

    But, Drummond still possesses superior physical attributes to Davis. Right now, today, Drummond can punish Davis with his size.

    Hopefully his back isn’t going to be a serious issue.  

  • Feb 7, 20139:52 pm
    by FreeDreDrummond


    It’s pretty much a tossup but if I had the option I’d have to go with Anthony Davis.  I’ve watched a lot of him this year and he’s played well despite sporadic minutes.  What has stood out the most to me is that he is already a decent shooter for a big.  He wasn’t allowed to showcase that last year at UK but he’s shown the ability to hit a 15 footer pretty consistently this yr and is solid at the line.  I think down the line he could develop a jumper similar to LaMarcus Aldridge.  He does need to add a few pounds but around the rim he’s still automatic.  And everyone agrees that he’ll be a difference maker on defense.  Also has above average handle for a big.  In a couple years, he’ll be tough to guard and will be able to score inside and outside.

    But don’t think I’m not exited that the Pistons clearly landed a franchise player with the 9th pick last summer.  I love that Thorp pointed out the fact that Drummond is performing at a high level despite not having a great sense of how the NBA game is played.  It’s exciting to think of what he could be doing in a year or so, or maybe with more playing time…I’m hoping the training wheels come off after the allstar break. 

  • Feb 7, 201310:01 pm
    by FreeDreDrummond


    Also, I really hope that the long term plan is to move Monroe over to the 4.  I know everyone, including myself, assumes that this is the plan but has management or the coaching staff given any indication thats the case?  I’m just asking for peace of mind.  They don’t play Drummond and Monroe together very often but i guess that could be attributed to Frank bring Andre along slowly and managing his minutes.    

  • Feb 8, 201312:12 am
    by heyyoitskristo


    Anybody know a website I can watch the pistons on? I live in florida and hate the heat with a passion and am a piston fan for life. 

    • Feb 8, 20133:39 am
      by gmehl


      Here are some:
      www firstrow1 eu/
      www sportlemon tv/
      www atdhe eu/

      Put dots where the spaces are. This site wouldn’t let me post the proper links.

  • Feb 8, 201312:46 am
    by Reaction


    This shows how amazingly likeable of a guy Drummond is:

  • Feb 8, 20132:32 am
    by goldengut


    drummond kind of reminds me of dennis rodman but that can score id like to see him as a starter once his back is up to 100%.
    i liked drummond as our pick in the draft and i would pick him again

  • Feb 8, 20136:33 am
    by Derek


    It’s really cool to see the evolution of Andre Drummond.  He has gone from a project to a projected all time great.  I hope he gets that locked in intensity we’ve seen in the truly dominant bigs in NBA history.  He’s got to get stronger and continue to learn the game.  The sky is the limit.

  • Feb 8, 201310:09 am
    by tarsier


    I think I would still take Davis. Basically, they both have enormous talent. But if Drummond becomes a premier, dominant player in this league, he has to fix his free-throw shooting or he can be basically taken out of games. If Davis becomes a premier, dominant player, his weakness is being thin/slight. That problem is harder to fix, but is also less concerning.

    They are clearly the top two in their draft class and the margin is razor thin either way. The likes of Lillard and MKG are far behind.

  • Feb 8, 201310:11 am
    by tarsier


    This feels like a poll waiting to happen.

  • Feb 8, 20136:24 pm
    by Pete


    i think i wouldve taken Davis first then Drummond, Lillard, Barnes, MKG, Waiters, Sullinger, Beal,Henson, then Zeller. 

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