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Andre Drummond could return within week

Perry A. Farrell of the Detroit Free Press:

The news also was good concerning Drummond, who suffered a stress fracture in the fifth lumbar vertebra in his back. The team designed a brace, and Paolucci said he has progressed to the point where he could be ready to hit the court within a week or so.

The original prognosis on Feb. 8 was for Drummond, a center/forward, to be out at least four to six weeks.

The Pistons have been difficult to watch while Andre Drummond has been out, but they’re improving their lottery position. Drummond makes this team better right now, and while I want to see a better product on the floor, I have the patience to realize more losses this season are helpful.

More importantly, the Pistons should wait until Drummond is completely healthy for no other reason than he’s essential to Detroit’s future and it’s in the team’s best interest he can play as much as possible in future seasons.


  • Feb 25, 20139:32 am
    by Matt


    I regard this with either serious suspicion or concern. I bet the kid’s dying to get back on the floor and probably tempted to be dishonest about his condition. PLEASE do not bring the kid back too early!!!! There’s just nothing to be gained from doing so.

  • Feb 25, 20139:44 am
    by ryan


    Exactly Matt. I would rather take the precaution of having him sit out the season than the risk of an early return. It would be the height of stupidity to have him coming down from dunks and rebounds with a not-yet-fully healed vertebra.

  • Feb 25, 20139:56 am
    by Corey


    I suspect that too much is being read into this. The reporter said he’ll be ready to “hit the court” within a week or so. That likely just means that he’ll be ready to start doing drills, conditioning, and skills development. He probably won’t PLAY for at least another week after he first gets back out onto the basketball court. At least, I sure hope not.

    They would have to be daft to put him back out there before he’s fully healed, given that there’s nothing for him to play for worth risking further injury right now.

  • Feb 25, 20139:59 am
    by M Boyd


    Wait till he is 100%.  This injury is helping everyone right now.  Drummond’s absents has allowed other players get some playing time which helps the coaching staff see what this team has.  Drummond should learn patients, what the game looks like from a coaches view point, and how important he is to the franchise.  This also helps the Pistons because with our poor performance, Noel getting hurt, Marcus Smart  and Victor Oladipo playing well, and Shabazz falling down draft boards; it gives the Pistons a chance to draft Shabazz No. 8

  • Feb 25, 201310:03 am
    by garenh


    <we have been talking about the future last 3-4 years.. when is it?

    • Feb 25, 201310:14 am
      by ryan


      I’m hoping it is a time when I don’t have to read comments like yours.

    • Feb 25, 201310:29 am
      by tarsier


      It is whenever the Pistons end up having a superstar. There’s a chance that’ll be Drummond or Monroe. But neither is there yet. There’s a chance it’ll be in another decade. Sometimes NBA teams go a long time without being relevant. t sucks, but it’s not always avoidable.

      • Feb 25, 20131:34 pm
        by Huddy


        Seriously.  Even teams that draft a game changer like Jordan, or Lebron aren’t winning a championship right away and the pistons haven’t even had a pick in the top 5.  Look around the league, plenty of fans would be quite happy to have a championship as recently as ours.  I don’t understand what people think is going to happen.  Stuckey and CV for Dwight and Kobe?  its the NBA, it is a long road to crack into the top tier of teams.

    • Feb 25, 201311:19 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      You have to remember that Detroit isn’t a prime destination like NY, LA, Miami or Chicago, so super star players can only be brought in thru trades or drafting them.  One really good draft and a free agent signing could be all the Pistons need to start being competitive next year.  With most of the team being 24 years old and younger, it still might take a couple years for them to learn how to win against the better teams.

    • Feb 25, 201311:29 am
      by Clint in Flint


      It will be when we have a head coach that knows how to coach. Yes, you are correct we are not a prime destination and that is why we need a very good coach. Stars will come to Detroit only if they see a ring in their near future.

      • Feb 25, 201312:27 pm
        by George


        I think Phil Jackson put it best when it comes to Frank, in that he is a very good X’s and O’s guy, but there is more to coaching than that.  You need to really finesse egos.  A great coach gets players to buy their roles in a gameplan.  Do I like Frank?  I think we can do worse, but I don’t see any better coaching candidates out there, unless a guy like Phil Jackson, Coach K, or Izzo wants a shot at our squad (which I doubt).

        If anyone has to go, it is JoeD, because other than getting lucky with a couple draft picks, he has done hardly anything in the past 6 years to get us back into contention.  The East is already fairly stacked with Miami, NYK, Indy, Chicago and Brooklyn.  We aren’t anywhere close to where those teams are.  JoeD seems to think we can get FA’s to sign here with cap.  I hope he is just building room to poach luxury tax team’s expensive players.  If he resigns Max, I will blow a fuse.

  • Feb 25, 20131:39 pm
    by Brigs


    Great news and if they think he will be ready in a week then give at least 2 more on the sideline. He’s to valuable for the future to risk him coming back too early when it would actually be better for us to lose games at this point in the season

  • Feb 25, 20136:44 pm
    by Mr.BlockedShot


    Watching this team without Drummond is becoming something difficult to swallow…I want him to be back so badly but we’re not going to make it to the playoffs and I’ d rather have him playing no more games this season than reinjuring again or making that injury even worse

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